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Guild Wars 2 Profitable Cooking: Recipes, Tips, and Strategies

Hello, fellow Guild Wars 2 players! In this guide, We will share with you some cooking recipes that can help you generate extra income. We will focus on recipes that can be obtained from vendors to avoid price gouging and also provide alternative methods for acquiring the ingredients. Whether you enjoy farming or prefer to buy ingredients, these recipes will allow you to make a profit.


Before we dive into the recipes, make sure you have a character with at least 400 cooking skills. If you still need one, you can visit and follow their levelling guides to reach 400 cooking quickly. Cooking is actually the cheapest crafting profession, so it won't cost you much to level up.



Guild Wars 2 Profitable Cooking: Recipes, Tips, and Strategies


Recipe 1: Flatbread


  • Purchasable from a Master Chef vendor: Various ingredients (excluding cassava roots and milling stones)
  • Cassava Roots (can be gathered or purchased)
  • Milling Stones (available on the trading post)


To make flatbread, you'll need to purchase or gather cassava roots and milling stones. Cassava roots can be obtained by gathering desert vegetables in the Path of Fire maps or jungle plants in certain areas. Jungle plants also have a chance to drop Maguuma Lilies, which can be sold for a high price. The remaining ingredients can be bought from a Master Chef vendor.


The total cost of the ingredients for flatbread is around 13 silver (or 15.5 silver if you instant buy), but you can sell flatbreads on the trading post for more than 17 silver or list them for 23 silver and 75 copper. This recipe alone can generate a nice profit.


Recipe 2: Plates of Eggs Benedict


  • Flatbread (crafted or purchased)
  • Jar of Hollandaise Sauce (crafted or purchased)
  • Pieces of Cured Meat (crafted or purchased)
  • Egg (various sources)


To make plates of eggs benedict, you'll need flatbread as one of the ingredients. Additionally, you'll need to craft or buy a jar of hollandaise sauce, pieces of cured meat, and eggs. The jar of hollandaise sauce recipe can be discovered by combining an egg, a stick of butter, a lemon, and a packet of salt.


The pieces of cured meat require cuts of quality red meat, which is a rare drop from enemy wildlife. Once you start unlocking achievements for ascended crafting on your way to 500 cooking, you can buy these from the trading post. Plates of eggs benedict can be sold for around 26 silver (instant selling) or 32 silver (listing) on the trading post.


Recipe 3: Fishy Rice Bowls


  • Recipe (purchased from vendors in Echo Falls or Arborstone)
  • Fantastic Fish Fillets (gathered or purchased)
  • Rice Balls (purchased or obtained through karma)
  • Eggs (various sources)
  • Bowls of Canton Vegetable Mix (crafted)


For those who enjoy fishing, fishy rice bowls can be a profitable choice. You can purchase the recipe for 50 silver from vendors in Echo Falls or Arborstone. Fishy rice bowls require fantastic fish fillets, rice balls, eggs, and bowls of Canton vegetable mix.


Fantastic fish fillets can be gathered or purchased from the trading post. Rice balls can be bought from a vendor called Jen in the Eastern Commons of Divinity's Reach or obtained through karma in any main city. Eggs can also be bought or acquired through enemy drops. The bowl of Canton vegetable mix is crafted using an onion, a head of cabbage, a zucchini, and a mushroom.


Fishy rice bowls can be sold for a profit on the trading post, with prices ranging from 8.7 to 10 silver, depending on the selling method.



Remember always to consider the current market prices and do the math to ensure profitability. The prices may fluctuate over time, so it's important to stay updated. We hope this guide helps you in your cooking endeavours to generate extra profit in Guild Wars 2. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below or join our discord community. 

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