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Guild Wars 2 Hidden Wealth: How to Get Rich Without Even Trying?

Are you an avid Guild Wars 2 player looking to become richer without having to grind for hours on end? While it may seem too good to be true, there are several ways to make significant amounts of gw2 gold in the game by just being aware of the value of the items you already have. In this article, we'll discuss some often-overlooked sources of wealth, such as material storage, laurels, volatile Magic, Tyrian Defense Seals, Imperial Favor, legendary crafting, Magnetite Shards, and Spirit Shards. So, sit back and read on to discover how you can get rich without even trying in Guild Wars 2.


Guild Wars 2 Hidden Wealth: How to Get Rich Without Even Trying?


Material Storage

Material storage is the most obvious place to look for hidden wealth. Every time you collect materials, you can directly deposit them into your material storage. Over time, these materials can add up in value. While selling one random stack of items from your material storage might not give you a lot of gold, the value of all your combined materials can be quite significant. To check the value of your material storage, visit You can even order your materials by price so that you can easily find your most valuable items. If you need gold now and you're sitting on materials that you're going to use sometime soon, selling them might be a good idea.



Another thing to consider is the value of your currencies. Laurels, for example, are a currency that you receive from daily logins. If you've been playing for a while, you likely have a couple of hundred of these. While you can spend them on certain items or toys, you can also use them to buy material bags that can be sold on the trading post or used to craft a legendary. Medium crafting bags are currently the best value for laurels, with a conversion rate of about 40 silver per laurel. If you have 500 laurels, that's about 200 gold worth of materials.


Volatile Magic

Volatile Magic is another currency that can be converted into value. You receive this currency from living world season four maps. By buying trophy shipments from the volatile magic trader in Dragonfall, you can convert volatile Magic into gold. Currently, the profit margin on these trophy shipments is about 12 copper per volatile Magic. If you have 20,000 volatile magic, that's about 24 gold in profit. Additionally, you can trade in living world season four materials like Mistborn Motes for more volatile Magic.


Tyrian Defense Seals

Tyrian Defense Seals are a currency that you receive from doing Dragon Response Missions in the Icebrood Saga or from doing the Dragonstorm meta. You can use these seals at Turniron Mall in the Eye of the North to buy supply boxes. While you can only buy one of each box type per day, you can currently make about four and a half silver in profits per seal. If you have a lot of these seals, you could make a significant amount of gold.


Imperial Favor

Imperial Favor is a currency that can be obtained from completing events in the End of Dragons expansion. This currency can be converted into precursors or legendaries, which can then be sold for a profit on the trading post. If you have a surplus of Imperial Favor, you can use it to craft precursors and sell them for a premium. Before you do this, however, make sure to check fast farming websites to see which precursor is currently the most profitable to craft.


Legendary Crafting

If you don't want to craft precursors, you can choose to craft a full End of Dragons legendary instead. This will require a lot of materials, but people who buy legendaries on the trading post are paying you a premium to skip all of the effort required to craft it yourself.


Magnetite Shards

Magnetite Shards are the main currency obtained from completing raids. They can be used to buy ascended gear or 10 Mystic Clovers every week. If you have an excess of Magnetite Shards, you can use them to buy infusions in certain wings of the raid and sell them on the trading post for a profit.


Spirit Shards

Spirit Shards are obtained from leveling up and can be used to purchase items such as Philosopher Stones from Miyani. These items can be used in the Mystic Forge to upgrade lower-tier materials to higher ones. While this can be a profitable conversion, it can also be tedious and time-consuming. Stick to common materials like wood, leather, and trophies for the best results.



There are many ways to accumulate wealth in Guild Wars 2 without even trying. Whether you choose to sell materials or use currencies to craft precursors or legendaries, these methods can help you accumulate wealth over time. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can enjoy the game while also amassing a fortune in the process.

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