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How to get a LOL PBE account to try all the news before its release?

Accessing the League of Legends test server was an almost impossible task in the past. However, the restrictions on using the PBE have been almost completely removed. Discover how to do it to be able to try everything before anyone else and not be left without taking a look at the news.

League of Legends has a test server called PBE. A public beta environment in which the developer allows players to enjoy all the news that is about to come to the game. New champions, items, or modes are added to this space so that anyone who wants to can try future additions. It's a mutually beneficial relationship that allows Riot Games to avoid problems when launching. We usually have between two and four weeks to do it.

What is the League of Legends PBE for?
The League of Legends Test Server is a public beta where Riot Games allows players to play matches in exchange for information. The developer wants to know the most common or dangerous bugs of the new champions, objects, or game modes introduced in the game. In this way, you can test any add-on on a server with several players and where bugs are allowed since the primary function is to detect them in time and fix them. In general, changes are made with everything related to the qualitative and not the quantitative (for example, the skins can receive adjustments).

Contrary to popular belief, it must be clear that the PBE is not used to balance champions. Riot Games make balance changes based on data obtained from the test servers only on rare occasions. Yes, they can take some measures when they are pronounced problems, but it is not usual. There is more data in a single day from the official launch than the entire Test Server cycle, and it is a much more robust strategy if your goal is to balance League of Legends in the long run.

Requirements and how to get an account on the PBE
Especially for players who have been a part of the League of Legends community for many years, it's easy to think of the PBE as an exclusive and even mysterious environment. However, nothing is further from reality. Although Riot Games did not offer free access in the past, the situation changed a long time ago. Now, any player who wants to can access the test server. There are only three specific requirements to meet.

Have an account on an official League of Legends server managed by Riot Games (EUW, EUNE, NA, LAN, LAS…)
Not have an active suspension on our account
Have an honor level of 3 or higher

How do I get access to the PBE?
All we have to do to access the PBE is go to the official Riot Games page enabled for the test server selection process. Once done, we must click on the Start Session button to verify that we meet the requirements above and download the client for our operating system.

How to get RP on PBE?
Once you've completed the process, all that's left is to start accumulating Riot Points. These are given out for free on the PBE via a quest that involves playing a matchmade game. We can complete this challenge once a day, and we will get 3,000 RP. Once we have them, we can buy skins or characters to use freely in any game mode.

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