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Guild Wars 2 Gold Farming: 5 Best Maps For The Casual Player

Are you a casual player looking to earn gold in Guild Wars 2 without diving into complex strategies? In this guide, we'll introduce you to 5 maps that offer great gold farming opportunities, allowing you to relax, unwind, and still fill your pockets with shiny gold. These methods are also suitable for experienced players looking for hassle-free ways to earn gold. So, let's jump in and explore these rewarding metas.


Guild Wars 2 Gold Farming: 5 Best Maps For The Casual Player


Silverwastes: Reliably Classic

Overview: Silverwastes is a timeless classic for gold farming in Guild Wars 2. With straightforward mechanics, it's perfect for casual players. You'll defend four strategic points on the map until the boss phase triggers. Defeat five bosses, then tackle three lanes for more loot.

Guild Wars 2 Silverwastes Map Screenshot



  • Develop a rotation for efficient event completion.
  • Use Bandit crests to keep keys and buy gear bags.
  • Stay mobile to maximize Bandit crest rewards.


 Auric Basin: Preparing for Success

Overview: Auric Basin offers a loot-rich meta with engaging events leading up to it. You'll prepare the map by unlocking waypoints and participating in various events before diving into the main meta event. This map also features a bobble farm for added rewards.

Guild Wars 2 Auric Basin Map Screenshot



  • Unlock waypoints and prepare beforehand.
  • Pay attention to chat for event locations.
  • Follow squads to complete meta events efficiently.


Dragonfall: Keys and Rewards Await

Overview: Dragonfall features two distinct parts, north, and south. With preparation and escort events, you'll gather keys for chests during the meta event. This map rewards diligent players with commendations, keys, and various loot.

Guild Wars 2 Dragonfall Map Screenshot



  • Focus on completing escort events for keys.
  • Familiarize yourself with reward tracks for optimal gains.
  • Use mounts to keep up with fast-paced events.


Drizzlewood Coast: Packed with Activities

Overview: Drizzlewood Coast offers an abundance of events and loot. The map features two parts, South and North, each with its own meta event. Complete various events, stock up on keys, and participate in commendation reward tracks for more loot.

Guild Wars 2 Drizzlewood Coast Map Screenshot



  • Join squads and follow their lead.
  • Stock up on cash keys for chests.
  • Use Siege turtles and mounts for efficient event completion.


Gyala Delve: Casual Grind for Rewards

Overview: After the End of Dragons expansion, Gyala Delve introduced a new map with a simple and repetitive meta event. Participate in the meta event, follow NPCs, and defeat bosses for loot. Collect keys for chests and enjoy a straightforward grind.

Guild Wars 2 Gyala Delve Map Screenshot



  • Complete the meta event for keys and rewards.
  • Don't forget to gather loot from additional chests.
  • Utilize mounts for faster movement during events.



These maps offer fantastic opportunities for casual players to farm gold in Guild Wars 2. While there are more intricate strategies available, these metas are perfect for relaxing while accumulating wealth. Whether you prefer the classic Silverwastes, the preparation-focused Auric Basin, the loot-rich Dragonfall, the activity-packed Drizzlewood Coast, or the straightforward Gyala Delve, these maps provide diverse options for gold farming without the complexity. So, jump in, participate in metas, and enjoy watching your gold stack grow!

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