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Palia Gold Guide: Quick and Effective Money-Making Methods

Greetings, fellow adventurers of Palia! If you're captivated by the game but struggling to amass the Palia gold needed to fulfil your desires within the shop, fret not! We've got your back with some incredibly efficient ways to rake in thousands of gold in just a matter of minutes. As always, if you find these tips helpful, don't forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe for more insightful Palia content. Let's dive right into the strategies that will elevate your Gold game.


Palia Gold Guide: Quick and Effective Money-Making Methods


Setting the Stage for Success

Before embarking on your gold-gathering journey, it's essential to set yourself up for triumph.

Ensure you have access to Hacienda and prepare a few prerequisites to maximize your efforts:

  • Level Up Your Hunting Rank: Aim for at least level two in your hunting rank, granting you access to the recipe for standard arrows. These arrows are your ticket to efficiently dispatching Surness creatures.
  • Stock Up on Copper Bars: As you'll be crafting a substantial number of standard arrows, ensure you have an ample supply of copper bars ready.


Hunting for Gold

  • Head to the Whispering Banks area on the eastern side of the map. Craft around 100 to 300 standard arrows to prepare for your hunt.
  • This area is a hotspot for Surness, and you'll likely encounter other players also engaged in hunting. Don't worry about competition; there's plenty to go around.
  • Keep an inventory of focused dense food handy, as your focus will be consumed while firing arrows.
  • While hunting, be mindful of your surroundings and the availability of Surness creatures. If the population seems low, take a lap around the area to encourage their return.
  • Engage in rapid Surness elimination, collecting loot as you progress. Just be cautious not to overwhelm yourself with too many kills at once.


Profit and Progress

After 30 minutes of dedicated hunting, you'll reap impressive rewards. Selling Surness hides and antlers will grant you a significant boost in gold, potentially exceeding 5.5K gold.


Cooking Up Success

Cooking Surness meat yields Focus-boosting meals and elevates your cooking skill. This step is optional but can provide additional benefits.

Although cooking the meat doesn't increase its selling value, it aids in leveling up your cooking skill.


Casting a Line for Wealth

  • Purchase worms from Zeki's shop (around 10 gold each) and make your way to Bahari Bay.
  • Choose a fishing spot, and depending on your rod's level, you'll reel in various fish and even waterlogged chests containing makeshift furniture.
  • Fishing offers a steady gold income, albeit at a slightly slower pace than hunting. After 30 minutes of fishing with glow worms, you could amass over 5K gold.


Exploring Alternative Avenues

While hunting and fishing reign supreme in gold accumulation, growing crops offers a more passive income. However, the turnaround time can be lengthier, yielding around 2K gold for a batch of harvested tomatoes.


The Verdict: Hunting Triumphs

Comparatively, hunting proves to be the swiftest and most lucrative path to acquire substantial Palia gold. With careful planning, you can acquire significant wealth in no time. Use this newfound gold to improve your gear, enhance your experience, and elevate your presence in the enchanting world of Palia.

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