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League of Legends Patch 13.14 Best Solo Carries Champions

The new ranked split is here, and it's time to get you set up with the best solo carries for the current meta. Whether you play Top Lane, Jungle, Mid Lane, or ADC, we've got three champions in each role that have the greatest carry power for Patch 13.14.

League of Legends Patch 13.14 Best Solo Carries Champions


Position Champion Recommended Builds Ban Options
Top Lane Fiora Trinity Force > Ravenous Hydra > Hullbreaker Malphite
  Malphite Iceborn Gauntlet > Sunfire Aegis > Thornmail Mordekaiser, Sylas
  Kayle Statikk Shiv > Nashor's Tooth > Riftmaker Irelia, Jax
Jungle Ivern Night Harvester > Imperial Mandate > Ardent Censer Evelyn
  Kha'Zix Duskblade > Prowler's Claw > Edge of Night Rengar
  Jarvan IV Gore Drinker > Black Cleaver > Death's Dance Kindred, Hecarim
Mid Lane Talon Ghostblade > Axiom Arc > Serylda's Grudge Pantheon, Vex
  Qiyana Prowler's Claw > Duskblade > Eclipse Talon
  Neeko Hextech Rocketbelt > Shadowflame > Zhonya's Hourglass Syndra, Lux
ADC Kai'Sa Galeforce > Guinsoo's Rageblade > Runaan's Hurricane Ashe
  Miss Fortune Youmuu's Ghostblade > The Collector > Serylda's Grudge Hecarim, Malphite
  Ashe Kraken Slayer > Trinity Force > Hurricane Rel
Support Rell Even Shroud > Zeke's Convergence > Knight's Vow Rel
  Nautilus Even Shroud > Zeke's Convergence > Knight's Vow Morgana, Rell
  Blitzcrank Shurelya's Requiem > Zeke's Convergence > Knight's Vow Morgana, Rel


Top Lane Picks

  • Fiora: With Jax nerfed, Fiora becomes the premier split push option for solo queue. Take advantage of her excellent side lane power and build Trinity Force into Ravenous Hydra for great dueling potential.
  • Malphite: An excellent team fighter, Malphite's ability to stack armor and reduce dueling power of bruisers makes him a strong pick. Go for Iceborn Gauntlet into Sunfire Aegis for durability and utility.
  • Kayle: Scaling is the name of the game for Kayle. Focus on farming and reaching level 11 quickly to unlock her true carry potential. A Static Shiv rush is a powerful option for her.


Jungle Picks

  • Kha'Zix: With recent buffs to Duskblade and Prowler's Claw, Kha'Zix is incredibly strong. Use his mobility to pick off enemies and secure objectives.
  • Ivern: Thanks to the improved Daisy and carry build, Ivern now has more agency in games. Build Night Harvester for dueling power and then switch to supportive items like Imperial Mandate and Ardent Censer.
  • Jarvan IV: The meta favors Jarvan with more melee supports played in the bot lane. Prioritize bot for ganks when you have a support with good engage.


Mid Lane Picks

  • Talon: Buffs to Axiom Arc and Prowler's Claw make Talon even stronger. Play aggressively at level 3 and capitalize on his roaming potential.
  • Qiyana: With prowler's claw and duskblade, Qiyana's burst damage is devastating. Preserve health until level 3, then capitalize on her trading potential.
  • Neeko: With her new passive, Neeko has become a formidable pick for solo queue. Use her disguise to catch out squishy targets and win games.


ADC Picks

  • Kai'Sa: Despite some nerfs, Kai'Sa remains strong with various build options. Adjust your build based on the enemy team composition.
  • Miss Fortune: With Lethality build and ultimate, Miss Fortune can one-shot enemies. Pair her with engage supports for maximum effectiveness.
  • Ashe: With Trinity Force buff, Ashe retains her position as a top ADC pick. Build Kraken Slayer into Trinity Force and Hurricane for a versatile build.


Support Picks

  • Rell: Rell's kill power at level 6 makes her an incredible support. Use her engage potential to snowball the game.
  • Nautilus: Similar to Rell, Nautilus excels at locking down enemies. Rush Mobility Boots for effective roams.
  • Blitzcrank: His hook is a game-changer, and Mobi Boots allow him to roam effectively. Capitalize on roaming opportunities and impact other lanes.


Remember, the key to success is knowing your champion's strengths and playing around them. Work on your mechanics and map awareness to climb the ranks fast. 

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