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Guild Wars 2 Class Complete Guide: How to choose the most suitable one?

Choosing a class in Guild Wars 2 can be a daunting task, especially with nine classes, each offering unique playstyles and elite specializations. This guide analyzes the game style of each Class, as well as PVE, PVP Tier List, to help you choose the most suitable Class for you. Remember, it is very important to choose a class that you find interesting because it is easy to upgrade your character, and you Feel free to try other courses later.



Guild Wars 2 Class Complete Guide: How to choose the most suitable one?


Elementalist - The Avatar of Four Elements

The Elementalist is a potent mage class, harnessing the power of four elements - fire, water, air, and earth. Switching between elements during combat allows them to deal massive damage but also makes them the squishiest Class in the game. Elementalist can be played as a traditional ranged mage or as a melee battle mage, making them versatile and exciting to play.


Elite Specializations:

  • Tempest: A supportive spec with shout skills and powerful overloads.
  • Weaver: Master of dual elements, combining them for incredible damage.
  • Catalyst: Wields a magical hammer, balancing damage and survivability.


Necromancer - Master of Death and Darkness

The Necromancer is another mage class, but instead of elements, they wield the power of death and darkness. They can summon minions and enter Death Shrouds to deal damage and tank hits. Necromancers have a good amount of health, making them durable and straightforward to learn.


Elite Specializations:

  • Reaper: Wields a massive greatsword, excelling at dealing damage.
  • Scourge: Overwhelms enemies with conditions and provides support with barriers.
  • Harbinger: Utilizes elixirs and deadly martial arts moves, sacrificing health for more damage.


Mesmer - Illusion Magic and Phantasmal Army

The Mesmer is a spellcaster class that uses illusion magic to summon phantasms and clones, confusing enemies and dealing powerful attacks. Mesmers require a bit more finesse to play effectively, but they can be versatile and rewarding.


Elite Specializations:

  • Chronomancer: Master of time, able to speed up allies and reduce cooldowns.
  • Mirage: Focuses on evading enemies and delivering swift, ambush-style attacks.
  • Virtuoso: Wields floating daggers and performs powerful Blade Song attacks.


Warrior - The Ultimate Melee Combatant

The Warrior is a heavy armor class specializing in pure melee combat. They have access to a wide array of weapons, making them incredibly versatile in battle. Warriors generate adrenaline and spend it on powerful burst attacks.


Elite Specializations:

  • Berserker: An angry warrior that gains access to rage skills and can go berserk.
  • Spellbreaker: Focuses on countering enemy attacks and reflecting damage back.
  • Bladesworn: Wields a unique gunblade, charging up for devastating attacks.


Guardian - Holy Defenders with a Variety of Weapons

Guardians are heavy armor wearers and wield weapons like swords, maces, and staves. They possess supportive nature magic, making them excellent healers and damage dealers.


Elite Specializations:

  • Dragonhunter: Wields a longbow and magical traps, specializing in burst damage.
  • Firebrand: Utilizes tomes to access a wide array of skills, excelling at support.
  • Willbender: A more offensive guardian specializing in martial arts and mobility.


Revenant - Channeling Heroes of the Past

The Revenant channels legends from the Mists, allowing them to tap into the powers of past heroes. They have a unique mechanic of utility skills determined by the legend they channel.


Elite Specializations:

  • Herald: Channels the dragon Glint, offering strong support and buffing capabilities.
  • Renegade: Channels the Charr revolutionary, Kalla Scorchrazor, summoning spirits for damage or buffs.
  • Vindicator: Channels Saints Victor and Arcamor, offering both offensive and defensive options.


Ranger - Nature's Protector with Animal Companions

Rangers are medium armor wearers and have a strong affinity for nature. They can tame and bond with pets, providing support and fighting alongside them.


Elite Specializations:

  • Druid: Focuses on healing and supporting allies with powerful nature magic.
  • Soulbeast: Merges with their pet to unleash strong burst attacks or sustain damage.
  • Unnamed: Takes control of their pet's skills, providing more control over their animal companion.


Thief - The Agile Rogue and Master of Stealth

Thieves are medium armor wearers and excel at stealth and mobility. They can go into stealth and perform powerful sneak attacks, making them deadly and evasive.


Elite Specializations:

  • Daredevil: Emphasizes mobility, using dodges and physical skills for high damage.
  • Deadeye: Marks enemies for death and performs powerful, long-range sneak attacks.
  • Specter: Embraces shadow magic, offering strong burst damage and support options.


Engineer - The Inventive Tinkerer and Master of Gadgets

Engineers wear medium armor and specialize in gadgets and mechanical contraptions. They have a unique mechanic using the tool belt to access additional skills.


