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How to Make Millions of Albion Online Silver Quickly as a Solo Player?

Welcome back, adventurers! In today's article, we will explore a method that allows solo players, including new ones without premium, to earn millions of silver quickly and safely in Albion Online. We will focus on gathering limestone and rough stone in the safe blue zones, making it a stress-free and efficient way to make a profit.

How to Make Millions of Albion Online Silver Quickly as a Solo Player?


Getting Started

To begin your silver farming journey, follow these steps:

  • Obtain Tier 2 Gathering Gear: If you are at least a Tier 4 Courier, acquire a Tier 4 Avalonian Stone Hammer or a regular Tier 4 Stone Hammer. Also, make sure to equip a Tier 4 Courier Gathering Set to enhance your gathering efficiency.
  • Gather the Essential Supplies: Grab some Pork Pies, as they increase your yield rate and carry weight, enabling you to gather more resources. Additionally, have a gathering mount like a Boar or an Ox to enhance your mobility.
  • Choose the Right Zone: Find a Tier 4 or Tier 3 zone with stone as the primary resource. The highland biomes near Bridgewatch are excellent options due to their proximity to a refining station and the availability of abundant Tier 2 materials.


Gathering Strategy

Now that you have everything you need, follow this efficient gathering strategy:

  • Prepare for Efficient Mob Clearing: Equip a weapon like the Spike Gauntlet, allowing you to quickly dispatch any mobs that may hinder your gathering progress.
  • Plan Your Gathering Route: Create a circular route that lets you gather from multiple nodes in a pattern. Aim to gather at least six out of nine available resources before circling back to the starting point. Adjust and expand your route if necessary to optimize efficiency.
  • Focus on Limestone and Rough Stone: Stick primarily to gathering Tier 2 limestone and rough stone, as they are the most valuable resources at their respective tier levels. While gathering, if you come across some Tier 3 sandstone, feel free to collect it, but avoid routes that prioritize sandstone over limestone and rough stone to maximize your profits.
  • Time Management: Gather for about 30 minutes, or push yourself to the full hour if your carry weight allows. Be mindful of your load capacity, as becoming overweight will slow you down.


Refining for Profits

Once you have gathered a substantial amount of resources, head back to Bridgewatch to refine your limestone. Here's what you need to know:

  • Find a Stonemason: Locate any stonemason in Bridgewatch to refine your limestone into limestone blocks. The refining process for limestone is cost-free, making it an ideal choice.
  • Take Advantage of Refine Bonus: With the increased refine rate of 40%, you will obtain approximately 40% more limestone blocks than the original limestone you gathered. This significantly boosts your potential profits.


Expected Silver Earnings

Following this method, you can expect to earn anywhere between 550,000 to 650,000 silver per hour, depending on your courier tier. While this might not seem like much compared to riskier ventures in the black zones, it offers a stress-free and guaranteed income stream. You can relax, watch a stream or a movie, and still make progress toward your in-game goals.



Congratulations! You've discovered a simple and safe method to make millions of silver as a solo player in Albion Online. By focusing on gathering limestone and rough stone in the blue zones, refining in Bridgewatch, and optimizing your routes, you can efficiently farm silver without the need for a premium or risking your hard-earned inventory. Combine this method with ventures in the black zones for a diversified gameplay experience. Enjoy your journey, and may your pockets overflow with silver! Remember to like and subscribe to the channel for more valuable content catering to all types of players in Albion Online.

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