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Guild Wars 2 The Kryptis and Rift Content: Everything You Need To Know

On August 22nd, Guild Wars 2 will introduce a new update titled Secrets of the Obscure, which promises to take players on an adventure filled with ancient mysteries and dangerous adversaries known as the Kryptis. In this blog post, we will explore the exciting new content, the Kryptis and the Rift feature in GW2 Secrets of the Obscure. With the expansion launch approaching, we are eager to discover more information about this intriguing addition.


Guild Wars 2 The Kryptis and Rift Content: Everything You Need To Know


The Kryptis: Flashy and Horrific

The Kryptis are formidable and horrifying enemies that players will face in Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure. Some concept art showcases their flashy and terrifying appearance, reminiscent of the Flesh Reavers. There might be a connection between the two, but the blog post keeps us in suspense. The Kryptis are beings from Beyond The Mists, appearing through rifts in reality across Tyria.


Heart of the Obscure

Players will ally themselves with the Astral Ward, an organization dedicated to combating the Kryptis. Through this alliance, they gain access to the Heart of the Obscure, a powerful ancient artifact with an associated Mastery line. This artifact will play a crucial role in the quest to hunt down and close the rifts.


Rift Hunting

Rift Hunting will be introduced on August 22nd. The expansion will take players to soaring heights as they face off against the menacing Kryptis - powerful beings from beyond the mists who are invading Tyria through mysterious rifts in reality.


Rift hunting will become a permanent option for on-demand open-world content. Using the Heart of the Obscure, players can find nascent rifts across Tyria and fully open them to reveal Cryptus Invaders. Defeating these invaders will escalate to a more formidable Champion enemy. Closing the Rift grants players Cryptus Essence, a powerful material used to craft weapons, armour, legendary armour, and even bait to lure out deadlier Cryptus from other rifts.


Rift Hunting draws inspiration from the Rift MMO's system, but ArenaNet has added their own twists and mechanics to make it fit seamlessly into Guild Wars 2. While the core idea may seem similar, expect a unique and engaging experience with the hallmark of Guild Wars 2 gameplay.


Rifts Across

Rifts will be available in several explorable zones, including Central TyriaCantha, and the Crystal Desert. These events will cycle on a weekly basis, keeping the gameplay fresh and varied. Players can also expect more significant Rift hunts designed for larger groups in future updates, with difficulty scaling based on the size of the group.


How Might These Work?

The Rifts are expected to be open-world events, not instanced, and players can encounter others fighting rifts and join the battle spontaneously. The Rifts' dynamic nature makes it possible for them to transform localized areas and create large-scale invasions, adding excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay experience.


Wizards Vault & Reward

Wizards Vault system will further reward players, potentially tying Rift hunting to specific quests or objectives. The integration of Rift hunting with other systems in Guild Wars 2, such as World Bosses, Meta Events, and Bounties, could make for a fulfilling and consistent combat experience.


Closing rifts successfully will grant you valuable Kryptis Essence, a powerful material used to craft weapons, armour, and even legendary gear. Additionally, Rift Hunting will offer on-demand open-world content, making it a permanent and exciting addition to Guild Wars 2.


Group Scaling and Cooperative Play

As you encounter rifts in the open world, the enemy difficulty will scale based on the size of the group fighting it. This encourages cooperative play, allowing you to party up with friends or assist strangers fighting close to a rift. Future updates will bring even deadlier hunts designed for larger groups of players, providing a challenging and rewarding experience.



The addition of Rift hunting and the Kryptis is an exciting prospect for Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure. Players can expect a dynamic and engaging open-world content experience with rewards ranging from cosmetics to legendary armour. The weekly cycle will keep the game fresh and offer varied gameplay opportunities across different maps. The potential connection to the Wizards Vault system may further incentivize players to participate in Rift hunting and other activities. With the expansion launch approaching, we eagerly await more information and details to come. Feel free to share your thoughts and speculations about the Kryptis and Rifts and how they may connect to other aspects of the game!

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