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How to Make Over 20 Million Silver in Albion Online?

Are you tired of grinding in Albion Online? Do you want to make a lot of silver without PvP or PvE? Then, you should try a combination of crafting and transporting. In this guide, I'll explain how I made over 20 million silver by using these two methods. And the best part is, I never used the focus.

How to Make Over 20 Million Silver in Albion Online?


Step 1: Find the Best Deals on Hide

First, use the Albion Market Discord link in the description to find the cities with the cheapest tiers of hide. Then, double-check the prices and go to those cities. In my case, I found that Limhurst and Fort Sterling had the best deals on hide. I used my knowledge of the game's locations and a mixture of hide to make this work.

Note: This can be done with less than a million silver. I used a larger sum to give a bigger example.


Step 2: Choose the Best Transportation Method

The best combination for transportation without a mammoth is either an ox or an elite polar bear with a high-tier bag. In any of these three boots, sandals of purity, boots of valor, or shoes of tenacity are the best options. These items have the highest carry weight in their respective armor types, all sharing a base 81-kilogram carry weight that can only be increased with enchantments.

The sandals of purity are the cheapest of these three items. With the support of a pork pie, you can carry about 4,400 kilograms of items. This run takes about 15 minutes on a polar bear and about 17 on an iron ox.


Step 3: Transport Hide to Martlock

Buy all the hide in Limhurst. The only issue is that Limhurst doesn't have the refining bonus for hide. Martlock does. So, you have to figure out a way to get all the hide to Martlock quickly and without spending a fortune. That's where transporting comes in.


Using the combination of items listed earlier, plus support pie, you can transport the hide over multiple sessions, both on and off-stream. With the refining bonus for hide, people would buy it for an increased price everywhere, raising the average price by a fair margin.


Step 4: Craft and Sell Leather

Craft the hide into leather and sell it in Martlock. To make a tier 8 leather, you need five pieces of tier 8 hide, five tier 7, four tier 6, three tier 5, two tier 4, two tier 3, and one tier 2. But for enchanted pieces of leather, you need five enchanted tier 8, five enchanted tier 7, and so on.


The demand for non-enchanted leather is drastically higher than that for enchanted leather. Craft your tier 4 to 7 leather, with five and six being the most profitable. Transport it to a city with an item that needs leather to be crafted and sell it there.


By investing heavily in tiers four to six for hide, I increased the value of my hide by another 10 million silver. Even though leather will likely lower in price for the next week or so due to the bonus to hide refining, this method is still profitable.



By combining crafting and transporting, you can make over 20 million silver in just a couple of days in Albion Online. Find the best deals on hide, choose the best transportation method, transport hide to Martlock, craft and sell leather. It takes some effort, but the payoff is worth it.

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