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Guild Wars 2 What Lies Within Update: New Story & Meta Events

The What Lies Within update in Guild Wars 2 brought new story content and a fresh meta experience for players to delve into. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the update, including the story, meta events, and overall impressions. Be warned, though, and spoilers lie ahead, so proceed with caution if you still need to complete the content.



Guild Wars 2 What Lies Within Update: New Story & Meta Events


Story Impressions

The story in Galadelve was an enjoyable experience. It introduced a new gw2 antagonist that feeds off negative emotions and reactivates past traumas, which was an intriguing concept. One notable aspect was seeing the Commander, who is often portrayed as an invincible hero, facing vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The male voice actor did an excellent job conveying the Commander's weariness and frustration, adding depth to the character.


However, some players have voiced concerns about the recurring appearances of deceased companions throughout the story. Seeing the ghosts of old companions popping up frequently, especially during critical moments, has become a common narrative device. While it can be a powerful effect when used sparingly, its frequent use in recent updates has lessened its impact. It is my hope that ArenaNet considers diversifying its storytelling techniques moving forward.


Overall, the story was decent. Neither loved nor hated. It provided some interesting insights into Galadelv and offered flashbacks that shed light on the characters' backgrounds. Although it wasn't the best story in the game, it certainly didn't disappoint. The ending, particularly the humorous and memorable party in New Kryta, was a highlight.


Meta Events

The meta content introduced in the update had its ups and downs. One particular aspect that felt tedious was the reliance on air filters. The constant need to run back and forth to them felt like a chore. It would have been more convenient if a default filter without buffs were available, with the option to obtain a permanent filter as a quest reward upon completing the associated story segment. It seems logical, considering players already possess a rebreather in their inventory.


Now, let's address the new meta event, which unfortunately left a negative impression. The mechanics heavily revolved around riding turtles and collecting balls, creating a repetitive and monotonous experience. Being forced to perform tasks that took the focus away from playing our own characters, which we have invested countless hours in, can be frustrating. Similar mechanics have been met with a mixed reception in the past, such as the hammer carrying in Cliffside or the vehicle driving in World of Warcraft's Ulduar raid. It would be ideal for future content to avoid such mechanics that restrict players from fully engaging with their established characters.


The treasure chest distribution after completing the meta also caused inconvenience. Sprinkling them all over the map, reminiscent of the Drizzlewood Coast update, resulted in players needing to fly around and collect them before the map reset. Although they were marked on the map, it still felt tedious. In a previous update, ArenaNet addressed this issue by placing all the chests in a central location for convenience. However, it was disappointing to see them revert to the scattered chest placement in this update.



The What Lies Within update in Guild Wars 2 provided an overall satisfactory experience. The story had its moments, with the Galadelv arc and the Commander's vulnerabilities being highlighted. However, the excessive use of deceased companions and the reliance on repetitive meta mechanics, such as riding turtles and collecting balls, detracted from the enjoyment. The epilogue, featuring a hilarious and memorable party in New Kryta, was a standout moment that showcased the game's humour and character interactions.

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