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Guild Wars 2 Update: New Expansion Model & Major Updates Unveiled

ArenaNet has just released a slew of exciting updates for Guild Wars 2, including news of a new expansion and a focus on improving the core game. In this article, we'll break down everything that was announced into bite-sized pieces so you don't have to sift through pages of notes.


Guild Wars 2 Update: New Expansion Model & Major Updates Unveiled


Profession Balance Patch

First up, let's talk about what's coming in the near future. On May 2nd, a new profession balance patch will go live, with tweaks to two classes across the board. If you're a greatsword-wielding Reaper, your stances are going to get a major boost, especially in PvE.


Then, on May 23rd, Part 2 of the Gyala Delve meta event will go live. Players will be able to break through an ancient tunnel to fight some demons that lie within, and Gyala Delve will become safer for exploring, offering new adventures for your turtle, the Skiff, and your Jadebot. This update will also add Oni demons that spawn at the other end of the Dragon map. Gyala Delve will have new collections for your time and effort in the pit, such as armour skins and weapon skins.


Dragon Bash Returns to Holbrick

On June 6th, Dragon Bash will return as we celebrate in Holbrick for killing dragons. There will also be some visual effects filtering that you can tone down in group settings. This could clear up some of the massive particle effects from ally skills, but combo skills will still remain visible and can't be turned off. World vs World will have an updated infusion that can either be earned by completing an achievement or a rare drop from Keep Lords. Rest in pepperonis, Keep Lords.


Canton-themed Fractal Dungeon Set to Shine

On June 27th, there will finally be a ray of light for fractal lovers as a Canton-themed fractal dungeon will be released, which looks to be faster and more engaging than their last fractal release in Sungway Peak. Along with some tuning of professions and balancing, this update should make fractals even more exciting for players.


Long-Term Development Goals with DirectX 11

Now, let's talk about the big, long-range development goals. ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2 have heard the players' complaints and admit to leaving their core game in the dust while pushing ahead on bigger expansions. However, they have directed their attention to updating the core game.


They are looking to improve some of the graphic infrastructure of the game with DirectX 11, which is the active and only DirectX that you can utilize in-game right now. As they are removing some of the DirectX9 code, some of the core games should have better visual updates, hopefully, to come.


Upcoming World vs World Alliances Update

World vs World has been a major linchpin for many players, and it is on the docket to have some major updates coming in the near future. While they are still testing World vs World Alliances, they are currently aiming for a mid-summer first beta test with Alliances, so make sure to log in and check that out.


New Expansion Model

Finally, Guild Wars 2 is looking to release smaller, more incremental expansions at a cheaper price point, but that also means that we'll have more content to play with. Within the first release of each new expansion cycle, there will be a new story arc, two new open-world maps, two-strike missions, new gameplay and combat features, new masteries, new gw2 gold rewards, and more.


After that initial release, there will be following updates that will offer additional open-world maps, challenge modes for the strike missions, new fractal dungeons and a challenge mode for that dungeon, new rewards, and a bunch of new systems and features.



Overall, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about Guild Wars 2's future. Whether you're a longtime player or a newcomer, there's something for everyone in these updates. So get ready to board the hype train and enjoy the ride!

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