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Making Albion Online Silver by crafting one-hand fire staff Guides

Are you looking to maximize your silver earnings in Albion Online with minimal effort? You're in luck! In this guide, we will show you a method that helped us make 1.4 million silver profits with just 12 minutes of effort. Be sure to read through the entire guide to ensure you don't miss any important details. The recent buff to the one-hand fire staff has significantly increased its demand in both PvP and the market, making it a lucrative item to focus on.


Making Albion Online Silver by crafting one-hand fire staff Guides


To craft a one-hand fire staff, you'll need 16 blanks and 8 bars. Tier 6 is the most sought-after tier for this item as it unlocks the powerful Searing Flame ability, making it highly desirable for corrupted dungeons. We were able to purchase the required materials from the Caroline Marketplace for 2064 silver per blank and 2387 silver per bar.


All the steps for this method can be completed in a single city - Caerleon, eliminating the need for long transports. Prior to crafting, we recommend purchasing a potato salad to increase the quality of the crafted items and expedite the crafting process. Additionally, acquiring several in-viewer's journals will further enhance your profits.


Ensure that you buy journals and craft the fire staffs at the same tier. Once you've secured a Mage Tower with the lowest usage fee, you can begin crafting. In this guide, we will showcase two crafting sessions: one using Focus points and one without. Both methods have proven to be highly profitable.


In the first session, we utilized all of our focus points, allowing us to craft 25 fire staffs of varying qualities. It's important to note that we did not exhaust all of the materials. This strategy ensures that you can sell all crafted items within 24 hours by limiting the quantity to 25-30 items. Any remaining resources can be saved for future crafting sessions.


After crafting, we recommend re-rolling any normal quality items as they tend to sell slower compared to higher qualities. While it may require a slightly higher investment, re-rolling normal quality items is worthwhile, as the improved quality enables faster sales. We then sold all of the one-hand fire staffs on the Carillion Market for one silver less than the lowest sell order.


Furthermore, we filled 11 in-viewer's journals and sold them on the market as well. The overall cost for crafting 25 fire staffs with focus points amounted to 828K silver. However, we were able to sell all of the items, including the filled journals, for a total of 1.6 million silver. This resulted in an impressive overall profit of 801K silver, equivalent to a 96% profit margin. Achieving such substantial returns with less than five minutes of effort is truly remarkable.


After selling all of the one-hand fire staffs from the previous session, we repeated the method without using any focus points. We followed the same steps, purchasing tier 6 planks and bars, appropriate journals, and the potato salad. We crafted as many fire staffs as possible without using focus points, resulting in 29 items to sell.


During this session, we aimed to confirm our theory about normal quality items selling slower. As expected, the normal quality items were the last to be bought. Similar to the previous session, we sold everything for one silver less than the lowest sell order. The overall cost for this session, without using any focus points, was 1.3 million silver. However, we managed to sell all of the items for 1.9 million silver, generating an overall profit of 587K silver, which amounts to a 44% profit margin. While this is slightly less profitable than the first session, it's still a remarkable return considering we bought the materials directly from the market, without any transportation, and most importantly, without using focus points.


It's essential to resist the temptation of buying excessive resources from the market and crafting as many fire staffs as possible. Remember, you're not limited by your focus points, so it's crucial to maintain a disciplined approach. Craft 25 to 35 staffs at a time and wait for them to be sold before starting another crafting session. Avoid getting stuck with numerous sell orders, as it can result in a loss of silver.


As promised in the title, we were able to make a 1.4 million silver profit with just 10 minutes of effort—five minutes for each session. You might wonder how we discovered this highly profitable method. It's a combination of keeping track of recent buffs in the game and utilizing money-making calculators we developed. These calculators allow us to determine the profitability of crafting items without risking silver in-game. Additionally, we have resource refining calculators, potion and food calculators, and even a butcher calculator, all conveniently available in one place.

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