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Guild Wars 2 Hottest Bladesworn Builds For WvW | 2023

Bladesworn is a unique and exciting spec that was released with the End of Dragons expansion. Although it was initially nerfed, the recent update has made it much more viable, and it has become a popular choice for roaming in World versus World (WvW). This guide will cover the build and skill rotations and provide some in-situation commentary to help you become a successful Bladesworn in WvW.


Guild Wars 2 Hottest Bladesworn Builds For WvW | 2023


Bladesworn Builds

When building a burst build for Bladesworn, it's important to prioritize stats and traits that will give you the most burst damage and survivability in combat. Here are some guidelines to follow:



  • Go for full berserker stats since this is a burst build, and you need to make every ammo charge count.
  • Choose the pack runes for extra fury duration and swiftness.



  • Use the cleansing sigil to remove conditions and the absorption sigil to remove protection and land a big burst.
  • Pair them with an ax and pistol for maximum damage potential.



  • Choose the strength and defence trait lines for maximum burst and survivability.
  • Take the peak performance trait for extra damage modifiers.
  • Go for great fortitude for extra burst damage and vitality.
  • Get Berserker's power for 21% more damage when you have max stacks.
  • Take shield master trait for Aegis to reflect projectiles and increase survivability.
  • Choose the resilient roll trait for resistance on a dodge to avoid immobilization.
  • Go for the cleansing iron trait for more cleanse over time and flow.
  • Choose the swift as the wind trait for swiftness.
  • Use the unshakable mountain trait for the barrier when you use your pistol 5 skill.



  • Use your dragon slash for a stun and a big burst right after.
  • Keep spamming your pistol 5 skill for barrier and survivability.
  • Take an unyielding dragon for unblockable, unbendable, and more might.


Overall, Building a burst build for Bladesworn requires prioritizing full berserker stats, using the right sigils, selecting the appropriate traits, and using skills strategically to maximize damage and survivability. With this build, you can effectively take down tanker classes with protection up time and increase your chances of survival in combat.


Bladesworn Builds Skill

This is a skill guide for Bladeshorn, a playable character in an unspecified game. Bladeshorn is a unique playstyle that requires more kiting and positioning and relies heavily on burst damage. Here are some tips for playing as Bladeshorn:

  • Use the ax and pistol weapon set. The Dragon's Roar does a lot of damage but is immobile. Use it defensively, or get a stun before using it. Use Gun Stinger to leap into range and get Aegis. Use Ax 3, a ranged skill that does a lot of damage to low-health targets, to help get in close and do your burst damage.
  • Use your Dragon Trigger to gain adrenaline and charge your Dragon Slash. The two skill is the most reliable for landing damage, while the three is a safer option that gives you more sustain. The one could be better as it only has a single attack frame.
  • When you finish the Dragon Trigger, you will be placed into your Gun Blade. Use ranged abilities to cause explosions and gain Guns and Glory, a ferocity modifier. Use your two skills to do more damage based on the amount of ammo you have.
  • Use Cyclone Trigger defensively to gain Aegis and Brake Step to gain Fury, which is important for critical hits.
  • Remember to keep your damage modifiers up with explosions, Fury, and Berserker's Power from your Dragon Slash.


Overall, Bladeshorn requires a lot of practice and patience due to its unique playstyle. Positioning and timing are key, and knowing when to use each skill can make all the difference in battle.


Bladesworn Builds Playstyle

Bladesworn is a versatile class that excels in dealing with burst damage and applying pressure to enemy targets. In a 1v1 situation against a Harbinger, it's important to remember that they have a lot of sustain and pressure of their own, so you need to focus on dealing with as much pressure as possible.


Here's a breakdown of the key strategies you can use to maximize your Bladesworn's effectiveness:

  • Use Burst with Dragon Slash: The Dragon Slash skill is a great burst damage ability that also provides you with cleanse and buffs for your next burst. Use it in combination with your ax abilities or gun blade to deal maximum damage.
  • Use Aegis to Block Projectiles: Aegis is a powerful defensive skill that can block enemy projectiles and reflect them back at your opponent. Use it to mitigate damage and follow up with your next burst.
  • Focus on Cleansing and Sustain: Harbingers are extremely tanky, so you need to focus on maintaining your own sustain and cleansing any conditions that they apply to you. Use skills like Three and Tactical Reload to regain health and clear conditions.
  • Look for Opportunities to CC: Crowd control abilities can be extremely effective against Harbingers, as they can remove their protection and allow you to deal burst damage. Use skills like Bulls Charge and Ax Three to stun and daze your opponent.
  • Cleave Downed Targets: When facing multiple enemies, make sure to prioritize cleaving downed targets to prevent them from being reused. Use skills like Gun Blade Two and Dragon Roar to deal damage to multiple targets at once.
  • Use Range Damage to Counter Elusive Classes: Bladesworn's range damage and mobility make it a great counter to elusive classes like Mesmers and Thieves. Use Dragon Slash to track targets in stealth and apply pressure.



Remember, as a Bladesworn, your primary role is to deal burst damage and apply pressure to enemy targets. By following these strategies, you can maximize your effectiveness and help your team secure victories in World vs World.

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