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Albion Online Guide: Basics of Crafting Armors and Weapons

In this guide, we will discuss the basics of crafting armors and weapons in Albion Online. Whether you want to sell your crafted items on the market or create your own gear, we will cover the essential information you need to know. We will start by exploring the Destiny Board and understanding the different city bonuses for crafting various types of equipment. Additionally, we will provide an example crafting session to help you level up and create specific items.

Albion Online Guide: Basics of Crafting Armors and Weapons


Understanding the Destiny Board

  • Open the Destiny Board and navigate to the Craftsman section.
  • The Craftsman section consists of the Warrior, Hunter's Lodge, and Mage Tower.
  • Each section corresponds to different types of armor and weapons.
  • The Warrior section is connected to plate armor and warrior weapons.
  • The Hunter's Lodge is associated with leather armor.
  • The Mage Tower focuses on mage equipment.


Unlocking Crafting Options

  • To unlock crafting options, you need to craft specific items.
  • For example, to unlock the Mage Tower options, craft a level 2 Novice Fire Staff.
  • Craft the required items to progress further in the crafting tree.
  • Each tier of crafting unlocks new items in that category.


Crafting Process

  • Click on an item in the Destiny Board to view the required materials for crafting.
  • For example, crafting a one-handed Holy Staff may require 16 Chestnut Planks and 8 Kneecloth (Tier 3 resources).
  • Craft the necessary items to unlock higher tiers of crafting.
  • Tier 4 crafting unlocks access to higher-level items within that category.


Choosing the Right Crafting City

  • Open the map and select the city where you want to craft.
  • Different cities offer various crafting bonuses.
  • Click on a city, then check the local production bonuses and crafting bonuses.
  • Crafting bonuses indicate the resource return rate when crafting specific items.
  • Choose a city with bonuses that align with the items you want to craft.


Crafting at a Station

  • Visit the appropriate crafting station in the chosen city.
  • Find the station with the most reasonable usage fee.
  • Crafting stations have separate tabs for weapons, armor, and study.
  • Weapons and armor tabs display the available items for crafting.
  • The study tab allows you to convert crafted items into Fame points.


Studying Crafted Items

  • Use the study tab to convert crafted items into Fame points.
  • Studying items grants learning points for faster progression.
  • Learning points can be used to unlock higher tiers without crafting.
  • Study costs silver, and the amount depends on the item's Fame value.


Mass Crafting and Food Buffs

  • Mass crafting can speed up your progression.
  • Craft multiple items to increase your chances of reaching milestones.
  • Consider using food buffs like Potato Salad to enhance crafting speed and quality.
  • Potato Salad increases crafting speed by 50 and crafting quality by 100.


Artifact Crafting

  • Artifact items offer unique abilities and are highly sought after.
  • You can obtain artifacts through crafting, the market, or the Artifact Foundry.
  • Use Runes, Souls, or Relics in the Artifact Foundry to re-roll items for a chance at different artifacts.


Remember, crafting in Albion Online involves both strategic decisions and resource management. Understanding the Destiny Board, choosing the right city for crafting, and utilizing food buffs can significantly impact your crafting efficiency. Experiment with different crafting options and find the best strategies that suit your playstyle. Good luck with your crafting endeavors!

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