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Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure: Everything You Need To Know

Guild Wars 2 players, get ready for the most exciting news! The highly anticipated new expansion, Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure, has been announced and is set to release on August 22nd. Priced at $25 for the standard edition, $50 for the deluxe edition, and $75 for the ultimate edition, this expansion promises to bring significant changes and thrilling new content to the game. Let's delve into the details of what to expect from this game-changing expansion.


Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure: Everything You Need To Know


Massive Weapon Changes

One of the most significant changes coming to Guild Wars 2 with the Secrets of the Obscure expansion is the revamping of the combat system. ArenaNet has hinted at introducing new gameplay mechanics and enhancing weapon diversity across professions. Elite specialization weapons, previously exclusive to specific elite specializations, will now be available for use across the board. This means that your core profession can wield the weapons associated with elite specializations.


For example, a hammer-wielding Holosmith or a firebrand using a longbow will now be possible. On the launch day of the expansion, Guardians will have access to main-hand axes, off-hand swords, and longbows, regardless of their core profession. The same goes for other professions, with exciting combinations like main dagger hand and off-hand pistol for Thieves, and main sword hand, off-hand warhorn, and hammer for Elementalists. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities and playstyles, making combat in Guild Wars 2 more dynamic than ever before.


Introducing Relics

Gear customization is an essential aspect of any MMORPG, and Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure brings a refreshing change to this aspect with the introduction of Relics. Previously, players relied on specific rune sets for their gear to gain additional effects. With the expansion, the sixth-tier bonus effect of runes is being removed. In its place, players will now have access to Relics, which offers additional customization options.


Relics act as a new slot in your gw2 build, allowing you to choose from a variety of effects to complement your playstyle. For example, you can select a Relic that increases movement speed or boosts condition damage. This new system allows for greater flexibility in optimizing your character's build by combining the desired stat bonuses with the Relic effects. You can acquire Relics through crafting or by earning them through content reward tracks, providing more avenues for personalizing your character's power and abilities.


Expanded Weapon Proficiency

Prepare for combat to be taken to a whole new level in Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure, as weapon proficiency is being expanded across all professions. Each core profession will gain proficiency with an additional weapon, opening up new possibilities for skill synergies and playstyles. This change aims to provide more depth and variety to the combat system.


Guardians will wield pistols, Revenants will master the scepter, Warriors will dominate with staves, Engineers will rain destruction with shortbows, Rangers will unleash mace attacks, Mesmers will introduce an illusionary sniper with a new weapon, Elementalists will become pistol-wielding mages, and Necromancers will wield swords alongside their deadly powers. This expansion of weapon options adds a thrilling element of surprise and strategy to battles, making each encounter unique and exciting.


Story Changes

The Secrets of the Obscure expansion also promises an extension of the game's immersive storyline. After the events of the End of Dragons and Yala Delve, new threats emerge across Tyria, with the void playing a significant role. The expansion offers two new explorable zones, the Wizard's Tower Outpost floating above the Tyrion Coast, which will be available at launch. Additionally, every few months, a new explorable zone will open in conjunction with the ongoing story.


Players can expect new maps, zones, and currencies as the story unfolds, providing continuous content updates akin to the Living World releases. The expansion offers an opportunity to uncover the mysteries of the void and witness the consequences of the previous events.


Streamlined Sky Scale Acquisition

For players who have been on a quest to acquire the sky scale mount, Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure brings a streamlined collection process. Regardless of whether you own the Path of Fire expansion or have completed the original sky scale collection, the expansion offers a more efficient and straightforward method to unlock your sky scale. This ensures that all players can enjoy the new acquisition process and add this incredible mount to their arsenal.


Mysteries of the Void Unveiled

The expansion trailer gives us a glimpse of the intriguing new content. We catch a glimpse of enigmatic void energy and a previously inaccessible tower in the distance. The introduction of the "Secrets of the Obscure" storyline piques our curiosity, hinting at a formidable foe from the void. Prepare yourselves for an adventure like never before!


Skyscale Mastery Made Easy

One of the standout features showcased in the trailer is the enhanced Skyscale Mastery. Upon unlocking the Skyscale and delving into the Secrets of the Obscure expansion, players will gain access to an exclusive Skyscale skin collection. This visually stunning collection will surely enthrall players.


Additionally, the Skyscale Masteries have received updates, including new abilities like air rescue, flame attack, and combat launch, allowing players to mount their Skyscale in the midst of battle. The integration of Ley lines and updrafts will bring back the excitement of Heart of Thorns' gliding mechanics. Prepare to take to the skies in style and engage in thrilling aerial escapades.


Unveiling New Masteries

As expected, the expansion introduces new Mastery lines to enhance the player's progression further. The Heart of the Obscure and Astral Ward masteries are central to the expansion's storyline. Players will embark on a quest to close rifts across Tyria, granting them the ability to explore the world more freely, tackle greater threats, and earn more rewarding loot.


The expansion also focuses on revamping existing content, with two new strike missions and a fractal of the Mist, each accompanied by a challenge mode. The new strike missions will be available on August 22nd, while the challenge modes will be released in subsequent updates.


The Wizard's Vault: A Flexible Reward System

Guild Wars 2 has prioritized flexibility and accessibility for players, and the Wizard's Vault embodies this philosophy. Players will encounter new weekly and daily objectives that reward them with astral acclaim—a new guild wars 2 currency. This currency can be used to purchase various rewards, including weapons, armour, and legendary crafting starter kits.


The Vault's inventory will rotate every quarter, allowing players to catch up on missed items and ensuring that players can acquire desired rewards at their own pace. This player-friendly approach underscores the casual nature of Guild Wars 2, making it a game that accommodates all playstyles.


Open World Legendary Armor

Secrets of the Obscure introduces new armour sets, such as the Astral Ward Armor and the Rift Hunters Armor. Additionally, a third set, the Legendary Obsidian Armor, will be available after the expansion's release. Notably, this armour set breaks away from the requirement of heavy investment in raids or competitive experiences. Instead, players can acquire crafting components through open-world gameplay within the Secrets of the Obscure expansion. This change significantly lowers the barrier for players seeking legendary gear, making it more accessible and attainable for all.


Incredible Changes Ahead

The Secrets of the Obscure expansion promises an array of exciting features that will transform Guild Wars 2. The addition of engaging storylines, improved mastery systems, a flexible reward system in the Wizard's Vault, and the introduction of open-world legendary armour showcases ArenaNet's commitment to delivering exceptional content. This expansion sets a new standard for what Living World seasons can achieve. The Secrets of the Obscure is undoubtedly one of the most significant game updates of the year.



Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure is set to revolutionize the game with its groundbreaking changes and exciting content. From expanded weapon options and revamped combat mechanics to the introduction of Relics and an extended storyline, this expansion promises to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. Prepare to embrace the void, customize your build like never before, and explore new frontiers in Tyria when Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure launches on August 22nd. Get ready for a world of adventure, and get ready to change everything in Guild Wars 2!

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