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Guild Wars 2 WvW News: Current State, Restructure Beta, New Rewards and Future

Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 World versus World Guide! In this guide, we will cover the latest news and updates regarding WvW, including the ongoing restructuring beta and the exciting new rewards that have been added to the game mode. We will also delve into the details of the Mistwalker Infusion and share some thoughts and ideas for future World vs. World content. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game mode, this guide has something for everyone.


Guild Wars 2 WvW News: Current State, Restructure Beta, New Rewards and Future


World vs. World in Brief

World vs. World is one of the core endgame activities in Guild Wars 2, along with raids, fractals, and open-world exploration. It combines both PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player) elements, taking place on massive open-world maps where three factions compete for control of camps, keeps, and castles.


WvW Lingo

World vs. World has its own unique terminology. Large groups led by commanders are called "blobs" or "zergs", while smaller groups are known as "havoc." Strategies in WvW involve resource management, logistics, fortifications, infiltrations, siege tactics, group compositions, defense plans, and more.


Server vs. Guild Matching

The current beta is focused on restructuring how teams are formed in World vs. World. Instead of using servers as the basis for team composition, the new system, called World Restructuring, assigns players to teams based on their chosen World vs. World guild. This change aims to improve player population balance and promote community-based gameplay.


The Open Beta

The beta for the restructuring system is currently running and will continue until June 23rd. If you participate in World vs. World during this period, you are part of the beta testing. While some players have experienced issues with guild linking, overall, the beta has been stable for most participants.


How Stable is the Beta?

Players who actively participate in the beta will be rewarded with the World Restructuring Beta Veteran achievement, which grants exclusive rewards. These rewards include the new World vs. World exclusive War Machine set. To earn the achievement, players need to capture or defend five objectives during the beta period successfully. Participants also receive bonuses such as increased world experience, reward track progression, and magic find.


Beta Rewards and Perks

Aside from the restructuring beta rewards, there are other new additions to World vs. World. Dugan, a new vendor, can be found in various bases across the game mode's maps. Dugan offers a range of items, including World Experience boosters, mystic clovers, memories of battle, provisioners tokens for crafting legendary runes and sigils, siege blueprints, ascended feasts, and more. These items can be purchased using Guild Wars 2 WvW currency, such as World vs. World Skirmish Tickets, Emblems of the Avenger, and Badges of Honor.


Mist-hardened Lockboxes

Additionally, a new World vs. World reward lockbox has been introduced. You can obtain this lockbox by completing WvW dailies, weekly World vs. World Matter achievements, or as a drop from the tower, keep, and Stonemist Castle lords. The lockbox contains various rewards, including the new World-exclusive infusions, crafting materials, Memories of Battle, World Experience Boosters, Ascended Feasts, and the new Officer Remnant weapons.


The Mistwalker Infusion

One of the highlights is the new Mistwalker Infusion, which can be obtained by completing the Mist Research achievement in the World vs. World section of your achievement panel. This achievement can be completed in approximately 30 minutes. You'll also need a tradable Ball of Charged Mist Essence to acquire the infusion. Defeating keep lords and Stonemist Castle lords, as well as rare drops from Mist-hardened Lockboxes, provide a chance to obtain the required essence. To purchase the campbound version of the infusion from Dugan, you'll need 5,000 Skirmish Tickets, 3,000 Badges of Honor, 20 Emblems of the Avenger, and two Emblems of the Conqueror.


Showing Support Some Love

For support role-players in WvW, the developers have made adjustments to how skill participation credit is awarded, ensuring that support players receive rewards more in line with damaged role players. This change aims to bring balance and recognition to the support role in WvW.


What Lies Ahead for World vs. World?

As for the future of World vs. World, there are a few ideas and hopes. The recent restructuring from server-based grouping to guild-based grouping aligns WvW with other game types, promoting interaction between players. The new shiny rewards are a great incentive for new and returning players, but veterans might need more robust challenges, such as a World vs. World exclusive legendary weapons series. Visually distinct siege weapons, unlocked through achievements or reward tracks, could add more depth to the game mode.


What About New Maps and Features?

One of the most anticipated additions is new WvW maps. While the current maps are enjoyable, it has been a while since a new map was introduced. Expanding the WvW experience to include alternative reality borderlands, like converting existing PvE maps, could bring a fresh and exciting twist to the game. Imagine exploring New Krytan City as a WvW map, complete with unique factions and objectives. This would not only provide WvW players with their own expansion experience but also grant access to expansion features like Jade Constructs and Skiffs.


Unleashing Factions

Imagine the World vs. World maps being similar to fractals but set in the beautiful New Krytan city. Instead of traditional lords, we would have leaders from the Jade Brotherhood, Jung Zhi Captains, and the Imperial Overseas forces. The undead and spirit forces could also play a significant role as adversaries for the players. It would be intriguing if they were a fully formed faction themselves, adding more excitement to the mix. Players would ally with one of these factions and strive to dominate the others.


Of course, this would require some adjustments, such as making buildings fully sealed to function as castles and keeps. The idea of World vs. World players exploring new expansion maps alongside PvE players is something that the game could greatly benefit from. It would provide World vs. World players with their own expansion experience, which currently needs to be improved.


Expansion Features for World vs. World Players

Introducing expansion features to World vs. World would be a fantastic addition. For instance, skiffs could be utilized in King City to ferry players from one part of the map to another. Skimmers could be used for resource transportation, and Dragon's Stand could be transformed into a Mist map featuring the Jade Brotherhood, the speakers, and the forces of the void. Existing locations like Orrick Basin, Divinity's Reach, or the Black Citadel could be expanded into new maps for thrilling World vs. World gameplay. Exploring new maps is a significant part of the enjoyment for veteran players, as they discover the perfect spots for sieges, hidden areas for thieves and mesmers, and the best locations for skirmishes and choke points.


The Undiscovered Country

Let's dispel the feeling of repetition in the World vs. World community and provide them with shiny new features associated with the expansions they own. The developers could use any existing map as a starting point, exploring alternative histories and futures, similar to what is done in fractals. The possibilities are limitless, constrained only by the imagination and budget of the development team. The developers have already proven their expertise in creating beautiful, immersive, and challenging environments, which have become integral to the Guild Wars 2 experience.


It would be wonderful to see World vs. World players gain access to more mounts, particularly ground mounts, as they are an iconic aspect of the game. Currently, World vs. World feels limited in this department, and it's a missed opportunity. Players in this game mode would love to interact with and have more access to the various features and enhancements that have been added to the game over the years.


Turtle Warfare

Imagine a map specifically designed around siege turtles—it would be brilliant and thematically fitting. A new version of the Jade Quarry, reminiscent of Factions, could also be introduced for future generations. If you understand this reference, you're undoubtedly a veteran player of the game. However, let's not delve too much further into this topic.



Guild Wars 2 World versus World guide provides a wealth of information about the current state of WvW, the restructuring beta, new rewards, and potential future additions to the game mode. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to World vs. World, this guide offers something for everyone and highlights the ongoing efforts to improve and expand the WvW experience.

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