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Genshin Impact Strongest Kaveh Build: Artifacts, Weapons, Teams and More

The Genshin Impact game features a wide range of characters with different abilities and playstyles. In this guide, we will be discussing Kaveh, a character who has been misunderstood by many players in terms of how to play and build him. We will explore Kaveh's abilities, talents, and playstyles and provide recommendations for the best artifact sets, artifact stats, and weapons that players can use to maximize their potential. We will also discuss the importance of Energy Recharge and how much is needed to use Kaveh's Burst effectively. 



Genshin Impact Strongest Kaveh Build: Artifacts, Weapons, Teams and More



Let's delve into the abilities and talents of the character, Kaveh. Kaveh's elemental skill is a radar scan around him that deals dendro damage and instantly pops any dendro core around him, allowing them to bloom without delay. This skill has a cooldown of only 6 seconds, making it very spam-able with decent scaling. 


On the other hand, Kaveh's elemental Burst is a multi-effect ability. It deals dendro damage and causes any dendro core inside its area of effect to burst immediately. Additionally, it buffs Kaveh by infusing him with dendro, providing resistance to drop shin, and increasing his attack power. It also boosts the damage dealt by all dendro cores generated from the bloom reaction by giving them additional damage when they burst. Therefore, when Kaveh is on the field, he will deal dendro damage on every hit and instantly proc blooms every time he uses his skill or the first hit of his Burst. This ability has a 20-second cooldown and an energy cost, so it needs to be used strategically.


Kaveh's passives also provide some valuable benefits. His first passive, An Architect's Undertaking, allows him to heal a significant amount of HP every time he takes damage from one of his own blooms, whether through the Bloom, bloom virgin, or hyper bloom reactions. The damage dealt to enemies is also transferred to Kaveh's active character within the radius of Bloom. This passive allows Kaveh to regain HP equal to 300 of his elemental mastery every 0.5 seconds when he takes damage from a dendro core. This means that he can effectively heal himself in bloom teams, where he would otherwise be taking self-damage.


Kaveh's second passive grants him elemental mastery when he performs a normal charge or plunge attack during his Burst. He gains 25 elemental mastery each time, stacking up to four times, resulting in a total of 300 elemental mastery.


It's worth noting that Kaveh's normal attacks, while they are dendro-infused during his Burst, have their own scaling. Therefore, if Kaveh is being used for reactions, leveling up his normal attacks is optional. However, if he is being used on the field for damage dealing, leveling up his normal attacks alongside his skill and Burst is crucial for maximizing his damage output.


In terms of playstyle, Kaveh is best used in bloom teams or teams that focus on generating reactions. He can effectively heal himself and deal significant dendro damage with his skills and Burst, making him a valuable asset in battles. Additionally, his normal attacks can also deal decent damage if leveled up. Overall, Kaveh is a versatile character with a range of useful abilities and passives.


Kaveh's Playstyles [Bloom & Non-Bloom]

Kaveh is a Dendro character who can use auto-attacks to proc Bloom instantly through his elemental skill and Burst. His Burst also provides additional damage to your Bloom procs. However, using Bloom Teams without Nillou, Hyperbloom, or Virgin is not the best reaction outside of its niche. Kaveh's best playstyles are the following:

Genshin Impact Kaveh's Playstyles Screenshot

  • Nillou Bloom team - Kaveh can be used as a Dendro driver who can heal himself and apply a decent amount of Dendro. However, there are usually better options than Kaveh for this team. But he is still a viable option, especially if you're not running another healer.
  • On-field Dendro driver in a generic Dendro team - Kaveh can act as a budget Al, Haytham, or Nahida. Although not as good, he is still surprisingly viable as a Dendro driver.


In a Bloom team, Kaveh's passive scaling on LMS Mastery means he can heal more than the damage you're taking from the Blooms. Therefore, if you're spending a lot of time on Kaveh procking Blooms and healing himself, you may not need another healer. However, keep in mind that Kaveh has eight seconds of downtime on his Burst, so having another Dendro character is usually a good idea, especially in a Nillou Bloom team where you want Blooms all the time.


In summary, Kaveh is a good Dendro driver in either a Bloom team or another Dendro team as a viable four-star option, even if there are better and more meta characters like Al, Haytham, or Nahida.


Artifact Sets [ALL Builds]

The first set you should consider is the four-piece Deepwood, which is a great choice for a generic dendro support damage dealer like Cafe. This set decreases the dendro resistance of enemies by 30 for 8 seconds every time you use your skill or burst or deal damage from them. This provides a good uptime on the effect and makes Cafe a reliable depot user for your team. However, if another team member is already using the Deepwood set, you can use a more offensive set on Cafe, such as the Gilded or the Flower of Paradise Lost. The former stacks elemental mastery to increase reaction damage, while the latter is best for maximizing bloom-based damage.

Genshin Impact Kaveh Artifact Sets Screenshot

If you want to mix and match sets, consider any two pieces that provide useful stats such as damage, elemental mastery, or energy recharge. Other supportive sets include the four-piece Instructor, which can be good for pure support, and the Ocean Huge Clan, which works well with Cafe's healing passive and can provide decent damage with a ton of blooms.


If you want to focus on Cafe's attacks, consider using the four-piece Gladiator set. However, overall, it is recommended to stick with the Deepwood set for either support or on-field driving purposes.


Artifact Stats [How Much ER?]

Having enough Energy Recharge is crucial to use your character's Burst on cooldown. The amount of ER you need varies depending on your team composition and playstyle. If you have another character on your team that generates energy, or an energy weapon like the Favonius Greatsword, you may need less ER.

