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Guild Wars 2 Best DPS Specs Tier List and State of Class Diversity

In Guild Wars 2, maximizing your damage output is crucial in many game modes, from open-world content to challenging raids and fractals. With the numerous available specializations for each class, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones excel in the DPS department. In this article, we'll provide a tier list of the best DPS specs based on playability and competitiveness, as well as explore how recent balance changes have shaped the meta!



Guild Wars 2 Best DPS Specs Tier List and State of Class Diversity


Tier Definitions

Before diving into the rankings, here are the tier definitions used in this guide:

  • Best Plus (B+): The absolute top-tier DPS specs that offer both high damage output and straightforward rotations, making them easy to excel with.
  • Best (B): Specs that excel in DPS and offer competitive damage numbers but might require some practice to master their rotations fully.
  • Good (G): Respectable DPS specs with decent damage output, though they may need to reach the same levels as the top-tier specs.
  • Decent (D): Specs that can still provide reasonable damage output, but they may be less rewarding compared to higher-ranked specs.


Guild Wars 2 Best DPS Specs Tier List



Best Plus (B+):

  • Virtuoso (Mesmer): Simple to play and offers excellent DPS for new players and veterans alike.
  • Reaper (Necromancer): Insane burst damage and ease of rotation, making it a top pick for AoE encounters.
  • Soul-Beast (Ranger): Solid DPS, easy rotation, and range capability for flexible gameplay.


Best (B):

  • Weaver (Elementalist): High DPS potential with some complexity in skill usage.
  • Holosmith (Engineer): Good damage output and a rewarding rotation, but it requires some skill to master.
  • Dragonhunter (Guardian): Consistently improved and offered solid DPS with some animation delays.
  • Willbender (Guardian): Excellent damage and fluid animations, making it enjoyable to play.
  • Chronomancer (Mesmer): Strong DPS potential but may require practice to optimize rotations.


Good (G):

  • Tempest (Elementalist): Recent buffs have improved its DPS, but it still needs to catch up to top-tier specs.
  • Scrapper (Engineer): Decent DPS, easy to play, and suitable for straightforward encounters.
  • Herald (Revenant): Reliable DPS with simple rotation, though limited in range capabilities.
  • Spellbreaker (Warrior): Good damage with an enjoyable build and rotation.
  • Scourge (Necromancer): Solid DPS with simple rotations and useful utility.


Decent (D):

  • Mirage (Mesmer): Not as rewarding as other specs and lacks competitive DPS.
  • Vindicator (Revenant): Suffers from some complexity and lower DPS numbers compared to top-tier specs.
  • Daredevil (Thief): A fun spec but requires precise positioning and mechanics for optimal DPS.
  • Deadeye (Thief): Recent changes affected its viability, making it a decent choice rather than a top-tier.
  • Harbinger (Necromancer): Consistent but weaker than other necro specs.


Profession Popularity Chart

Guild Wars 2 Wingman, a site where users submit logs for various in-game activities, provides a valuable perspective on the profession's popularity in the current meta. Historically, the game has experienced ups and downs in terms of balance, but the most recent balance patch has had a positive impact on professional diversity.


Guild Wars 2 The profession popularity chart


The profession popularity chart reveals that almost every profession is now well-represented, with the only two underrepresented professions being Warrior and Elementalist. However, their lack of popularity doesn't necessarily indicate that they need to be stronger. Elementalist, with elite specializations like Tempest and Weaver, is powerful but may be perceived as difficult to play, leading to lower representation. Warrior, despite having potent elite specializations like Spellbreaker and Berserker, could be hindered by some class bugs on specific encounters.


The Importance of Support

One factor contributing to the popularity of certain professions lies in their support capabilities. Builds with strong healing or utility are often preferred in group PvE content like raids and strikes. Professions like Scourge, Firebrand, Herald, Druid, and others excel in providing valuable support to their teams, making them highly sought-after picks. This has led to their increased representation in the meta.


Fractals and Strike Missions

Surprisingly, the recent balance changes have also had a positive impact on fractals and strike missions, where certain builds have historically dominated due to mechanics. While some favouritism still exists in these game modes, the overall balance is better than ever before, allowing players to experiment with various builds and find success.


Elite Specializations and Their Roles

Elite specializations play a crucial role in class diversity within Guild Wars 2. Players tend to focus on their main profession and choose the elite specialization that best suits their preferred playstyle and role within the team. This dynamic has resulted in some elite specializations being more popular than others. ArenaNet has been actively working on balancing and reworking elite specializations to offer players more options and flexibility.


Future Possibilities

With new expansions and balance patches on the horizon, the meta is likely to experience further shifts. The addition of new weapons and training options may lead to exciting and unexpected build variations. While it might not be possible to achieve perfect balance due to the complexity of the game, ArenaNet continuous efforts to improve class diversity are commendable.



Guild Wars 2 offers a wide variety of DPS specs, each catering to different playstyles and skill levels. While some specs shine brightly in the damage department, others still hold their ground and can be enjoyable to play. The key to success lies in finding the spec that aligns with your preferences and playstyle. Remember that skill and practice can often outweigh tier rankings. Experiment with different builds, enjoy the game and continue to improve your DPS capabilities in your chosen class. 


The recent profession popularity chart suggests that the game is in one of its most balanced states ever. Players now have the freedom to play the builds they enjoy without feeling restricted to a rigid meta. As the game continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how new balance changes and expansions will shape the meta and provide even more exciting gameplay possibilities for Guild Wars 2 enthusiasts.

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