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How to identify valuable items in Path of Exile?

Are you as sick and tired as we are when it comes to collecting junk after junk in Wraeclast? Today we shall embark on a journey that will reveal the hidden secrets behind every valuable item in Path of Exile (PoE). Whether you're a seasoned vet or just fresh into the game, with this guide, you'll find out how to distinguish treasures from trinkets and bring your adventure one step closer to greatness.


How to identify valuable items in Path of Exile?


Pre-Identification Essentials: Loot Filters

Before we start judging our loot by its cover, let's get our loot filter set up properly. Having one will save your life once those drops start raining down like no tomorrow. By making sure that only potentially valuable items show up on your screen, it'll significantly speed up your farming process while also saving you a ton of inventory space. And don't worry, we're not leaving you to figure it out all by yourself. Tools like FilterBlade and expert guides are here to help!


Unique Items

Figuring out if unique items are good or not is usually pretty easy — the rarer they are, the better. But in some cases, their value can skyrocket thanks to implicit modifiers.


Just take Ventor's Gamble ring Ventor's Gamble Icon for example: If it has mods that increase quantity and rarity by a lot, then its value could be more than most other rings combined! Keep an eye on item prices and patch notes since both can affect how much these unique items go for.


Rare Items

Now rare items… Those are real tricky ones. When determining how much they're worth, you must consider:

Base Type Sometimes an item's type alone will make it extremely valuable. Shields with high energy shield, for example.
Life and Resistances A great rare item always includes tons of life and elemental resistances. An item with 80+ life and 70+ total resistances is usually worth keeping.
Open Affixes Prefixes or suffixes that haven't been used yet mean that the item can still be modified further through crafting — making it even more valuable.
Desirable Mods Some mods have the incredible power of making an item several times more valuable than it would be if they weren't there at all! For belts, reduced flask charges used or increased flask effect are two examples of such game-changers.


Specific Item Insights

  • Gloves: Look for gloves that have great life rolls along with resistances and beneficial mods like attack speed or aura-enhancing properties.
  • Boots: You absolutely need movement speed on your boots; I'm sorry but there's no way around it! Also keep an eye out for ones that have high life rolls, resistances, and possibly stats.
  • Rings: Life, resistances, and stats. Those three things alone will make a ring valuable. However, make sure to also keep an eye out for veiled mods that could open up unique build-enabling properties.
  • Amulets: Amulets are a great place to put damage mods. Some of the most valuable include critical multipliers and skill level increases.
  • Helmets: A helmet with life, resistance, and room for aura or projectile skill enhancements is going to be top-tier.
  • Body Armor: Damage mitigation mods like physical damage taken as elemental can be necessary for certain builds. So make sure you have life and resistances in your chest piece.
  • Shields: Shields aren't always just a piece of armor you equip in your off hand; they can be a fortress against your foes if they have the right stats. Look for shields with suppression mods at item level 86 which will give you the highest possible values. Shields with high resistance rolls are also important and + to all maximum resistances is the cherry on top. Energy Shield shields can also come with valuable + to skill gems" modifiers.


Special Recognition

Amulets are often a significant part of damage improvement and can cause players to seek out amulets with high critical multiplier mods, elemental damage bonuses, or cast speed enhancements. It can be difficult to craft a powerful amulet, but it is very worth it.


Market Awareness and Timing

Knowing what makes an item valuable is only half the battle; knowing when and how to sell it completes the picture. Each league, patch changes, and player demand will create shifts in market trends. By keeping up with these changes you maximize your profits when trading.


Physical Weapons

The Physical Damage Per Second (PDPS) is what players need to look at when equipping physical weapons. A PDPS over 600 is worth your attention no matter if it's an axe or mace.

Finding this number is simple math by taking the average of the minimum and maximum damage then multiplying it by the attack speed. Don't forget that flat physical damage and percent increase to physical damage on weapons as well as attack speed are also extremely important.


Caster Weapons

Magic users should be looking for items that have bonuses for specific spell gems or even just all spell gems. They should also keep their eyes out for large percentages of spell damage or elemental damage, cast speed, and Damage Over Time (DoT) multipliers. Keep in mind that using essences and certain skill tree nodes can make these attributes even stronger.


Elemental Weapons

Hunters of powerful elemental weapons should be looking for items with over 1,000 Elemental Damage. Crafting can boost this power significantly so look for tutorials on advanced crafting techniques like rogue crafting.



Here's a quick cheatsheet for finding PoE treasure:

  • High PDPS for physical weapons
  • Spell damage and gem level increases for caster weapons
  • Over 1,000 Elemental Damage for elemental weapons
  • Item level 86+ and high resistances for shields

Keep in mind that open prefixes and suffixes add a lot of value to an item. By holding down the 'Alt' key you can inspect modifier tiers – even just a couple high-tier mods could be enough to make it worth considering.


As you become more experienced, sifting through items and immediately identifying potential upgrades or valuable loot will become second nature. Do this by recognizing patterns in what makes an item desirable based on your current gear and build requirements.



Learning how to properly judge the value of items in Path of Exile is a process that never really ends. The game is constantly changing, and so are its item values. However, if you pay attention to market trends and follow the tips laid out in this guide, you'll be well on your way to becoming an expert in no time. With time and practice, you'll transform from a novice collector into a discerning connoisseur of fine PoE artifacts.

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