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What makes Guild Wars 2 stand out among the many MMOs?

Guild Wars 2 is an MMO that has been capturing the attention of gamers lately, with many people rediscovering the game and discovering what makes it different from other popular MMOs like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Runescape. Here are some of the reasons why Guild Wars 2 stands out among the crowd.


What makes Guild Wars 2 stand out among the many MMOs?


Dynamic Events

Guild Wars 2 features a dynamic event system in which events occur organically in the open World based on player actions. As players level up, they will find events all over the place, from defending a farm from bandits to repairing something. These events will lead to other events, creating a sense of unpredictability, excitement, and replayability. The World changes dynamically, and if players fail an event, it will impact the World and lead to a new event.


No Subscription Fee

Guild Wars 2 does not require a monthly subscription fee. Players can buy the game once and play it as much as they desire without any additional costs. While the game has a cash shop, it does not offer any pay-to-win mechanics that would make players permanently more powerful. This lack of a subscription fee model is appreciated by many players.


Level Scaling

Guild Wars 2 has a level scaling system, which means horizontal progression. Once players hit level 80, they can go back to starting areas or lower-level quest zones, but they will be downscaled to make the content engaging. While some players may not like this feature, others appreciate being able to experience lower-level content without burning through it.


Unique Combat

Guild Wars 2 features an action-oriented combat system that requires players to move, dodge, and switch weapons. This adds excitement and skill-based gameplay to combat encounters. The combat system is one of the most enjoyable elements of the game.


PvP Gameplay

Guild Wars 2 has several different types of PvP gameplay, including structured PvP and World vs. World. Structured PvP takes place in an arena-style environment where players compete in small teams. World vs World involves large-scale battles between three different servers in a persistent battleground. The game's PvP gameplay is well-designed and enjoyable.


Personal Story

Guild Wars 2 has a personal story for each player that unfolds as they progress through the game. This feature adds a sense of immersion and Guild Wars 2 investment in the game's World and characters. The personal story also teaches players about the lore of the game, which is essential for understanding the game's World.


No Healing Classes

Unlike other MMOs, Guild Wars 2 does not have traditional healing classes. Instead, all classes have access to some form of healing abilities, and players are encouraged to work together to support each other in combat. This means that players are responsible for their own survival and that of their teammates.


The World is Alive

Guild Wars 2's World is constantly being updated through living world updates. New content, including areas and events, is added to the game, keeping it fresh and exciting for players. The game has also continued to maintain a player population and pump out expansion packs.


Dynamic Combat System

Guild Wars 2's combat system is dynamic and encourages players to move around in combat. Players can dodge, jump, and attack while on the move, making combat more engaging and exciting.



Guild Wars 2 is a unique MMORPG that stands out from its competitors in many ways. Its personal story, lack of traditional healing classes, dynamic combat system, constantly updated World, and PvP system all contribute to its popularity. Additionally, the game's lack of subscription fees makes it more accessible to players who don't want to pay a monthly fee to play a game. If you're looking for a fresh and exciting MMORPG to play, Guild Wars 2 is definitely worth a try.

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