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Guild Wars 2 Best Items Tier List in Wizard's Vault: Which ones are worth investing in?

Guild Wars 2's latest expansion, The Secrets of the Obscure, introduced a new feature called the Wizard's Vault. This system brings an entirely new daily and weekly achievement system, along with special objectives that reward players with a GW2 currency known as Astral Acclaim. In this article, we will delve into a detailed tier list of the items available in the Wizard's Vault, helping you decide which items are worth your Astral Acclaim and which ones to avoid.


Guild Wars 2 Best Items Tier List in Wizard


Understanding The Wizard's Vault

The Wizard's Vault is an innovative addition that comes with the Secrets of the Obscure expansion. It introduces a new currency called Astral Acclaim, which you can earn through various achievements and activities. This currency can be exchanged for an array of rewards, ranging from skins and crafting materials to unique consumables and more.


Tier List Categories

To make the process of evaluating these items easier for you, especially if you're new to the game or need to become more familiar with all the offerings, we've created a tier list. We'll be ranking these items into five distinct categories:


  • Must Buy
  • Amazing
  • Good
  • Bad
  • Terrible


Let's delve into each category and assess the items based on their value, utility, and impact on your gameplay.


Tier Category Items Description
Tier 1 Must Buy Legendary Weapon Starter Kit Essential for crafting or selling legendary weapons. High value.
Tier 2 Amazing Transmutation Charge Valuable charges for appearance changes.
Black Lion Mastery Box Contains valuable items including sellable potions.
Ascended Weapon Box and Ascended Armor Box Quick path to ascended gear.
Tier 3 Good Gold Tier 5 and Tier 6 Gold items provide steady gold gains.
Mystic Coins Limited quantity, valuable crafting material.
Tomes of Knowledge Great for character leveling.
Vision Crystal Efficient source for crafting Vision Crystals.
Tier 6 Crafting Bags Consistent source of gold and crafting materials.
Tier 4 Bad Upgrade Extractor Niche use, consider if needed.
Obsidian Shards Easily obtainable through Karma, not worth spending Astral Acclaim.
Lesser Essence of Luck Minimal gold find increase, not worthwhile.
Tier 5 Terrible Tier 5 Crafting Bag Value falls short, better options available.
Essence of Luck F Insignificant gold find boost, not recommended to invest Astral Acclaim.


Maximizing Gold Gain from the System

To optimize your Astral Acclaim spending, consider the following strategy:

  • Start by purchasing the Astral Acclaim Gold options.
  • Acquire Mystic Coins and Light Crafting Bags.
  • Obtain Mastery XP Coffers for vendors.
  • If you need Spirit Shards, prioritize them over Vision Crystals.
  • Purchase the Legendary Weapon Starter Kit if you're making a legendary.
  • Prioritize Mystic Clovers and Ascended Armor/Weapon Boxes.
  • Consider the Build Templates if you use multiple builds.



In summary, The Wizard's Vault brings an exciting array of rewards to Guild Wars 2 players. By following this tier list and making informed decisions, you can maximize the value of your Astral Acclaim and optimize your gameplay. Whether you're aiming for legendary crafting, ascended gear, gold accumulation, or cosmetic enhancements, this guide has got you covered. Embrace the opportunities presented by The Wizard's Vault and enjoy your journey in the world of Guild Wars 2!

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