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What are the best quickness supports after the June balance patch in Guild Wars 2?

With the latest balance patch in Guild Wars 2, quickness supports have received significant changes, introducing quickness and electricity specialization options for each class. However, not all quickness supports are created equal, with variations in quickness generation ease, radius, duration, and other gw2 factors. In this guide, we will provide a comprehensive tier list of the best quickness supports in alphabetical order, along with insights into their strengths and weaknesses.



What are the best quickness supports after the June balance patch in Guild Wars 2?



The recent patch adjusted quickness generation for Elementalists, making it available through any Elemental sphere rather than just lightning. Catalyst Elementalists not only provide quickness but also offer additional buffs, except for stability. They serve as solid bone supports with decent DPS. However, the rating drops when faced with an invulnerability phase that prevents energy regeneration for quickness sphere drops. Rating: Solid.



The rework of Scrapper in quickness generation stopped halfway, as World Compost was not included. While the old version was comfortable to play, the new iteration feels like a downgrade, requiring specific ability choices based on combo blasts and finishers. Despite this, Scrapper can still serve as a decent quickness support with good damage output. Rating: Decent/Solid.



Firebrand underwent rework in previous balance patches, transitioning its pages and mantras to a slightly clunkier version. However, Firebrand remains an excellent quickness provider, offering both healing and DPS variants. It delivers good damage and essential defensive buffs. Given its improvements over time, Firebrand is currently considered the best quickness support. Rating: Best.



Chronomancers also underwent rework in quickness generation, resulting in an improved experience. The new design feels easier to provide quickness, allowing for more flexibility in trait choices. Mesmers can also provide stability, ages, and decent crowd control when needed. Overall, Mesmers make solid quickness providers. Rating: Solid.



Harbingers did not undergo any changes in the latest balance patch but remained good quickness supports. They can generate quickness efficiently while providing additional boon and crowd control support. The design of Harbinger's quickness provision is considered well-implemented. Rating: Solid.



Rangers experienced significant changes, with quickness support added to their arsenal. Unfortunately, the implementation of quickness generation feels more comfortable and more effective. Switching weapons, entering and exiting Unleashed, and utilizing the Ambush ability make it challenging to maintain 100% uptime. Currently, this quickness support is considered unusable. Rating: Unusable.



Heralds, as quickness supports, are better than Untamed, but the latest patch caused a slight downgrade. However, it is expected to improve with the July patch. Heralds offer viable options for both healing and DPS, along with improved playstyle. Currently, they fall into the solid category, with the potential to regain their best status. Rating: Solid.



Deadeye's addition as a quickness support has been well-received, with many players experimenting with this spec. The implementation is considered successful, although it will be nerfed in the next patch due to its high damage output. Despite the nerfs, Deadeye will likely remain a strong quickness provider, although lacking stability. Rating: Solid.



Warrior's Berserker specialization has seen multiple updates in recent balance patches. While the concept is promising, the internal cooldown for quickness generation has been deemed too long, necessitating burn duration gear for optimal performance. If the cooldown is reduced to 2.5 to 3 seconds or even 2 seconds, it would significantly improve the spec's ranking. Currently, it is considered a decent quickness provider, but with reliance on extensive boon duration. Rating: Decent.


Guild Wars 2 Best Quickness Supports Tier List  Screenshot



This tier list provides an overview of the best quickness supports in Guild Wars 2, considering the latest balance patch changes. Firebrand Guardian currently stands out as the top quickness provider, followed by Mesmer, Harbinger Necromancer, and Deadeye Thief. While each class brings unique strengths and weaknesses, this guide should help you choose the most suitable quickness support for your playstyle. Remember that balance patches can alter rankings, so stay updated on future changes.

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