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Guild WARS 2 Level 80 Armor Upgrading and Sets Guides

Guild Wars 2 armor is an important part of the game, as it can provide a player with a variety of bonuses and protection. Upgrading armor can help players to increase their survivability, increase damage output and reduce vulnerability. Players can make use of a variety of sets to gain additional bonuses, and these sets can be changed to suit their particular playstyle. The process of upgrading armor in Guild Wars 2 is relatively straightforward. The player will need to acquire armor from various sources such as crafting, drops from enemies or from special events. They will then need to decide which upgrades they wish to add to their armor, with each upgrade providing specific bonuses. Players can also use or transmute runes and sigils to further customize their armor.



Guild WARS 2 Level 80 Armor Upgrading and Sets Guides


1. Gear Upgrading:

  • a. Joining an Order: Joining an order is a great way to start upgrading your outfit. All three orders of Vigil, Order of Whispers, and Priory have their respective armor sets that you can buy with a variant for each weight class (light, medium, and heavy). The visual sets can be bought at Vigil Keep in Gendarran Fields from Crusader Eira or Armor Requisitioner Motely. For the Priory, you'll want to head over to Arcanus Brachy in the German Priority Headquarters in Lornar's Pass, and lastly, the Whisper Secret Armor can be bought from Armor Requisitioner Betcha in the Chantry of Secrets found in the Blood-Eyed Coast. 
  • b. Cultural Armors: Every race has their own cultural armor that comes in three tiers (level 35, level 60, and level 80). Depending on the tier, these can get quite expensive up to 30 Eso gold for the level 80 chest piece. The upside of these armor sets is that they will probably suit your character very well as they are race specific. For humans, you'll have to go to the Upper City in Divinity's Reach. For Asura, you'll have to go to the Creator's Commons in Rata Sum. For Norn, you'll have to head to the Great Lodge in Hoelbrak. For Sylvari, you'll find their vendors right here at the Questers Terrace. Alternatively, all of these sets can be purchased from the Scrip Trader in the Borderlands and Eternal Battlegrounds in World vs World. The cost for the items here are halved, though you need to have Badges of Honor. 
  • c. Looted Sets: Different loot brackets have a chance to drop different sets with the exotic quality dropping from level 62 all the way up to level 80. These can all be bought from the trading post and the last one can also be gotten as a named set with some decent stats. 
  • d. Crafting: Pick up tailoring for a number of light armor sets, leatherworking for some cool medium sets, and armorsmithing for some tough-looking heavy sets. If you've managed to save up some karma, you can also get the karma sets. Each piece of the set costs about 42,000 karma and the full set will push it back to 252,000 karma, so do think carefully if you really want to spend that. This is a good way to get a cool-looking set at level 80 with some good bass stats like Berserkers. You can find these at the Cathedrals in Orr. 


2. Dungeon Sets:

Doing dungeons will reward you with Tales of Dungeon Delving. These can be used to buy a number of sets all themed after the different dungeons. This will require you to do some group content, though, but with a good guild, this should be a piece of cake. The vendor can be found right here in Lion's Arch. There are dungeon sets from Ascalonian Catacombs, Caudecus' Manor, Twilight Arbor, Sorrow's Embrace, Citadel of Flame, Honor of the Waves, Crucible of Eternity, and the Arah Dungeon. 


3. Living World Sets:

  • a. Carapace Set: This gear can be acquired by playing through the storyline as well as participating in content from the Silver Wastes. It can then be upgraded to the Luminescent Set by individual piece collections. 
  • b. Bladed Set: The Bladed Set can be acquired in a number of ways. You'll get parts by doing the story, achievements, or even just during the metas, though most likely, if you just play through the game and participate in events, you'll get a good number of this set already. The good thing about this set is that the stats can be selected. 
  • c. Laystone Armor Set: The Laystone Armor Set might be a bit trickier to get but definitely still doable. A Laystone Armor Box is rewarded by completing the Story Mission Hearts and Minds. Furthermore, you get pieces by doing the Dragon Stand Meta, achievements during this meta, random drops from Noxious Pods, and they can be bought from the Whisper's Keeper in Dragon Stand using currency from all the Heart of Thorns maps, which can be quite costly. 


4. Expansion Sets:

Each expansion brings with it their own set of armor, with most of them being available by mostly playing the storyline and filling in the rest with collections from their respective maps. Path of Fire, Living World Season 4, Icebrood Saga, the latest End of Dragons, and not to mention the Gem Store all have some amazing sets. 


5. Tips:

While in-game, type slash wiki armor and hit enter. This will open up the wiki page for the armor sets. In this page, to your right, select the character you want to preview the sets on and you'll get a list of all available armor sets in the game. This will give you an idea of what is available and how to get it.



Guild Wars 2 armor is an important aspect of the game, and upgrading it can help players to increase their survivability and damage output. The process of upgrading armor is relatively straightforward, and players can make use of a variety of upgrades, runes, and sigils to customize their armor. Additionally, players can also make use of armor sets to gain additional bonuses. With the right combination of upgrades and sets, players can make their armor as powerful as possible.

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