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10 Tips for Accumulating Wealth in Guild Wars 2, 2023

Do you need help to accumulate gold in Guild Wars 2? Do you want to know how to become wealthy in the game? If so, then you're in luck. In this guide, we will reveal ten tips on how to have a steady stream of gold income that will allow you to become wealthy in Guild Wars 2.


10 Tips for Accumulating Wealth in Guild Wars 2, 2023


Black Lion Trading Company: Copper Fed Salvage-o-matic

The Black Lion Trading Company is an in-game store where players can buy items using gold or real money. One of the essential items that you should consider buying from this store is the Copper Fed Salvage-o-matic. This item allows you to salvage items in your inventory for just three copper per use, making farming easier and less time-consuming.


Trading Post: Avoid Instant Selling

The Trading Post is an online marketplace where players can buy and sell items. When selling items on the Trading Post, avoid instant selling, as it results in a loss of value. Instead, please wait for the right time and sell your items when their value is at its highest.


Volatile Magic: Convert to Gold

Volatile Magic is a valuable currency that can be obtained by using Volatile Magic Harvesting Tools on any harvest node. You can convert volatile Magic into gold quickly by using it to purchase materials in LS4 maps.


Daily Achievements: Earn Gold and Materials

Completing Daily Achievements can help you earn gold and valuable materials. These tasks are easy to complete and can be done in PvE, PvP, or WvW modes. Completing these tasks every day can accumulate a significant amount of gold over time.


Spirit Shards: Convert to Gold

Spirit Shards are awarded to players when they fill their experience bar after reaching level 80. These shards can be converted into gold by using them to craft higher-tier materials for legendary weapons and other items.


Economics: Understand Time versus Earnings

Understanding the economics of the game is essential to make wise investment decisions. Before buying anything from the Trading Post, set a goal and understand how much time it will take to accumulate the required gold. Follow your plan, and do not give up.


Avoid Instant Buying: Craft Instead

Instant buying of items from the Trading Post can be costly. For example, buying a legendary weapon costs 2,105 gold and 9 silver, but crafting it can cost significantly less. Consider crafting items instead of instant buying them to save gold.


Guild Missions: Earn Gold and Influence

Guild missions are weekly tasks that can help you earn gw2 gold and influence your guild. Participating in these missions can help you acquire valuable materials and currency that can be used to advance your character.


Crafting: Sell High-Demand Items

Crafting can be a lucrative way of earning gold. Focus on crafting high-demand items and sell them on the Trading Post to make a profit. You can also check the prices of different materials on the Trading Post and buy low to sell high.


Farming: Gather Materials and Sell

Farming is an effective way to acquire valuable materials that can be sold for gold. Find the best farming locations and gather as many materials as possible. Sell them on the Trading Post to earn gold.



In conclusion, these ten tips can help you earn and retain wealth in Guild Wars 2. By using these strategies, you can accumulate gold and acquire valuable materials that can help you progress. Remember to follow your plan, be patient, and never give up.

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