Elite Specializations:

  • Scrapper: Utilizes gyro bots and supports super-speed abilities.
  • Holosmith: Harnesses photon forge, wielding holographic weapons for high damage.
  • Mechanist: Constructs a large mech for either damage or support, depending on the customization.


GW 2 Class: PVE Tier List By Friendly

The following focuses on PVE Builds Tier List by new friendly for Guild Wars 2. The purpose of these gw2 builds is to provide strong damage potential, self-healing, and sustain to easily explore open world content such as dungeons, side story events, collections, or achievements, and even take on champions without help.


Tier Class Description
S Tier Herald (Revenant) Provides high damage, boon generation, passive healing, and damage reduction. Forgiving for mistakes.
Renegade (Revenant) Similar to Herald, it offers high damage, boon generation, and good sustain.
Vindicator (Revenant) Like Herald and Renegade, excels in damage, boon support, and damage mitigation.
Legendary Tier Mechanist (Engineer) Offers excellent damage, healing, condition removal, and stun breaks. Provides perma quickness and alacrity for better survival.
Soulbeast Merges with pets for bonus stats, quickness, and might generation, and has decent damage and passive healing.
Blitz (Thief) High damage with the ability to cleave mobs, heal for 8% of damage, and remove conditions.
Catalyst (Elementalist) Good damage, passive healing, and strong defense abilities like barriers.
A Tier Weaver (Elementalist) High damage output, good cleave, and decent passive healing as long as you keep attacking.
Specter (Thief) Great damage output, able to cleave, generate boons, and provide barriers.
Harbinger (Necromancer) Strong damage, less complicated to manage Blight Stacks, but requires fighting at mini-range.
Scrapple (Engineer) Can cleave mobs faster with a hammer but was nerfed in terms of passive healing.
Virtuoso (Mesmer) Focuses on bleeding damage, but struggles to generate boons without sacrificing DPS.
B Tier Berserker (Warrior) Decent burning damage, can generate boons, and heal itself.
Soulbeast (Ranger) Able to generate might and quickness, but overall damage is lower.
Tempest (Elementalist) Forgiving with healing and passive defense, but suffers from a slow burst window.
C Tier Druid (Ranger) Pure healing spec, not ideal for killing mobs quickly.
Daredevil (Thief) Focuses on damage, but lacks self-healing or boon generation.
Deadeye (Thief) Good single-target damage, but hard to manage malice stacks and low overall damage.
F Tier Dragon Hunter (Guardian) Lacks self-sustain and boon generation for open world content.
Firebrand (Guardian) Nerfed and limited by the number of tome pages, reducing its damage potential.


GW2 Class: PVP Tier List By Difficulty

Here's a based on the ranking by difficulty provided for GW2 classes by difficulty in PvP. Keep in mind that this tier list is for new players and focuses on how challenging or easy the specs are to play mechanically.


Easiest to Play (Ping-friendly) Easy to Play Medium Difficulty Harder to Play Hardest to Play
Core Guardian (Support or DPS) Dragon Hunter (Guardian Elite Spec) Spellbreaker (Warrior Elite Spec) Berserker (Warrior Elite Spec) Untamed (Ranger Elite Spec)
Core Warrior Core Necromancer (Minion Master) Firebrand (Guardian Elite Spec) Bladesworn (Warrior Elite Spec) Weaver (Elementalist Elite Spec)
Core Ranger (Axe/Dagger + Greatsword) Scrapper (Engineer Elite Spec) Willbender (Guardian Elite Spec) Core Elementalist Catalyst (Elementalist Elite Spec)
Core Thief Reaper (Necromancer Elite Spec) Renegade (Revenant Elite Spec) Herald (Revenant Elite Spec)  
Core Engineer (Nade Spam) Virtuoso (Mesmer Elite Spec) Core Revenant Vindicator (Revenant Elite Spec)  
Core Mesmer (Sword/Shield + Greatsword) Harbinger (Necromancer Elite Spec) Chronomancer (Mesmer Elite Spec) Dead Eye (Thief Elite Spec)  
    Tempest (Elementalist Elite Spec) Core Mesmer (Tanky Build with Staff)  


The table is organized from the easiest to the hardest professions to play. Keep in mind that the difficulty levels are subjective and can vary depending on individual playstyles and preferences. Players may find certain professions easier or harder to master based on their experience and familiarity with the game mechanics.



In Guild Wars 2, there are nine diverse classes, each offering multiple elite specializations that cater to different playstyles. Remember to choose a class that aligns with your preferences and interests. Whether you prefer spellcasting, martial combat, or even controlling a mech, there's a class for you in Tyria. Enjoy exploring the world of Guild Wars 2 and discovering your favourite Class!

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