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Guild Wars 2 Secrets of The Obscure: Top 4 Things To Do First

As Guild Wars 2 Secrets of The Obscure expansion approaches its release date on August 22nd, players are gearing up for an influx of new content. From open-world legendaries to captivating sky-scale mechanics, this expansion promises exciting adventures. To ensure a focused and enjoyable experience, it's essential to prioritize your tasks wisely. In this guide, we'll break down the four must-do tasks you should tackle first in Secrets of The Obscure.


Guild Wars 2 Secrets of The Obscure: Top 4 Things To Do First


1. New Beginnings: Completing the Story

Your journey through Secrets of The Obscure begins with the main story. Unlike past experiences, prioritize completing the story this time to fully immerse yourself in the narrative and unlock important content tied to it.

  • Importance of the Story: The main story not only unveils the expansion's plot but also introduces you to the new zones and mechanics, including the upcoming strike missions. Engaging with the story will give you context and motivation for your adventures.
  • Unlocking Strike Missions: Following the pattern from End of Dragons, progressing through the story should unlock strike missions. These repeatable challenges are an excellent source of rewards, practice, and fun.


2. Digging Up The Past: Obtaining Relics

The new Relic system is a significant addition to Secrets of The Obscure. These customizable gear effects will enhance your gameplay experience, allowing for greater build diversity and optimization.


  • Relic Acquisition: Look out for various ways to acquire relics, such as reward tracks, crafting, achievements, and potentially strike missions. Having relics in your inventory will grant you more flexibility in fine-tuning your builds.
  • Legendary Relic: Keep an eye out for any updates regarding the legendary relic. Pursuing this item could provide a substantial long-term benefit for your account's build options.


3. Taking Flight: Sky Scale Mastery and Skins

Exploring the skies aboard your sky scale is a major feature in Secrets of The Obscure. Prioritize mastering the new sky scale skills and unlocking unique skins associated with it.

  • Sky Scale Mastery: Unlock and master the new sky scale skills tied to this expansion. These improvements will make your flying experience smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Sky Scale Skin: Completing both living world season 4 and Secrets of The Obscure masteries grants access to a special sky scale skin. This unique reward adds an incentive to progress through these mastery tracks fully.


4. Testing Out: Build Crafting and Testing

With the Weapon Master changes, you'll have the opportunity to experiment with previously unavailable weapon combinations for your elite specializations. This customization can significantly impact your gameplay.


  • Weapon Master Changes: Elite specializations will gain access to previously unavailable weapons, enhancing build diversity. Experiment with different weapon combinations to find what suits your playstyle best.
  • Customization Galore: In addition to new weapons, consider how relics and other masteries from Secrets of The Obscure can complement your build. This is your chance to create unique and effective playstyles.


Final Thoughts:

Prioritizing these four tasks will allow you to engage with the expansion's content and systems fully. Remember, there's no need to rush—take your time to explore and savour the new experiences. Secrets of The Obscure offers a range of activities, from story-driven content to personalized customization, ensuring there's something for everyone. Enjoy your journey through Tyria's secrets!

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