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Guild Wars 2 Sword/Dagger Daredevil WvW Powerful Builds Guide

The Assassin archetype has always held a certain appeal for players, and wielding two daggers can invoke a sense of nostalgia. However, in Guild Wars 2, using two daggers on a Thief can be challenging due to limited mobility and defense. Fortunately, the wardrobe system allows for the use of skins that make sword and dagger combinations visually resemble dual daggers. In this guide, we will explore the S/D (Sword/Dagger) Daredevil build, which offers a more fun, viable, and closer-to-Guild Wars 1 assassin playstyle. Whether you seek a duelist-oriented or burst-focused build, the S/D Daredevil provides momentum and chasing potential for securing kills like a true assassin.


Guild Wars 2 Sword/Dagger Daredevil WvW Powerful Builds Guide


Build Setup

  • Stats and Runes: For a balanced setup, go with Marauder stats and Pack runes. However, if you prefer a more burst-oriented approach, you can opt for more Berserker stats and Scholar runes.
  • Sigils: Equip Air and Fire sigils on your sword and dagger, respectively. Additionally, have a shortbow with defensive stats for when you need to switch to a more defensive playstyle.
  • Traits: For defensive traits, go with Deadly Arts and Trickery. Consider swapping Bountiful Theft for Trickster if you're facing a lot of conditions. However, keep in mind that losing the boon rip from Bountiful Theft will significantly reduce your kill potential and remove the main utility of Steel.


Trait Breakdown

  • Steel: Take all the Steel traits except Panic Strike. Immobilizing enemies not only help secure kills but also applies poison and weakness due to Lotus Poison. Weakness is a strong condition, and thanks to the Daredevil trait Weakening Strikes, you deal more damage to and take less damage from enemies with weakness.
  • Improvisation: This trait grants you double, stolen abilities, which can be incredibly powerful depending on the class you steal from. Aim to steal when you have fewer cooldowns, as successfully stealing will randomly recharge one of your utility skills.
  • Dash: This dodge skill provides excellent mobility, allowing you to weave in and out of fights. It also cleanses movement-inhibiting conditions. Escapist Fortitude cleanses a condition whenever you evade an attack. Timing your dodges is crucial, as dodging nothing won't trigger the cleanse. Cleanse multiple conditions by timing your dodges effectively.


Guild Wars 2 Sword/Dagger Daredevil WvW Powerful Builds Screenshot


Skills and Combos

Sword 2 (Infiltrator's Strike):

This skill is your most essential tool for sustaining yourself while playing a glassy thief build. Always remember where you ported from because that will be the direction you return towards on the second cast. Move away from the return location to create more distance and position yourself safely relative to the enemies chasing you. Opening with this skill provides an escape plan and immobilizes your target, applying poison and weakness.


Cloak and Dagger:

Your hardest-hitting skill, Cloak and Dagger, should be used right after immobilizing your target. It puts you in stealth, enabling you to follow up with Sneak Attack (Tactical Strike). Landing Cloak and Dagger from behind your target inflicts daze while hitting from the front blinds. Aim to hit it from behind for the daze, which also applies 15 vulnerabilities to the target.


Sword 3 (Vault):

While Sword 3 is unblockable and grants access to Larcenous Strike, it's generally not advisable to spam it. Initiatives can deplete quickly, and it provides a different survivability than Sword 2. Instead, auto-attack while your target is dazed. Use Sword 2 to return to safety and wait for another engagement after baiting out some cooldowns.


Bursting and Poking: 

Crits from Air and Fire sigils add extra bursts to your attacks, so you can get value from poking with Sword 2 or even the projectile from Dagger 4. With the low cooldown, you can maintain pressure on your targets.


Larson a Strike: 

Sword 3, if it lands, provides an opportunity to use Larson a Strike, which is unblockable and steals boons. To hide the animation and make it less predictable, combine Larson a Strike with a port to the target using any of your teleport skills, such as Infiltrator's Signet, Sword 2, or Steel.



Steel is a crucial skill in this build, as all your traits are invested in maximizing its effectiveness. However, avoid stealing into an enemy's evade frame or against opponents with full cooldowns, as they will often dodge, causing you to miss your burst. Try to time your steal with another skill to ensure they occur simultaneously.


Scorpion Wire: 

Consider taking Scorpion Wire as one of your utility skills. It allows you to pull enemies towards you, making it easier to land Cloak and Dagger and follow up with burst damage. This aggressive approach can catch enemies off guard and disrupt their safe positioning. A pull executed at melee range is a stun, providing further control over your target.


Guild Wars 2 Sword/Dagger Daredevil WvW Powerful Builds Screenshot


Gameplay Commentary 

Next, we will discuss the strategies and tactics involved in roaming and ganking scenarios, specifically in team-based situations rather than 1v1 encounters. We will focus on the playstyle of a sword/dagger Daredevil build and how it excels at singling out targets, assassinating them, and escaping safely.


Singling Out Targets:

When outnumbered, it is crucial to identify targets who are out of position and overextended. These are the individuals you want to prioritize for takedowns. Once you spot a vulnerable target, quickly engage them while they have used some of their cooldowns. Please coordinate with your team to focus-fire and take them down efficiently.


Coordinated Effort:

Work closely with your team to secure kills. Once the initial burst is executed, maintain pressure on the downed target by safely cleaving with your short bow. However, be mindful that being outnumbered puts you at a disadvantage, so expect heavy pressure from enemies. Try to peel for your allies by using crowd-control skills like dazing or immobilizing opponents who threaten your team.


Escape Tactics:

When it's time to disengage and escape, utilize your skills effectively. If enemies are pursuing you, consider using Dagger Storm to create an area of evasion. However, be aware that opponents may dodge it. In such cases, you can use Scorpion Wire to pull enemies and gain some breathing room. Tactical Strike can provide additional daze to interrupt opponents and secure kills. Use these skills strategically to maximize your chances of survival.


Leveraging Terrain and Neutral Mobs:

To successfully disengage, always be mindful of the surrounding terrain and neutral mobs in the area. Identify potential locations where you can port to with your Shadowstep abilities. These strategic ports can offer easy disengage potential, allowing you to create distance and help your team survive. Make sure to use your ports back and forth to create space and maintain pressure on opponents.


Recognizing Priorities:

In team fights, it is crucial to prioritize targets effectively. Focus on squishy or low-health opponents who are susceptible to burst damage. Assess the situation and communicate with your team to ensure efficient target selection. By assassinating high-priority targets quickly, you can tilt the odds in your favour and create opportunities for victory.


Weapon Swapping and Cooldown Management:

As a sword/dagger Daredevil, your gameplay relies on precise movements and effective weapon swapping. Constantly assess the momentum of the situation and swap weapons accordingly. While waiting for your cooldowns, keep poking opponents with your ranged abilities using Cloak and Dagger. Use immobilisation skills like Sword 2 to control opponents and create disengage opportunities. Stay agile and adaptive, and make sure to utilize your stolen abilities effectively to gain an advantage in matchups.


Guild Wars 2 Sword/Dagger Daredevil WvW Powerful Builds Overview Screenshot

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The Sword/Dagger Daredevil build offers a dynamic and satisfying playstyle reminiscent of the assassin archetype from Guild Wars 1. By mastering the skill interactions, properly timing dodges and bursts, and utilizing stolen abilities effectively, you can excel as an assassin-like character in Guild Wars 2's WvW. Experiment with different strategies, adapt to various matchups and refine your skills to become a deadly force on the battlefield.

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