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Enchanted North America European core IP Guild Wars 2 Global Precision with New Expansion Pack

NCsoft's North American law, NC West, released on February 28th, the second-third expansion pack 'End of Dragons' is accepted from global users.

** ◆ 'Guild War 2 Series perfect vertex'... Meta Cryatic Rating 83 new expansion packs overseas

The End of Dragon is recorded 83 experts reviews in the world's best authority media content review site 'Meta Cryatic'.

In terms of the completeness of the game, it is accepted the main overseas game media. In particular, North America's largest game media '', "End of Dragons," End of Dragons, "said End of Dragon's Heart ',' Pass of Fire ''," Pass of Fire '. "This expansion pack It is the perfect vertex of 2 series, and it is expected that it is expected to go further in the future, "he gave 90 points.

In addition, 'Dexo' introduces "Tech Utopia", which provides the pleasure of exploration, and 'PC Games N', "said," This expansion pack is the work in the vertex of the guild 2 series " Storytelling, which makes the solid worldview and immersion, is perfectly appreciated. "

◆ MMO Maximize colorful 'cooperative' content to maximize fun... Series unique world view

End of Dragons is the third expansion pack in 2015 and the second expansion pack of "heart" and the second expansion pack 'Pass of Fire' in 2017. Yen has established a unique worldview and storyline for 10 years to service Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Users leave the new journey to the continent of the 'Canta' continent as well as the secret of the previous 'Elder Dragon' with mysterious power. Canta continent boasts visuals that are harmoniously mixed with the culture of the Dong / Western. Lead Content Designer Andrew Gray said, "This expansion pack takes a finale to the guildwater 2 stories over the past 10 years," he said, "You can enjoy colorful stories with new content."

Yoon also added the "cooperative" content that was appropriate for MMORPG to increase the fun of the game. ▲ Two-person cooperative battle that runs on a huge turtle 'Caesar Turtle' ▲ Vessel 's skiff' to enjoy achievement and fishing together with multiple users to travel and enjoy fishing 'Strike Mission' ▲ The character of the character is clear and the new contents that enjoy the new content, such as the nine 'specialized system', which can be configured, which can be structured, and a variety of play experiences as MMORPG.

◆ Guild Wars Series Cumulative Sales 1 trillion won... Neki's North American / European core IP

The Guild Wars series is a game that secures a solid MMO fan basis, including exceeding the Cumulative sales of W1trnes, as the NCK's North American / European core IP. Guild Wars 2 has been generated by more than 1,6 million since the release of August 2012, and the cumulative play time is steady, including a total of 1.9 billion hours.

The Guild Wars series was born by acquiring the new online game developer 'Arena Net' located in Seattle in December 2002, in December 2002. Arenet is a developer who has established a key personnel involved in the development of a hit game series such as StarCraft, Diablo, Warcraft, and game network Battle.Net development. Arenanet, who was supported by Mr., has become a MMORPG developer representing the North American region through the guildwater series.

Guild Wars 2 - The Complete Season 1 Movie (Rebirth)

In April 2005, the Guild Wars were sold for more than 700 million in the world, and I stamped the awareness of NCC and Arenenet in the Western market. In August 2012, the following, followed by the previous year, followed by the previous work, followed by a Milian Seller game, and in 2012, it was selected as the "Game of the Year of the Year in 2012".

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