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How to get WvW rewards effortlessly and quickly in Guild Wars 2?

World vs World (WvW) is a unique game mode in Guild Wars 2 where three servers compete for map dominance. While engaging in this mode can be enjoyable, it may only suit some people's preferences. One challenge faced by players crafting legendary weapons is acquiring the Gift of Battle, which can only be obtained through WvW. However, there are methods to obtain these rewards with minimal effort. In this guide, we will discuss an efficient approach to earning WvW rewards without spending significant time.


How to get WvW rewards effortlessly and quickly in Guild Wars 2?


The Reward Track System

When actively participating in WvW, players earn guild wars 2 pips and reward track progress every 5 minutes. Pips advance a track that unlocks chests ranging from wood to diamonds, rewarding substantial progress on the reward track. However, for the purpose of this guide, we will focus on acquiring WvW Reward Track Potions to obtain the Gift of Battle efficiently.


Earning WvW Reward Track Potions

To acquire WvW Reward Track Potions quickly, we will complete the fastest and easiest daily achievements. These dailies rotate each day, and usually, two out of the three available options are relatively fast to complete. By focusing on these dailies, you can earn an average of three to five potions per day.


Over a month, this accumulates to approximately four potions per day. This means that within 20 days, you can obtain at least one Gift of Battle effortlessly. Additionally, there is a passive reward track gain, which further shortens the time required.


Efficient Daily Achievements

Here are some of the fastest daily achievements you can complete to earn WvW Reward Track Potions:

  • Big Spender: Spend at least 25 batches of honour at a vendor. Purchase items such as flame rams and sell them on the trading post afterwards to recoup some silver.
  • Caravan Disrupter: Kill a single dolyak. If you don't come across one while exploring, head to an enemy camp where dolyaks spawn.
  • Land Claimer: Locate a flag on the mini-map that isn't your team's colour. Kill the sentry guarding it and capture the points.
  • Master of Monuments: On the desert Borderlands, look for unclaimed fire shrines or air shrines. Kill five elementals, capture the shrine, and complete the daily.
  • Veteran Creature Slayer: Focus on the veteran wurm, veteran harpy, or any other available veteran creatures. These can be found in close proximity to each other on the desert Borderlands.
  • Veteran Guard Killer: Locate and kill five veteran enemy guards. These guards can be found at camps, gates of towers, or keeps.


Additional Dailies and Weekly Rewards

While the aforementioned dailies are the fastest to complete, there are other options available as well. Completing the daily camp capture is worth considering, as it rewards two potions instead of one. If you encounter little to no opposition, capturing two camps should be relatively easy.


Another daily, World Ranker, may take longer, as it requires levelling up twice. However, you can plan ahead and use the Delayed Energy Matter Converter gizmo to instantly gain a significant amount of WvW experience when the World Ranker daily becomes available.


Anet's Recent Changes

ArenaNet has implemented changes to reward incentives in WvW. Some of the weekly achievements mentioned earlier, such as capturing camps and killing dolyaks, can now be completed naturally by focusing on the dailies. Additionally, the weekly Ruin Runner achievement, which requires capturing five ruins in each borderland, can be completed over time or on a designated day.



While World vs World may not be everyone's preferred game mode, you should still acquire the Gift of Battle for crafting legendary weapons. By completing the fastest daily achievements, you can earn WvW Reward Track Potions effortlessly. This method ensures that within 20 days, you will have a fully completed reward track without investing significant time in WvW. If you enjoy WvW, feel free to engage, but for those who prefer other activities, this guide provides a solution to obtain WvW rewards efficiently. Remember, you can also select other reward tracks that offer profitable rewards, such as mystic clovers or meta achievements for vision. Good luck on your legendary crafting journey!

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