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Guild Wars 2 Perma Stealth Leather Farming: Efficient Gold Making & Material Gathering

Welcome, fellow adventurers! Today, we will explore the thrilling realm of perma-stealth leather farming in Guild Wars 2. We will share this efficient and concise farming method with all of you. Whether you seek to amass wealth or gather materials, this guide will equip you with the essential information to master the art of perma-stealth leather farming in the treacherous Bloodstone Warped Hide.


Guild Wars 2 Perma Stealth Leather Farming: Efficient Gold Making & Material Gathering



In this farming method, we will utilize a specific class with a specialized build to achieve permanent stealth. By collecting 10 Harathi Strongboxes in Lake Doric, we can obtain Bloodstone Marked Hides. These hides can be salvaged for hardened leather sections or sold at the auction house for a quick profit. To determine whether salvaging or selling is more lucrative, you can use the Fast Farming site salvageable prices.


Location and Challenges

The farming spot for this method is located in Bloodstone Warped Hide, an area infested by centaurs. As you ascend the hill, the difficulty level increases and the Bloodstone crease centaurs pose a significant threat, capable of taking down your character in just two hits. Thus, it is crucial to maintain permanent stealth throughout the farming process.


Finding the Chests

The chests containing the Harathi Strongboxes can spawn in multiple locations. To easily locate them, ensure that you have enabled the "Show All Usable Object Names" option in the general settings. This setting allows you to spot the chests from a distance. The chests themselves do not require any keys or interaction; simply run past them and press the interact key to obtain your loot.


Farming Route

Here's an effective route to maximize your loot potential:

  • Please start at the bottom level and check the two tents in the back, as they are possible spawn locations.
  • Clear the bottom level and work your way up, ensuring to check the right-side cliffs, which have two more possible spawn locations.
  • Continue ascending until you reach the tower, making sure to avoid any chests along the way.
  • At the top level, check the left-side cliffs as well, as they often contain chests.


The Perma-Stealth Build

To maintain permanent stealth during the farming process, we will employ a specific build. While this build was easier before the Shadow Arts rework, it is still entirely viable. Please note that this is not a combat build; its sole purpose is to facilitate quick looting while remaining undetected. Here's the recommended build:


Trait Lines

  • Shadow Arts: Provides super speed and protection upon entering or exiting stealth.
  • Acrobatics: Refreshes swiftness every time you dodge, granting faster completion of the farming route.
  • Daredevil: Grants utilities required to stay in stealth and the Silent Scope trait for stealth upon dodging with a rifle equipped.



Since this is primarily a stealth-focused build, the stats, runes, and armour combinations are not of utmost importance. However, investing in Marauder's gear can provide an HP buffer in case of mistakes. Additionally, incorporating Diviner's stats, such as trinkets or weapons, can extend buffs like Vigor, making the process smoother.


Optional Improvements

For added convenience and safety, consider the following enhancements:

  • Runes of the Aristocracy: Extends the super speed granted by Shadow Arts by 33%.
  • Sigil of Energy: Equip a second rifle with this sigil on both weapons sets to gain an extra dodge during combat without breaking stealth.
  • Legendary Runes: If available, these can be used for extended benefits.


Rotation and Playstyle

To ensure optimal stealth uptime, focus on chaining stealth and building up a buffer. Remember not to blow all your skills at once. Keep an eye on your endurance, and always have a dodge available. Here's a general rotation:

  • Dodge frequently to maintain stealth and refresh swiftness.
  • Use your healing skill, High in Shadows and Blinding Powder, to gain 3 seconds of stealth each.
  • Shadow Refuge is crucial for staying in stealth. Remain within its area of effect to stack up nearly 10 seconds of stealth.
  • Shadow Meld is your elite skill, providing 3 seconds of stealth and removing revealed debuffs. Use it if you accidentally break stealth.



Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge to embark on a perma-stealth leather farming adventure in Bloodstone Warped Hide. By efficiently looting the Harathi Strongboxes and utilizing the recommended build, you can maximize your leather gains in just a few minutes of invested time. Remember to experiment and adapt the build to suit your preferences. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. 

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