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12 Most Practical Tips For New Players In Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a game that offers a wealth of options and a diverse range of gameplay experiences. However, if you're new to the game, it's crucial to understand some key aspects and unique features that differentiate it from other similar games. Therefore, we have compiled 12 most practical tips for new players that address common questions and issues raised by new players. Let's dive in and explore these tips.



12 Most Practical Tips For New Players In Guild Wars 2


Tip 1. Utilize the Trading Post

Acquiring guild wars 2 gold can be a daunting task, regardless of whether you're playing the game casually or have researched the most efficient gold farming methods. 


One common obstacle is that your actual gold balance in your inventory may remain relatively high. This is because Guild Wars 2 doesn't typically reward players with direct gold payouts. Instead, rewards come in the form of items such as crafting materials, equipment, or alternative currencies that can be used to purchase gear or materials.


To convert these items into actual currency, you can easily sell them to other players on the game's trading post. It's crucial to sell your items through this method because almost every item is worth considerably more when sold to other players rather than non-player characters. By utilizing the trading post, you can effectively increase your gold balance and ensure you're receiving the maximum value for your items.


Tip 2. Take a Look at Your Material Storage

It's important to check your material storage regularly. Have you been spending a lot of time farming or playing Guild Wars 2 without seeing any significant rewards? Don't worry. Your hard-earned wealth may be hiding in your material storage. Unlike in other MMOs, Guild Wars 2 rewards players with crafting materials instead of gold coins. 


Fortunately, you can easily deposit all of these materials into your bank with the click of a button in your inventory. Make sure to periodically check your material storage, as you may have more valuable items than you realize. To determine the worth of your materials, visit Gw2efficiency. This site offers a useful tool that displays the value of each item in your entire material storage.


Tip 3. Staying Close to Other Players

If you're a new player in Guild Wars 2 and plan on levelling up or tackling the game's open-world content, it's highly recommended that you stay near other players. The world of Guild Wars 2 can be hostile, and while you can hold your own while playing solo, you'll definitely benefit from having allies by your side, especially during group content and encounters with tough champion monsters.

Guild Wars 2 Staying Close To Other Players

The combat system is semi-action based, which means that most of the supportive abilities, such as healing or applying powerful boons, are area-based. As a result, staying close to your allies will make you more effective in combat, as you'll be able to benefit from their supportive abilities. Many players stay at range to avoid danger, but this can leave them vulnerable to attacks and without support.


Tip 4. Quick Respawn

It's common to encounter massive open-world bosses that can wipe out your character in seconds. Don't feel ashamed if this happens to you. However, it's essential to get back into the game as quickly as possible. Use the waypoint feature to revive yourself instantly instead of waiting for someone else to revive you manually. Waiting for revival is not only time-consuming but can also slow down the team's progress in defeating the boss. 


Spectating the action on the ground isn't fun, and it can delay the boss kill considerably. Waypoints are often located close to the combat area, and with the introduction of mounts, getting back into action is faster than waiting for someone to revive you. Don't be lazy. Take advantage of the quick respawn feature.


Tip 5. Read Your Abilities

The ability to read and understand your own skills and traits is the most powerful asset. Knowing which abilities in your arsenal can deal damage, heal your allies, support them, or disable your opponents is crucial for your survival and overall effectiveness. Once you have mastered every skill in your inventory, you will spend less time looking at your ability bar and more time unleashing devastating attacks on your enemies.


It is especially important to note skills that have crowd-control effects. These abilities can come in handy in every type of content, as you will often encounter enemies with blue bars beneath their health bars. These bars are called break bars or defiance bars, and they can only be damaged by crowd control abilities until they are fully depleted. The impact of depleting a break bar varies from enemy to enemy.


Sometimes it will stun the monster and cause it to take increased damage, while other times, it will trigger the next phase of an encounter. Regardless of the situation, breaking these bars is always a critical moment in battle. Therefore, always be prepared to use crowd control abilities to break these bars.


Tip 6. Exotic Gear

When it comes to equipment, exotic gear reigns supreme. Although it's not the top tier of gear, it's a close second, and you can obtain items of this quality early on in your journey. Even at level 80, you'll find that exotic gear is readily available for purchase from other players on the trading post.

Guild Wars Gear

Before tackling end-game content, you would need the best in slot equipment - ascended gear. However, this is only necessary for high-level fractals of the mists, which are essentially dungeons that require ascended gear to counter a special mechanic called agony. These fractals are only sometimes the most difficult content, but they do require this higher-level gear.


For everything else, including even the most challenging raid bosses, exotic gear is more than sufficient. In fact, some of the content that you might expect to require ascended gear can actually be some of the best places to earn it. So, don't hesitate to jump into any content that catches your eye as soon as you have an exotic build set up and ready to go. There's no need to worry about your heart - exotic gear has got you covered.


