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Guild Wars 2 Solo Gold Farming: Hidden Treasures

Guild Wars 2 offers numerous solo gold farming methods, some of which are lesser known or forgotten. Among these options, there is a highly lucrative farm that can be done solo or with friends, making it one of the most profitable gold per hour solo farms in the game. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind, such as the limited farming time and the nature of the valuable items obtained, which are only sometimes meant to be sold for gold. In this guide, we will explore this solo gold farm, its benefits, and the strategies to maximize your gains.



Guild Wars 2 Solo Gold Farming: Hidden Treasures


Understanding the Farm

The solo gold farm we'll focus on is the Search for Buried Treasure event, which is exclusively tied to the Path of Fire maps. This farm doesn't require any specific build, class, specialization, or gear, as it primarily avoids combat. Instead, it relies on treasure hunting kits, special items used during the event.


Acquiring Treasure Hunting Kits

Treasure hunting kits can be obtained by regularly playing Path of Fire or Living World Season 4 maps. Check your character's inventories, as you may already have a few kits without realizing it. These kits can only be used in Path of Fire maps and provide you with a special action key.


Uncovering Treasure

Using the treasure hunting kits, you can uncover buried treasures throughout the event. When using the special action key, three coloured pulses will emanate from your character, indicating the direction of the treasure. Additionally, a blue dotted circle will appear on your mini-map and world map, guiding you to the general zone where the treasure chest is located. By spamming the special action key, you can avoid combat and loot the treasure instantly.


Event Timing

It's essential to note that you should farm during the Search for Buried Treasure meta event, which occurs every 2 hours for a duration of 20 minutes. During this event, the chests you uncover will be superior buried treasure chests, offering better loot compared to the regular version.


Choosing the Right Map

Different Path of Fire maps offers varying opportunities for treasure hunting. The Desert Highlands map is a popular choice due to its numerous waypoints and potential shortcuts. However, maps with flatter terrains may be preferable for expert Roller Beetle riders. Select a map that suits your mount preferences and playstyle.


Optimizing Mount Usage

Your ability to navigate efficiently with mounts will directly impact the number of chests you can loot within the 20-minute event window. Mastery of mounts such as the Skyscale, Griffon, Roller Beetle, or Raptor is crucial for swift travel between treasure chests.


Additional Tips

  1. Avoid re-logging to reset chest locations unless you prioritize absolute optimization over enjoyment.
  2. The number of chests you can loot varies based on luck, map layout, and your mount proficiency.
  3. Superior chests grant experience, trade contracts, crafting materials, unidentified gear, and a fourth item of significant value.
  4. Valuable drops from chests include ascended weapon recipes, Elegy Mosaics, Spirit Shards, and high-value items like Khadiri's Music Box.
  5. Elegy Mosaics are particularly important for crafting generation 2 legendaries and legendary trinkets and unlocking the Funerary weapons and armour collections.



While this solo guild wars 2 gold farm may not guarantee vast amounts of pure gold, it provides a relaxed and rewarding way to obtain rare items, recipes, currencies, and other valuable Path of Fire materials. It serves as an excellent alternative for acquiring items that are otherwise challenging to obtain through other means, such as legendary bounties. Reserve your treasure hunting kits for the event and consult a wiki's event timer page to know when the "Search for Buried Treasure" event occurs. Give this farm a try and enjoy the satisfaction of uncovering hidden riches in Guild Wars 2!

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