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Is Guild Wars 2 Worth Playing 2023?

Guild Wars 2 is an incredibly immersive online role-playing game that offers intense action-packed combat, a rich and detailed universe of stories, and awe-inspiring landscapes to explore. With nine classes, three elite specializations, a combo action combat and tap targeting combat system, dynamic, large-scale world events, and two challenging players versus-player modes, Guild Wars 2 offer something for everyone.  In this article, Marisa will provide his first impressions of the game, the pros and cons of the game in 2023, and whether or not you should download Guild Wars 2 this year. 



Is Guild Wars 2 Worth Playing 2023?


Character customization and gameplay options

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG that offers an unprecedented level of character customization and gameplay options. From the moment your character is created, you can customize your look with a wide array of dyes, transmogs, and outfit systems. The art style is vibrant and unique and the music is incredibly underrated. The game is incredibly easy to pick up, with a compass and in-game tutorials to help you along your way. Leveling up your character can be done however you like, from the main story to side quests, dungeons, and even world versus the world. Guild Wars 2 is a top-five MMORPG in population and the players are helpful and friendly. The game also has a mentor system where experienced players are available to answer questions and help new players. The game doesn't require a subscription fee, so you can enjoy the content without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking for a deep story, intense combat, or just a stunningly beautiful world to explore, Guild Wars 2 has something for you.


Invest character's development

Players earn Karma, the game's currency, at low levels, which can be exchanged for end-game gear, bonuses, and other high-value items. There are a lot of currencies available like Guild Wars 2 Gold in the game, which can be a bit overwhelming for new players. The game also features mounts with special skills that help players traverse the map. Additionally, players can complete Vistas to unlock panoramic views of the zone, and appreciate the game's stunning visuals. All mounts and unlocks are account-wide, so players who have spent real money on them can make use of them from the start. At level 10, players can unlock a free raptor mount. Guild Wars 2 is a great game for players who want to invest in their character's development from the get-go and appreciate stunning visuals.



Unlike many other MMOs, Guild Wars 2 has a zero subscription fee policy and they have made it very clear that there will never be one. This is a great feature that allows players to play the game for free, without having to worry about hidden power behind paywalls or arbitrary restrictions that limit your gameplay. Guild Wars 2 also has a great map exploration system that rewards players for exploring, and the map is incredibly detailed and user-friendly. The achievement tab is also quite complex, with a solid system, but it can be overwhelming for some players. The game also has a unique class system, with the Mesmer class being particularly fun with phantasms, clones, and other cool mechanics. Finally, Guild Wars 2 also has a mechanic where high-level players will downlevel to the area they're in, which levels the playing field for everyone. All in all, Guild Wars 2 offers a unique and immersive experience that has great features and no subscription fee.


Stands out amongst its peers by having an innovative monetization system that doesn't rely on subscription fees, power progression behind a paywall, or arbitrary free-to-play restrictions. Instead, Guild Wars 2 encourages players to spend money on cosmetic items, character upgrades, and expansions. It also has a fantastic story, with fully voiced cutscenes that make you feel like you are the hero of Tyria. However, the game does suffer from over-heroing, as you become the hero of Tyria several times over, and occasionally has some cringeworthy dialogue.


Immersive World

It boasts an immersive world with a beautiful art style, clever combat mechanics, and an expansive storytelling experience. Players can experience a fast-paced and satisfying progression system, expansive world events and raids, and arena and world PvP. The game is supported by a generous free trial and a monetization system that does not leave players feeling like they need to pay to progress. However, some players may experience poor DirectX 11 performance. Overall, Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic game with an incredibly immersive and rewarding experience.


Class-leading combat system

It boasts a class-leading combat system and the best mounts of any MMO, and its player population is as strong as ever. However, Guild Wars 2's development history is a contradiction, as it is owned by NCSoft, a company notorious for its offensive monetization policies. Despite this, the game has improved significantly with the end of the Dragon's expansion, spurred on by NCSoft executives, and the recent Steam release which has reinvigorated the player base. This could be a result of the creative minds at ArenaNet combining their strengths with the corporate oversight of NCSoft to make a financially successful, respectful game.


Final Thought

It has a strong combat system, an engaging story, and a unique PvE and PvP system that make it stand out from the rest. With an emphasis on respecting its players, Guild Wars 2 proves that you don't need to exploit people to make a successful MMO. In 2023, Guild Wars 2 is still worth downloading, and it is a game that should be experienced by everyone. 

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