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How to Optimize Artifact Farming in Genshin Impact, 2023?

Welcome to the ultimate guide for optimizing artifact farming in Genshin Impact! By the end of this article, you will possess all the necessary tools to create an efficient artifact farming plan that maximizes your favorite characters' potential. We'll explore some simple calculations, breakpoints, and when to switch your focus to different domains or characters. So let's dive in!


How to Optimize Artifact Farming in Genshin Impact, 2023?


(V3.8) Efficient Artifact Farming Route

As of version 3.8, an efficient artifact farming route involves a mix of deep wooden emblem artifact domains based on the teams you're building for the Abyss. With the leftover 5-star artifacts, consider recycling them into the Vira and Noblesse strongboxes. Obtaining one or two four-piece Iridescent sets will provide a significant boost to a wide array of characters and teams. Be sure to check for potential changes to this plan if you're playing in a future version.


Artifact Main Stat Probability

To optimize your artifacts, it's essential to understand the main stat probabilities. Feathers and flowers always have flat attack and HP, respectively. For the circlet, crit rate and crit damage are typically the best main stats, with a few exceptions. The Goblet has access to all variations of the Elemental damage bonus, but it often rolls HP, attack, or defense, leaving more valuable stats with lower individual chances.


Artifact Substats - Mechanics & Probability

An artifact's strength is split approximately 50-50 between main stats and substats. A fully leveled 5-star artifact has either 8 or 9 substats, depending on whether it starts with three or four, respectively. Each substat has a baseline maximum value, with slight variance for its numbers. This introduces a layer of RNG with low and high rolls. However, this usually balances out due to the large number of substats on a full artifact set.


Damage Optimization with Artifact Stats

Understanding the value of each subset is crucial for optimizing damage. Each character's scaling and interactions with different stats determine their valuable substats. While crit is essential, other stats like attack percent and EM for EM scalars are also significant contributors to damage output. The goal is to find the best main stats and set bonuses for each character based on their abilities and role in the team.


Valuable Substats

Identifying valuable substats for each character involves analyzing their kit, talents, Elemental reactions, and more. This will help you prioritize the most impactful stats for each character, maximizing their performance.


Predicting Artifact Substat Rolls - When are artifacts worth rolling?

You can predict the number of good substat rolls an artifact is likely to get using the binomial distribution. This helps determine when it's worth rolling artifacts for a character based on their investment level and potential upgrade.


Substat Breakpoints and Efficient Substat Farming

Prioritize artifact farming based on the damage contribution of each character. Reach baseline substat investment for all damage dealers first, then invest more into the top damage dealers and switch characters when a good investment level is reached.


Artifact Strongbox Value

Artifact strongbox can be useful for obtaining specific artifact sets with correct main stats or min-maxing already farmed sets. It slightly increases the chances of obtaining artifacts with more substats to start.


Perfecting Artifacts

While perfect artifacts with all crit rolls might seem desirable, they are incredibly rare and not worth pursuing. Focus on optimizing artifacts based on character needs and valuable substats.


How long does it take to get optimal artifacts?

Obtaining perfect artifacts with all crit rolls is an extremely rare and time-consuming endeavor. Instead, focus on the key principles of this guide to significantly improve your favorite characters without the need for perfection.



With this comprehensive artifact farming guide, you now possess the knowledge to create the most efficient artifact farming plan for your Genshin Impact account. By optimizing your artifacts based on character needs and valuable substats, your favorite characters and teams will reach their full potential. Remember, perfection is not always necessary, and understanding the key principles of artifact farming will lead you to success in the world of Teyvat! 

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