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How to level up to 80 super fast in Guild Wars 2, 2023?

Are you looking to level up to 80 super fast in Guild Wars 2, 2023? There are several ways to do it, and in this guide, we'll cover them all. However, before we dive into the various methods, let's establish that if you are new to Guild Wars 2, we highly recommend that you take your time and enjoy the core game content. But if you've already played through the core game and you're looking to level a new character quickly, then let's get started.



How to level up to 80 super fast in Guild Wars 2, 2023?


Tomes of Knowledge

The first and easiest way to level is through the use of Tomes of Knowledge. These give one complete level guaranteed upon use. If you have 79 of these, you basically have a free character. Boost Tomes of Knowledge is gained in a number of ways, but the main way is through your daily login rewards.

Guild Wars 2 Tomes of Knowledge Screenshot

The other common way is through the PvP reward tracks. However, we don't suggest using them immediately as soon as you create a character. We suggest using them right towards the end. For example, if you have three Tomes of Knowledge, save them for the last three levels, as the later levels usually aren't that difficult to get through, but the first levels are easier in comparison.


Buffs and Consumables

If you're looking to level up quickly without using Tomes of Knowledge, there are several buffs and consumables you can use to increase your experience gain. The first and obvious ones are food and utility buffs. Your food buff should offer a 15% increase to experience upon killing an enemy.

Guild Wars 2 Buffs and Consumables Screenshot

Fried Banana Chips and Bowl of Candy Corn Custard are both great options. Utility buffs can literally be any of the enhancements, as they all offer a 10% increase in experience upon killing an enemy. We suggest buying a stack of these as they are relatively cheap, and each lasts for 30 minutes.


Experience Booster

The next big buff for experience is the Experience Booster found at the Laurel Merchant. This costs a single Laurel, and you acquire Laurels naturally just from your daily login rewards. The Experience Booster will grant you a 50% increased experience from everything, on top of getting an active kill streak buff.

Guild Wars 2 Experience Booster Image

You'll also need the Guild Hall Experience buff, which varies depending on the level of the guild that you are part of. Joining a large guild can give you a 10% increase in experience from all sources if the guild hall is high enough.


Guild Banner

Lastly, we have Guild Banners. You can use different variations of banners to gain up to 15% additional experience upon killing an enemy. However, you do need to have guild commendations with the said guild to purchase them, and that requires you to participate in guild missions.

Guild Wars 2 Guild Banners Image

With all your buffs ready to go, it's time to focus your efforts. Recently, thanks to patch updates, ArenaNet has added the Adventure Guide, which rewards you for doing basic activities such as gathering, exploring, and killing certain creatures. Completing these adventures will reward you with experience, as well as other rewards, such as Guild Wars 2 gold and loot.



If you want to level up quickly in Guild Wars 2, there are several methods at your disposal. You can use Tomes of Knowledge, buffs, consumables, and the Adventure Guide to gain experience quickly. However, we suggest taking your time and enjoying the core game content if you're new to Guild Wars 2. But if you're not, then it has never been faster to level up to 80 in Guild Wars 2.

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