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How to get Exotic and Ascended Gear in Guild Wars 2?

In Guild Wars 2, Once players acquire good gear, it remains relevant for a long time,and they don't have to worry about getting new gear with every update or expansion. However, getting the best gear can still be a challenge for any player. In this guide, we will discuss how to acquire exotic and ascended gear, the most important gear tiers in Guild Wars 2. 



How to get Exotic and Ascended Gear in Guild Wars 2?



Players can choose from different stat combos, including Berserker, Viper, Harrier, Minstrel, and Celestial, each catering to specific playstyles. Exotic armour is the best gear available in Guild Wars 2, and players can either purchase it on the trading post or earn it through gameplay. Ascended Trinkets are an essential part of optimizing a player's stats and providing unique stat combinations. Players can obtain Ascended Trinkets in several ways, including Living World maps, fractals, raids, and crafting.


Stat Combos

If you're looking to optimize your character's stats in an online game, there are several different stat combos to consider. Here's a guide to the most popular stat combos and what they're best suited for:

Guild Wars 2 Stat Combos Screenshot


  • Berserker Stats: This stat combo is focused on maximizing power and damage output. It's a popular choice for players who prefer to play aggressively and deal high damage to their enemies. If you're going for berserker stats, you'll want to look for gear with high Power, Precision, and Ferocity stats.
  • Viper's Stats: Viper's gear is a great choice for players who want to focus on Condition Damage and Condition Duration. This stat combo is great for players who want to play a more strategic role in combat, applying various debilitating conditions to their enemies. Viper's gear tends to have high Condition Damage, Expertise, and Precision stats.
  • Harrier's Stats: Harrier's gear is ideal for players who want to play a supportive role in combat, providing healing and boons to their allies. This stat combo tends to have high Healing Power, Concentration, and Power stats.
  • Minstrel's Stats: Minstrel's gear is perfect for players who want to take on a tanking role in combat. This stat combo prioritizes Toughness, Vitality, and Healing Power stats, making it ideal for players who want to soak up damage and keep their allies alive.
  • Celestial Stats: Celestial gear is a versatile stat combo that balances all of the different stat types. This gear is ideal for players who want to be able to handle any situation, whether it's dealing with damage, providing support, or surviving enemy attacks.


When choosing a stat combo, it's important to consider your playstyle and the role you want to fill in combat. If you're following a specific build or guide, you can look at what stats they recommend and go for that one. But if you're creating your own build, take the time to consider which stats will be most useful for your character's unique strengths and weaknesses.


Exotic Armor

Exotic armor is some of the best gear you can get in Guild Wars 2, offering unique bonuses and stat combinations that cannot be found on regular armor. If you're looking to get your hands on some exotic armor, there are a few things you should know.

Guild Wars 2 Exotic Armor Screenshot

First, it's important to understand that there are different types of exotic armor. Some sets are designed for specific playstyles or professions, while others offer more general stat boosts. The berserker armor set, for example, is great for players who want to focus on dealing with damage, while the minstrel armor set is better suited for support-oriented playstyles.


To acquire exotic armor, you can either purchase it on the trading post or earn it through gameplay. If you're looking for a specific set, you can search for it by name on the trading post. However, if you're on a budget, consider looking for alternative name sets that offer the same stats at a lower price.


Alternatively, you can earn exotic armor through gameplay by completing content that rewards it. One option is to head to Verdin's Brink in the Heart of Thorns expansion and participate in the meta event on the map. If you successfully complete the event at tier 4, you'll have a chance to earn a chest piece. Additionally, the vendor at the start of the map sells armor boxes that allow you to select your desired stats.


Regardless of how you acquire your exotic armor, it's important to choose your stats carefully. Once you've selected your desired stats, you won't be able to change them. So take some time to consider your playstyle and what stats will be most beneficial for you.


Ascended Trinkets

Ascended Trinkets are an essential part of optimizing your character's stats in Guild Wars 2. They provide a significant boost in power and provide unique stat combinations that exotic trinkets cannot offer.

Guild Wars 2 Ascended Trinkets Screenshot


Understanding Stat Combinations

Ascended Trinkets come in various stat combinations, and each one caters to a specific playstyle. Before diving into the methods of obtaining Ascended Trinkets, it is essential to understand what stats are suitable for your playstyle.


There are several stat combinations available, including Berserker, Celestial, Viper, Minstrel, and more. Berserker is the most popular stat combination for DPS-oriented builds, while Celestial provides a balance between all stats. Viper is best for Condition Damage builds, and Minstrel is for Support-oriented builds.


Obtaining Ascended Trinkets

Now that you understand the stat combinations, let's dive into how to obtain Ascended Trinkets. There are several ways of obtaining them, including:


  • Living World Maps: The Living World maps offer a variety of Ascended Trinkets that are stat-selectable. Two recommended maps to farm are "A Crack in the Ice" (Episode 3 of Living World Season 3) and "War Eternal" (Episode 6 of Living World Season 4).
  • Laurels: Laurels are another way of obtaining Ascended Trinkets. You can buy them from the Laurel Vendor located in Lion's Arch. However, note that only Berserker and Celestial stat combinations are available with laurels.
  • Fractals: Fractals are another way of obtaining Ascended Trinkets. You can buy stat-selectable trinkets with Pristine Fractal Relics from the Fractal Vendor. However, note that these trinkets are expensive and take a lot of time to obtain.
  • Guild Commendations: If you enjoy doing Guild Missions, you can obtain Ascended Trinkets with Guild Commendations from the Guild Commendation Trader.
  • PvP: Ascended Trinkets can be obtained from PvP by completing reward tracks. Completing reward tracks will earn you Ascended Shards of Glory that can be used to buy Ascended Trinkets from the Ascended Armor and Weapon League Vendor.


