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League of Legends Mechanics Become Better Player Guides

If you're striving to become a better League of Legends player, understanding the deep mechanics of the game is crucial. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, some mechanics can be easily overlooked but can significantly impact your gameplay. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the Rift more efficiently.


League of Legends Mechanics Become Better Player Guides


Dashing and Walls

The game calculates dash travel time based on where you click, not where you end up.

Dashing through walls can be optimized by clicking inside the wall. Understanding this mechanic can result in faster and more efficient jumps for champions like Zac.


Understanding Tether Abilities

League operates on a tick rate with 30 frames per second. Tether range checks occur every 8 frames, meaning you have a short window after a tether ability lands to flash out of range.


Crit Mechanics

Contrary to popular belief, crits aren't purely luck. The "marob chain" system ensures crit probabilities balance out over consecutive attacks. This mechanic prevents long sequences of consecutive crits.


Maximizing DPS with Dashes

Dash into walls to cancel animations and release abilities or attacks quicker. This can be especially useful for junglers looking to clear camps faster.


The Intricacies of High and Low Ground

Skill shots can seem misleading due to the game's z-axis. Remember that the river is the low ground, and the surrounding areas are the high ground. The visual hitboxes shift when transitioning between these terrains, so adjust your aim accordingly.


Champion Size Matters

Your champion's size affects skill ranges and interactions with abilities. For instance, champions with a small model size can weave between mid-lane towers at specific spots.


Optimizing Ability Buffering

Most abilities have a cast time. By understanding how to buffer these abilities, you can optimize spell usage and potentially cast during crowd control effects.


Targeting Techniques

In chaotic team fights, target allies using their portraits next to the mini-map. This ensures accuracy, especially when multiple champions are clustered together.


Understanding Dashes

Some dashes have a fixed distance, meaning they always travel the same length, regardless of the starting point. Utilize these fixed dashes to move unpredictably, potentially dodging skill shots or engaging the enemy.


Leveraging Displacement Abilities

Champions with limited dashes can use displacement abilities creatively to find new jump targets. This can be game-changing in chase or escape scenarios.



Mastering League of Legends requires not just skill but also an in-depth understanding of its intricate mechanics. Whether it's optimizing your dashes, understanding the z-axis, or leveraging your champion's size, each detail can give you an edge over your opponents.

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