Genshin Impact Kaveh Artifact Stats Screenshot

Generally, you will need anywhere from 180 to 240 ER in a solo team with a Dendro character and 160 to 190 with another Dendro character. However, this can vary based on many factors, so test what works for you.


Once you have enough ER, the rest of your Artifact stats depend on your playstyle. If you want to focus on proccing blooms and stacking Elemental Mastery, then prioritize this stat on every piece, especially your Sands, Goblet, and Circlet. Leveling your character to 90 will also maximize your damage output.


Keep in mind that even with a focus on Elemental Mastery, you may still need an ER Sands if you plan to use your Burst frequently.


For a more DPS-focused playstyle, prioritize offensive stats like Attack%, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage on your Goblet and Circlet. For your Sands, you can choose between ER, Elemental Mastery, or Attack%. If you plan to use reactions like Vaporize or Melt, then Elemental Mastery will be better.


Overall, We recommend a hybrid build that includes Elemental Mastery, even in a damage-focused playstyle, as it complements Klee's playstyle well, especially when paired with reactions.


Best Weapons [ALL Weapons Ranked]

Choosing the right weapon for your character can make a huge difference in how effective they are in combat. For example, an energy recharge weapon can be a great choice for a character who needs to use their Burst frequently, like Cafe. Here are some of the top weapons you can use for your character:

Genshin Impact Kaveh Best Weapons Screenshot

  • Favonius Greatsword: This energy recharge weapon not only helps Cafe recharge faster but also gives energy to your entire team when you crit. This makes it a great choice for Cafe and any team that needs more energy.
  • Forest Regalia: This free-to-play craftable weapon generates a leaf on the ground when you trigger a dendro reaction, which can then be picked up to increase the EM of whoever picks it up. This makes it a great choice for Cafe or any character who needs more energy and EM.
  • Mailed Flowers: Another free-to-play weapon, Mailed Flowers gives you attack, elemental mastery, and more of both on its effect. It's a great choice for Cafe or any character who needs more attack and EM.
  • Makhaira: This weapon gives you elemental mastery and then gives your team an attack based on your EM, making it a great choice for any team that needs more damage.
  • Sacrificial Greatsword: This weapon can be used on the field to reset your skill's cooldown, making it a great choice for any character who needs to use their skills frequently.
  • Beacon of the Red Sea: This weapon gives you crit and attack, making it a great choice for any character who needs more damage.
  • Stone Thresher: This weapon gives you crit and attack as well, making it another great choice for any character who needs more damage.
  • Wolf's Gravestone: This weapon gives you an attack and increases your team's attack as well, making it a great choice for any team that needs more damage.


Ultimately, the right weapon for your character will depend on your playstyle and the needs of your team. However, these weapons are some of the top choices for Cafe and other characters who need more energy and damage.


Constellations [How Good Are They?]

Cave's constellations offer various benefits that can help your team and energy needs. However, not all of them are necessary for his performance. His first constellation reduces damage taken and increases healing from blooms, but it's not essential with some elemental mastery. C2 provides a boost to normal attack speed, which is a quality-of-life improvement. C3 and C5 are town-level upgrades, while C4 adds more damage to blooms. C6 increases the damage of attacks during Burst and triggers dendro cores constantly, which can be advantageous in a bloom team without Nillou. However, it can be a double-edged sword in a strict bloom team without Nillou and may not be ideal for hyper blooming or burgeoning.

Genshin Impact Kaveh Constellations Screenshot

Overall, C6 is useful for more damage and more gloom procs if you want your cave to be the one blooming. But for most of his teams, it should be fine, except for hyper-bloomer version teams where Cafe isn't on full elemental mastery. Keep in mind the team composition and strategy before activating the constellations.


Best Teams [IMPORTANT]

This section covers the different team compositions that work well with Klee, the pyro character in Genshin Impact. Klee is a versatile character with many different playstyles, so that each team composition will be tailored to the specific playstyle.

Genshin Impact Kaveh Best Teams Screenshot

If you want to play Klee in a Bloom team, you can play her with or without Ninguang (referred to as "nilu" in the original text). With Ninguang, bloom teams are stronger, and without her, they are weaker. Running another dendro character alongside Klee helps with her bloom uptime, and Nahida is the best dendro character for this role. Baiju or Yayao can be used as healers in the dendro slot. The hydro slot can either be a fast hydroplier like Synchro or Yelon for good damage output or a slower hydroplier like Kokomi or Barbara, who can heal the team as well as Bloom.


If you want to play Klee in a bloom team without Ninguang, using an Anemo character to group enemies inside of your dendro cores helps the blooms hit them. Kazuha or Sucrose can be used to buff your hydro damage and group enemies. Defensive hydro characters like Sangonomiya Kokomi or Yelon can be used in the hydro slot. The rest of the team composition is up to you. You could use another dendro character for consistent blooms, another hydro character for more hydro damage, or even a double hydro team composition.


Personally, running Klee as a driver in either Virgin or Hyperbloom teams is a favourite, as Klee can get some blooms on herself while building elemental mastery. These are double hydro teams, and they require enough hydro so that you're not accidentally burning. Double dendro teams work well in Hyperbloom, and there are many variations of this team.


In conclusion, the best team for Klee depends on your playstyle and the specific team composition. The team should be built around Klee's strengths and weaknesses, and having a balance of dendro and hydro characters is essential for consistent blooms.

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