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Guild Wars 2 Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Frontier Guide

Are you tired of staring at walls while waiting for events to happen in Auric Basin or Tangled Depths? Or maybe you don't have the time to participate in the big meta trains of Guild Wars 2? Fear not, Bitterfrost Frontier offers a solid solo farming option to all Guild Wars 2 players, with decent loot and gold to be made at your own pace. In this guide, we'll go over the different farming methods and resources available on this map.


Guild Wars 2 Solo Farm: Bitterfrost Frontier Guide


Winterberries Gathering

The most well-known resource in Bitterfrost Frontier is the daily gathering of winterberries. Winterberries are plant nodes that can be gathered for 15 to 30 unbound magic per berry. You can optimize the number of winterberries you can get out of a single node by using a harvesting sickle of bounty or a cliff of bounty. These tools can be acquired from karma vendors throughout the game. You can gather up to 500 to 1,000 winterberries on a daily basis on each of your characters, as the reset is character-based and happens roughly 23 hours after gathering them.


However, winterberries aren't just for unbound magic. You can also spend them on acquiring ascended trinkets from the map vendor, Slusho. Slusho is located in Soros' Eclipse Sanctuary, which is in the center of the map. Slusho offers an ascended backpack for 400 winterberries and 5,000 unbound magic, an ascended accessory for 300 winterberries and 4,000 unbound magic, and an ascended ring for 200 winterberries and 2,000 unbound magic.


A neat trick you can do with ascended rings is to attune or infuse them through the Mystic Forge. This will allow you to equip a second copy, as the game considers this a different, unique ring. Attuning a ring costs less than 25 silver, making this a very cheap method to obtain extra ascended gear.


Slooshoo also sells ascended aquatic headgear for 500 winterberries and 6,000 unbound magic, which is a very cheap method to obtain these ascended underwater breathers. However, it's recommended that you go for the trinkets first, as they are the most important for your overall stats.


Solo Events

Bitterfrost Frontier has several events that can be done solo, making it a great option for players who want to farm at their own pace. There are events in the woods where you kill waves of the Son of Svanir while protecting snow griffin cubs or killing veteran wolves. These events only take a few moments and offer decent rewards.


Another set of events is protecting the nine braziers that are scattered throughout the map. These braziers will constantly be under attack by waves of normal enemies, and clearing them will give you a sizable chunk of event experience as well as some decent loot. If none of these events is currently active, you can even trigger them yourself by taking a Flame of Koda from one of the lit braziers and going to one that is either completely frozen over or has smaller circles surrounding it. Using the flame on these will trigger an event that reactivates a brazier and spawns waves of minions that you can kill off for some good loot and an event reward.


To activate a brazier yourself, as well as the next farmer, you will need Koda's Flame Mastery. You can find this mastery in the Heart of Thorns Ancient Magics Mastery.


Unidentified Gear Farming

Finally, Bitterfrost Frontier is also an excellent map for farming unidentified gear. This method involves killing ice-brood enemies in the northern part of the map, specifically in the "The Bitter Cold" area. The enemies here have a higher chance of dropping unidentified gear than those in other maps, making it one of the most lucrative farms in the game. This method is repeatable and can yield a significant amount of unidentified gear over time.



Bitterfrost Frontier offers a solid solo farming option to all Guild Wars 2 players, with decent gw2 gold and loot to be made at your own pace. Daily Winterberry gathering is a well-known method, but there's much more to farming this map than simply gathering. The overlooked methods of events and Slubling's ascended gear vendor offer some of the highest amounts of unidentified gear in the game. With repeatable farming methods and the ability to purchase ascended trinkets and aquatic headgear, Bitterfrost Frontier is one of the best maps for solo farming in Guild Wars 2.

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