SWTOR Returns with a large Sith Legacy Expansion Pack

Fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic can look forward to new food. The developer announced a new plugin. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, people always worry that the game is slowly coming to an end. Is this the last expansion? It eventually became a concern of the community. But obviously, it is still unfounded because SWTOR has just launched a new expansion pack: Legacy of the Sith, or in short: LotS.

Why is it?

The story continues the storyline about the traitor Sith Das Margos. He is still planning a big event, although it is not entirely clear what it should be.

What should be included?

To uncover this, the heroes went to Manan and other places on the water planet. Details are not yet available, but some of the first artworks have revealed the talents you can expect in (part of) the new world. Here, not all the content is known, but the following information has been revealed:

Throughout the story, the highest level is increased from 75 to 80.

The new community tasks are more complex than any previous tasks, including:

A new flashpoint on the planet Elom

New operations in the wreckage of the research station

The new battle style function combines class stories with skills from other classes

Revise the more rigorous class design

Character creation improvements

More information will be announced in the coming days and weeks.

Many events planned for 2022:

Legacy of the Sith was published only as of the beginning of a series of different events.

Throughout 2022, they hope to celebrate the 10th anniversary of SWTOR and promise new content, activities, updates, etc., throughout the year. This sounds like some content patch, and there may be one or another decorative highlight.

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