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Guild Wars 2 Reaper Builds Guide: 36K DPS Per Second, Raids and Strike Missions First Choice

In this build guide, we will explore a powerful power DPS Reaper build that can consistently achieve around 35K to 36K DPS (damage per second) in Guild Wars 2. The best part is that this build utilizes a simple rotation that requires only four or five buttons, making it easy to master. This build is particularly effective for raids and strike missions, where high DPS is crucial. So let's dive into the details!


Guild Wars 2 Reaper Builds Guide: 36K DPS Per Second, Raids and Strike Missions First Choice


Build Mechanism

The Reaper shroud serves as your main source of damage. With the Grandmaster trait, you'll have permanent Quickness and gain 300 Ferocity while in Reaper shroud, significantly boosting your damage output. Auto-attacking in Reaper shroud also reduces the cooldown of your other shroud skills. Utilizing Soul Barbs, your auto-attack on Greatsword applies vulnerability, amplifying your damage.


Cold Shoulder synergizes with Chilling Nova, granting extra damage against chilled enemies, which complements the chill applied by your Greatsword's auto-attack. Soul Eater increases your damage by 10% and heals you for 4% of the damage dealt, further enhancing your sustainability. Additionally, enemies without boons take 10% more damage due to Spite.


How to Use this Build?

The core of your rotation involves entering Reaper shroud and continuously using the auto-attack skill, along with using skill 4 whenever it's available. Skill 3 is a defensive skill that reduces damage taken and grants stability. Use it when you require extra survivability or stability.


Outside of Reaper Shroud, use utility skills such as Plague Signet. We Are All Weaklings, or Signet of Suffering, as they come off cooldown. Leave Soul Eater and Vampiric Presence on passive unless you need the healing from Vampiric Presence. 


On your Greatsword, use Nightfall, and Spiral when they are available. Skill 5 on Spiral can be used to pull enemies or break the bar. Gravedigger is a strong skill, but its inclusion in the rotation can complicate it. Overall, excluding Gravedigger simplifies the rotation without significant DPS loss.


Traits & Utility Skills

The trait distribution for this build is 1-2-2 in Spite, 1-1-2 in Soul Reaping and 2-1-3 in Reaper. For utility skills, we have Plague Signet. We Are All Weaklings and Signet of Suffering. Keep Soul Eater and Soul Barbs passive. In the Spite specialization, select Spiteful Renewal and Vampiric Presence.

Guild Wars Reaper Builds  Traits Screenshot



For optimal performance, we recommend using a full set of Berserker armor with Superior Rune of the Scholar. Your main weapon will be a Greatsword with Sigils of Force and Accuracy, while your secondary weapon set will consist of a Focus with the same sigils. Complete your gear setup with a full set of Berserker trinkets. 



To enhance your performance, we recommend using Butternut Squash Soup as your food. If you have access to ascended food, Cilantro Lime Sauce is an even better option. For utility, Red-Lentil Saobosa is the optimal choice. If these options are too expensive for you, Superior Sharpening Stones can be used as an alternative.



Begin with Plague Signet. We Are All Weaklings and Signet of Suffering. Then enter Reaper shroud and prioritize using skill 4 whenever it's available, complemented by auto-attacking relentlessly until you deplete your life force. Use skills 4 and 3 on the Greatsword once you exit the Reaper shroud. Keep auto-attacking and using any available utility skills, with Plague Signet being a priority. When the Reaper shroud is ready, enter it immediately and repeat the rotation. Use your Focus off-hand whenever you need to engage from a range.


Other Options

If additional crowd control is needed, replace Plague Signet with Flesh Golem. Spectral Grasp can be useful for pulling enemies together for cleave situations. Epidemic can be effective for spreading damage to multiple enemies. Although this build is primarily focused on power damage, Epidemic can still be valuable in fights with high enemy movement. Consider swapping out Plague Signet and Rule of Suffering for Flesh Golem and Signet of Undeath, respectively, in encounters such as Dragon Stand or Mordremoth.


Fractal Adaptation

For higher-tier fractals or encounters with significant damage intake, replace the Spite specialization with Blood Magic. Use the trait distribution 1-3-1 in Blood Magic for increased sustain. If further survivability is desired, consider taking the "Foot in the Grave" trait to reduce damage taken by 10%.


GW2 Power Reaper Build Screenshot

Build Links:!


Additional Tips

  • Use X Focus (secondary weapon) when you need to attack from range.
  • You can replace Play with Grenades with Flash Golem for breaking bars.
  • Consider using Spectral Grasp to pull enemies towards you for cleaving.
  • Epidemic can be effective against multiple mobs, even though you are not a condition damage build.
  • Gravedigger can complicate the rotation, so it's recommended to exclude it for smoother gameplay.



This power DPS Reaper build provides an excellent balance of damage output and simplicity, making it a great choice for raids and strike missions. Remember to practice the rotation to maximize your DPS potential.

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