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Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure Prepare: Essential Tips and Tricks

Prepare for an epic journey as Secrets of the Obscure expansion is approaching in Guild Wars 2! With the Wizards Tower as the centerpiece, get ready to embark on new quests, conquer challenges, and uncover hidden mysteries. This guide will equip you with essential tips and tricks to make the most of the expansion. From saving valuable materials to joining a guild, organizing inventory, and planning your adventure, we'll ensure you're well-prepared for the exciting release on August 22. 



Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure Prepare: Essential Tips and Tricks


Save Your T6 Materials and Base Materials

To begin your preparations, start by saving your Tier 6 (T6) materials, such as Mystic Coins and Ectos. Additionally, remember base materials like Mithril Ore and Gossamer. These materials are often required for crafting new gear, and it's always wise to have a healthy stash on hand. If you're working towards specific goals before the expansion, consider setting aside some of these materials for the release and focus on other tasks in the meantime.


Complete PVP and World vs. World Dailies

PvP and World vs. World (WvW) dailies provide valuable Potions of Reward Track, which you can save for the new expansion. With more reward tracks likely to be introduced, storing these potions in your bank will allow you to quickly progress through the new tracks once the expansion is live. Completing these dailies also rewards you with two gold, a small bag of Spirit Shards, and daily login rewards.


Finish Old Masteries

As we know, Secrets of the Obscure will add to existing masteries. Before the expansion launches, complete any old masteries that you may have missed. Finishing the Sky Scale masteries will grant you extra abilities, like breathing fire, and it's possible that the new expansion will build upon these old masteries for other mounts. So, get those masteries done to be prepared for what's to come.


Save Hero Points

While the new expansion won't bring new elite specializations, it will introduce more class weapon options through Weaponmaster Training. Keep some Hero Points saved up, as they might be needed for these weapon-related specializations. We have yet to determine the exact number required, but having some Hero Points in reserve is a good idea.


Join a Guild

Gathering allies and friends can greatly enhance your experience in the expansion. Find yourself a guild, make new friends, and band together to tackle the upcoming challenges. Joining a guild will also provide you access to various perks like guild banners, feasts, and permanent boosters, all of which can boost your XP gains, magic finds, and other rewards.


Consider Quality of Life (QoL) Items

Certain QoL items can make your gameplay experience smoother. The Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic is highly recommended, as it allows you to salvage items in your inventory, freeing up space quickly. Additionally, expanding your bank and bag slots can be beneficial, as you'll likely acquire plenty of new items in the expansion.


Farm for Materials

The new expansion will introduce legendary open-world armour, which may require a lot of farming for materials. Start farming now to get your fill of T6 materials, Ectos, and daily time-gated materials like Vision Crystals and Lump of Mithrilium. Having a stockpile of these materials will save you time later on.


Boosters, Food, and Primers

As the expansion approaches, gather boosters to increase your gw2 gold, XP, magic find, and WvW rank gain. Legendary Birthday Boosters and Celebration Boosters are particularly valuable, so save them for the release. Additionally, stock up on some good food to further enhance your stats during gameplay. If you have any metabolic primers, use them to extend the duration of your food buffs.


Clean Up and Plan

Tidy up your inventory and bank space to ensure smooth item management during the expansion. Create a simple plan with your goals and objectives for the new content, but remember to keep it flexible to accommodate any surprises the expansion may bring. Most importantly, remember to have fun! Enjoy the game and take it at your own pace.



With these preparation tips, you'll be well-equipped and ready to dive into the Secrets of the Obscure expansion when it launches. Gather your resources, join a guild, and make the most of the boosters and food available. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the adventure and the new content that Guild Wars 2 has in store for you. Good luck, and happy exploring!

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