To obtain Ascended Trinkets on these maps, you need map-specific currencies such as Winterberries for "A Crack in the Ice" and Mistborn Motes for "War Eternal." You can farm these currencies by completing events and harvesting nodes on the maps.


Unique Items

It's important to note that Ascended Trinkets have unique names, meaning you cannot equip two of the same trinkets simultaneously. For example, if you buy two Berserker rings, make sure they have different names, such as "Ring of Red Death" and "Crystalline Band."


Final Thoughts

Ascended Trinkets are a crucial part of optimizing your character's stats in Guild Wars 2. While they may seem challenging to obtain, there are several ways of obtaining them, including Living World Maps, Laurels, Fractals, Guild Commendations, and PvP. It's essential to understand what stats you require for your playstyle and obtain the appropriate Ascended Trinkets accordingly.


Ascended Weapons

If you've already obtained exotic armor and a full set of Cena trinkets, the next step is to get ascended weapons. The easiest way to obtain these weapons is by crafting them yourself. To do this, you will need to level up the corresponding crafting discipline to level 500. For example, if you want to craft greatswords, you will need 500 weapon smithing. You can use websites like to level up a crafting discipline to level 500 easily. Once you have reached level 500, you can use Kill Skill Efficiency's crafting page to get a step-by-step guide on crafting your weapon of choice.

Guild Wars 2 Ascended Weapons Screenshot

Some of the materials required for ascended gear are time-gated, meaning you can only craft them once a day. If you're impatient, you can use guild upgrades to efficiency's daily cooldown setting to buy the materials instead of waiting. During the crafting process, you will notice that at some points, you will have to craft an inscription for the stat type that you want. For example, to craft a berserker's weapon, you will need to craft a berserker's inscription for swords or greatswords.


You can buy the recipe for these inscriptions from the vendors at the crafting stations for expansion stats. However, to craft some inscriptions, you will need to buy the recipe from a vendor elsewhere. To figure out where to get the recipe for your inscription, you can check the Guild Wars 2 wiki.


If you don't want to do any crafting, there are other options to obtain ascended weapons. One option is the Knights of the Thorn side story, which you can unlock after completing the Heart of Thorns main story. Completing this side story will reward you with a free ascended weapon of your choice.


Another option is to do a specialization collection. After finishing the training on a lead specialization, you unlock a collection that will give you an ascended weapon for that specialization. However, some of these collections require an expensive mystic weapon, which may make this option more expensive than crafting the ascended weapon yourself.


If the ascended weapon you obtain from a collection doesn't have the stats combination you want, you can still change the stats combination through stat swapping. You can easily change the stats combination on ascended weapons and armor using the Mystic Forge. However, some inscriptions for certain stat types are untradable, which means you may have to craft them yourself.


If you prefer group content, you can buy ascended weapons with raid or strike currency. You can spend the Guild Wars 2 currency that you earn from these encounters to buy an ascended weapon. If you're new to instance content, a beginner-friendly option is to do the easy free ice with saga strike missions.


These are the first three strike missions from the Icebrood Saga and are easy to complete in groups. By doing these three easy strikes every day, you can easily stock up on blue profit charts and use them to buy ascended weapons. However, the weapons obtained through this method are limited to core stat combinations, so you may need to use the stat-swapping method to get the stats you want.


Ascended Armor

Ascended armor is the best type of armor you can get in Guild Wars 2. It offers the highest level of stats, and it can be acquired through various means, such as crafting, raiding, and completing collections.

Guild Wars 2 Ascended Armor Screenshot


Crafting Ascended Armor

Crafting Ascended Armor is the most straightforward way to obtain it. However, you will need to level your crafting discipline to 500 to do so. You will also need to gather specific materials that can be acquired through various means, such as harvesting or buying them from the trading post. Once you have the required materials, you can craft your Ascended Armor.


Acquiring Ascended Armor through Raiding and Strikes

If you enjoy raiding or doing strike missions, you can also acquire Ascended Armor through this content. Raid bosses and strike missions drop Ascended Armor pieces, and you can also acquire currency to purchase Ascended Armor from vendors. However, acquiring Ascended Armor through raiding and strikes may take longer than crafting it, and you will need to put in the time and effort to complete the content.


Legendary Armor Precursor Collections

Legendary Armor Precursor Collections is a unique way of acquiring Ascended Armor. You can complete two collections, the Envoy Armor I and Envoy Armor II collections, to acquire two full sets of Ascended Armor. However, completing these collections requires completing specific content, such as raid bosses and events in the best scene of the Penitent race. It is worth noting that the sets acquired through the precursor collections are technically the precursor armor for Legendary Armor, and you will need them if you ever want to craft Legendary Armor in the future.


Stat Swapping Ascended Armor

One of the benefits of Ascended Armor is the ability to stat swap it using the Mystic Forge. This allows you to change the stats on your armor without having to acquire new armor pieces. However, it is important to note that if you stat-swap your armor acquired through the precursor collections, it will lose its precursor status. So, if you plan on crafting Legendary Armor in the future, you will need to be careful when stat-swapping your Ascended Armor.


Overall, Ascended Armor is the best armor you can get in Guild Wars 2, and there are various ways of obtaining it. Whether you choose to craft it, acquire it through raiding and strikes, or complete the precursor collections, Ascended Armor will greatly enhance your character's stats and make you more effective in combat.



Exotic armor is a valuable addition to a player's gear and can be obtained either through purchasing or gameplay. Ascended Trinkets are an essential part of optimizing a character's stats and can be obtained through various means, including Living World maps, fractals, raids, and crafting. Choosing the right gear and stat combo is crucial to succeed in Guild Wars 2 and players should take the time to consider their playstyle and what stats will be most beneficial for their character.

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