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What happens when Sylas steals League of Legends Bel'Veth's ult? This is how R works with Unchained

League of Legends is one of those games that can change quite a bit in each patch they release, as has happened this last month with the enormous adjustments that have been made to the general statistics of the game to give a twist both in SoloQ as in the competitive circuit. However, the arrival of new champions also causes the metagame to have several changes over the months and impact the current landscape.



But this time, we will not talk about the metagame or the impact of the new patches but about a curiosity that includes the last champion Bel'Veth and one of the most exceptional characters in the game, thanks to his ultimate, Sylas.




Sylas and Bel'Veth's Ultimate
Thanks to YouTube user Hunefer, we discovered Sylas' synergy with Bel'Veth's ultimate.. . And the results are not entirely good. As soon as he draws the ult, Sylas can stack Bel'Veth 's R damage, and when he kills someone, he can consume the champion's Void Corals and get temporary buffs. However, unlike the original Champion, he doesn't permanently stack the champion's attack speed which could have given him quite a bit of play and a lot more presence on Summoner's Rift.

However, he can also reset the ult every time he kills a champion, and when he ults the slain target, it does that 100% AP damage, but it doesn't seem to be anything specific and not much more than previously mentioned. We will have to see how it evolves, but it is probably not an ultimate that is worth stealing. It is better to opt for another type of champion with a tremendously good R, such as a Malphite, a Leona, a Twisted Fate, or even a Nautilus.

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