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Guild Wars 2 Best Alacrity Support Builds Tier List: Make Informed Choice Decisions

As avid players of this fantastic MMORPG, we understand the importance of having reliable alacrity providers in your squad. In this article, we will explore and rank the top alacrity support builds, considering recent balance changes and personal experiences. We aim to help you make informed decisions when choosing the best alacrity support for your team. So, buckle up and get ready to empower your allies with swiftness and precision as we dive into the world of Guild Wars 2 alacrity support!


Guild Wars 2 Best Alacrity Support Builds Tier List: Make Informed Choice Decisions


What is Alacrity in Guild Wars 2?

Before we delve into the trick, let's briefly explain what Alacrity is. Alacrity is a boon in Guild Wars 2 that speeds up skill recharge times by a percentage. Having Alacrity significantly enhances your ability to use skills more frequently, increasing your damage output and utility in various game modes. The boon is valuable for enhancing damage output and utility in PvE, PvP, and WvW.


Guild Wars 2 Alacrity Support Builds: Tier List

We'll use four tiers: Best, Solid, Decent, and Unusable. Here's our assessment of the alacrity support builds:

Guild Wars 2 Alacrity Support Builds Tier List Screenshot


Class Tier Why
Tempest Best The recent changes have been kind to Tempest, with slightly increased alacrity duration and adjusted cooldowns. It feels a lot better to play now, offering an easy way to provide Alacrity compared to other specs.
Mechanist Best Despite a minor change to the electricity skill, Mechanist remains in a good spot. The only challenge for newer players is tracking their mechanical genius' location before using support skills.
Bladesworn Best The implementation of Alacrity through the main mechanic while maintaining a strong damage output makes Bladesworn a perfectly balanced and solid spec. It even provides Aegis, stability, and group pressure.
Mesmer Solid Chronomancer has seen a rework, and the alacrity version now feels much better to play. It offers decent DPS along with alacrity support and additional utilities like Aegis and stability.
Renegade Solid Stable and not affected by recent reworks, Renegade is in a very good spot. It provides Alacrity with both healing and DPS versions, offering flexibility and stability.
Specter Solid With a rework shifting alacrity provision to shroud skills, Specter is now simple to play and offers 100% uptime when played carefully. It retains its effectiveness even after the upcoming Nerf.
Druid Decent With the rework, Druid now uses Celestial Avatar skills to provide Alacrity. While it's challenging to maintain uptime without needing heals, the alacrity support is decent. It might improve further after the next patch.
Willbender Unusable Formerly a decent alacrity provider, Will Bender has become unusable in the current state. It is expected to improve in the next patch, but for now, it's not viable.
Mirage Unusable Despite numerous changes, Mirage has fallen into the unusable category for me. Upcoming patches might bring improvements, but as of now, it could be more reliable.
Scourge Unusable The addition of a boon support version needs to be better balanced, making it challenging to maintain alacrity uptime. Until the next patch, it remains unusable.


Infinite Alacrity Trick

To achieve infinite Alacrity, we'll be leveraging a combination of skills, traits, and gameplay mechanics. Follow these steps to master the trick and enjoy the benefits of continuous Alacrity:

  • Choose the Right Profession: Certain professions have access to skills and traits that are essential for this trick. Mesmer and Chronomancer, in particular, are the primary choices due to their unique abilities to manipulate time.
  • Gear and Traits Setup: Optimize your gear and traits to maximize your boon duration and recharge reduction. Look for GW2 items that boost Concentration and Alacrity duration. Traits that enhance Alacrity effects will be crucial.
  • Skill Selection: Select skills that grant Alacrity to yourself and your allies. Skills that have relatively short recharge times will be more effective in maintaining the boon.
  • Continuously Apply Alacrity: In combat, focus on consistently applying Alacrity to yourself and your party members. Utilize your chosen skills strategically to ensure that Alacrity remains active at all times.
  • Coordination in Group Play: If you're in a group, communication and coordination are key. Work together with your allies to optimize the Alacrity uptime for everyone, further boosting your team's performance.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Mastering this trick may take some practice. Experiment with different setups and strategies to find what works best for your playstyle and group composition.



That concludes our alacrity support tier list for Guild Wars 2. Remember that tier lists can be subjective, and your experience might differ based on your playstyle. We're eager to hear your feedback and any changes you would make to this list. Additionally, let us know if you'd like to see our DPS tier list in the comments section below. If you enjoyed this content, please leave a like and consider subscribing for more similar content in the future. Happy gaming!

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