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Albion Online Faction Bombing Method: Speed Farm Faction Points Strategy

In this guide, we will explore the strategy of faction bombing in Albion Online. Faction bombing involves switching to Faction Warfare mode and strategically attacking enemy players in groups or blobs. This guide will walk you through the equipment and tactics for successful faction bombing.

Albion Online Faction Bombing Method: Speed Farm Faction Points Strategy



Before starting a faction bombing run, it's important to ensure you have the right gear and consumables. While using powerful equipment, keep in mind that you can achieve similar results with lower-tier gear.



8.4 Masterpiece Longbow (2006 item power): While this is an overkill, lower-tier longbows can work too.

Explosive arrows: Used for increased damage output.



  • Minor Boots: Provides a movement speed boost, making it easier to outrun opponents.
  • Undead Cape: Allows for a quick escape if you get injured.
  • Face Scale Hat: Prevents interruptions while casting the E spell.
  • Assassin Jacket: Provides additional damage and invisibility stacks for better positioning.



Faction Mount: Chosen for increased speed, allowing you to reach enemies quickly.



  • Beef Stew: Increases damage output.
  • Invisibility Potions: Optional but useful for avoiding detection during bombing runs.


Faction Bombing Strategy

  • Identify Target: Look for enemy factions that are attacking recent locations. Bridgewater starts by checking if any attacks have occurred recently, such as the Flat River Trough.
  • Positioning: Bridgewater prefers attacking when the enemy blob is close to a town, such as Slow Treeplane near Bridge Watch. Approaching from the side that the enemy is not entering gives you a better chance of escape.
  • Engagement: Bridgewater engages the enemy blob by walking towards them and getting within range. Once slightly in range, they activate invisibility and initiate the attack. Initially, the enemy may not notice or care, but as casualties pile up, they become more defensive.
  • Bombing Run: Using the invisibility and Assassin Jacket's stacks, Bridgewater deals massive damage to the enemy blob with the Longbow's AoE abilities. After the attack, they quickly retreat, relying on the Minor Boots' speed advantage to escape.
  • Cooldown Management: Bridgewater uses the cooldown of the Minor Boots to dictate when to engage and disengage. If the boots are on cooldown, they switch to the Assassin Hood, reducing the boot's cooldowns before the next bombing run.
  • Repositioning: If the enemy splits up or changes their target, Bridgewater adjusts their approach to maximize escape routes and opportunities for further bombing runs.


Additional Tips

Back Capping: If the enemy leaves captured outposts undefended, consider running back and recapturing them to gain additional faction points.

Mount Tricks: Utilize mount mechanics to mount up just as dismounted opponents approach, allowing you to escape quickly.

Awareness of Enemy Responses: Keep in mind that repeated bombing runs will put the enemy on high alert, making it harder to execute subsequent attacks. Repair bills may also be incurred.



Faction bombing in Albion Online can be an exciting and rewarding activity. With the right gear, tactics, and timing, you can inflict significant damage on enemy blobs while earning valuable faction points. 

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