PlayStation 5 release date might be the most anticipated news for gamers this year. There are many speculations by experts about the next PlayStation console- Sony has an event scheduled on February 20, 2020, to showcase the PS5 – the rumors are running rampant. Sony is making PSN free which can be best suited with PS5. LOLTANK is a blog dedicated to gaming console PlayStation. Our primary target is the PS5 exclusive games list, upcoming PS5 leaks, and updates on PS4, PSN, PS Vita, and PSP consoles.

It all started when I realized that. LOLTANK strives to be the trusted community blog for PlayStation-related news, opinion pieces, and creative discussion. Enabling talented writers to take on vibrant storytelling, this blog is designed to bring the latest PS5, PS4, PSN, PS Vita, and PSP into the global spotlight. People always looking for information about PlayStation will experience LOLTANK as an all-inclusive hub of media content. With the blog home page established with text updates on all the latest happenings in the game world like new game releases or exclusive interviews with iconic game designers like Super Meat Boy’s Edmund McMillen or Metal Gear Solid 2 veterans long believed dead Hideo Kojima; people can quickly find what they’re looking for while feeling connected to other gamers around them by exploring featured articles that provoke nuanced analysis.

We cover the latest PlayStation news. LOLTANK is a blog designed to bring you the newest information about Xbox, PS5 Xbox One, PS4, PSN, PS Vita, and PSP. We hope that we can get the best PlayStation experience where different video gamers and fans interact.