Tip 7. Don't Worry About Score Quests

There is a feature called Renown Hearts that is similar to quests found in most other MMOs. However, these hearts are entirely optional and don't unlock any further activities if you choose not to complete them. While it may be tempting to complete as many hearts as possible, they can be repetitive and time-consuming, with rewards that are mainly cosmetic. If you find yourself getting bored of them, don't worry, as there are other options available.


Guild Wars 2's dynamic events are where the game truly shines and can be more rewarding than hearts anyway. Additionally, lower-level zones also offer the opportunity to level up. So, feel free to complete only some heart quests. Instead, focus on the dynamic events and explore other aspects of the game.


Tip 8. Level Up in Low-Level Areas

In case you find yourself disliking a particular zone due to its difficulty level, boring gameplay, or unappealing visuals, there's no need to fret. The good news is that every zone in the core game has dynamic level scaling, meaning that your level and power will be adjusted to match the zone you're in. This allows you to level up in any zone that is level appropriate or lower without facing any issues. You can easily determine the level of each zone by referring to the map.


Additionally, experience points are percentage-based, so levelling up at the same pace is not an issue, regardless of where you are. This is a great feature for those who want to level up with their friends, as you can join your level 8 friend with your level 72 character and still progress at the same speed as you would in an end-game zone. While you will be stronger than your level 8 companion, you won't ruin their experience entirely.


Top 9. Join Squads

Some events require more coordination than simply running around and causing chaos. This is where squads come in. Squads are groups of up to 50 players that can provide healing and support to each other during activities. If you see a squad participating in the event that interests you, join it to receive these benefits.


Being in a squad is an excellent way to learn about group play in the open world and beyond. To succeed in Guild Wars 2, it's essential to enable squad chat, as the commander will often provide instructions on what to do and where to be.


Finding squads is easy with the game's looking for a group panel, accessible by pressing a button. This panel lists every open-world map, as well as other categories such as strike missions, fractals, dungeons, raids, and tournament PvP. Joining a squad is as simple as clicking a button, making it a great way to take on large-scale events and challenging content.


Tip 10. Consider Changing Your Build

When facing a challenging opponent, it's important to be open to the idea of changing your build. Even experienced players often overlook this tip. Take some time to review your skills, traits, and utility skills, and consider which ones may be useful in your current situation. There are plenty of options available, each with its own benefits in different scenarios. By experimenting and trying out new things, you may discover a solution to the problem that's been troubling you. In fact, you may even improve your overall build in the process.

Guild Wars 2 Consider Changing Your Build

If you're interested in trying out a new build or weapon, you can do so easily and at no cost by visiting the player-versus-player lobby. Here, you'll have access to all skills, elite abilities, specializations, and traits. Additionally, you can purchase any weapon you're interested in trying at a negligible price from the vendor. Once you have your new build loaded, you can test it out on target golems or engage in free-for-all arena battles against other players.


Tip 11. Experiment and Explore

One of the key principles that Guild Wars 2 embraces is the idea of trying different things. With few barriers to entry, the game encourages players to explore different areas and playstyles. Whether it's player versus player combat, world versus world battles, or player versus environment content, there's always something new to try.


One of the great things about Guild Wars 2 is that you don't need a certain gear score or level of progress to engage in most of the content. This means you can switch between different activities and characters whenever you feel like it. Levelling is quick, and you can even instantly level up new characters using tomes of knowledge that you can accumulate just by logging in or playing the game.


Unlike many other games that require constant grinding for gear upgrades, Guild Wars 2 has minimal vertical progression. You can purchase or share items between characters, making the process of getting a new character up and running almost instantly. Your progression in mounts and gliding is also account-wide, meaning that they are available to all of your characters from the beginning.


Tip 12. Take Your Time

There is often an emphasis on making progress efficiently. However, you can take your time to complete everything. What's unique about Guild Wars 2 is that all of the content added since the game's launch remains relevant and accessible. Whether it's defeating world bosses or exploring dungeons, you can experience everything at your own pace.


One benefit of this is that you don't have to worry about making mistakes or bad choices that could permanently damage your account or hinder your progress. Even if you accidentally delete items, the worst-case scenario is a minor inconvenience that can be easily fixed with some gold.


If you enjoy sweaty min-maxing, then go for it. But if you do, feel free to do everything perfectly. Guild Wars 2 is all about choice, and you can play the game in any order you want. So take your time, and everything will still be waiting for you when you're ready, including Guild Wars 1, which is still playable.



These are 12 useful tips that can enhance your overall experience while playing Guild Wars 2. Hopefully, you have gained some new insights from this guide. If you have any additional tips to share, feel free to leave them in the comments section to enrich the knowledge of the community further. 

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