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Guild Wars 2 Unconventional Necromancer Builds: Greatsword and Power Harbinger

Welcome back, fellow Guild Wars 2 adventurers! In this guide, we'll delve into an exciting and unconventional Necromancer build, the Power Harbinger with a Greatsword. While the Harbinger Elite specialization is typically associated with condition damage, we're going to explore its potential in power-based gameplay. With the recent addition of Greatswords to all elite specializations, this build has become an exhilarating option for those who crave a different Necromancer playstyle.


Guild Wars 2 Unconventional Necromancer Builds: Greatsword and Power Harbinger


Gear Setup

Let's start by discussing the gear you'll need to make this build work. For the Power Harbinger, we recommend Dragon stats to boost your Vitality and increase your durability. This choice pairs well with the Superior Rune of the Eagle, which enhances your precision and ferocity, ultimately amplifying your critical damage. In terms of weapons, equip an axe and focus alongside the Greatsword. Enhance your damage potential with Sigils of Force and Accuracy. For accessories, stick with Dragon stats to further bolster your Vitality. Lastly, equip the Relic of the Thief for additional strike damage.



This Power Harbinger build relies on three primary specializations: Spite, Soul Reaping, and Harbinger.


Specialization Trait Name Description
Spite Spiteful Talisman Increases might and empowers damage output as enemies' health decreases.
Awaken the Pain Deals more damage to foes at lower health, making you a formidable adversary.
Close to Death Boosts critical damage and critical chance, maximizing damage potential.
Soul Reaping Unyielding Blast Enhances damage while entering and exiting the shroud, synergizing with Harbinger's shroud mechanics.
Soul Barbs Increases damage in and out of the shroud, making attacks hit harder.
Death Perception Augments critical damage and critical chance, further enhancing overall damage output.
Harbinger Wicked Corruption Deals increased strike damage for each stack of blight on yourself, adding an extra layer of damage.
Implacable Foe Gains stability when entering the Harbinger shroud, ensuring effectiveness in combat.
Deathly Haste While in Harbinger shroud, grants an aura that pulses Boons to yourself and nearby allies, providing valuable group utility.


Skills and Abilities

Your skill and ability choices play a crucial role in this build's effectiveness. Equip the following skills for optimal performance:

  • Greatsword: This is your primary weapon, offering powerful and versatile attacks. Make sure to utilize its abilities to maximize your damage output.
  • Axe and Focus: These secondary weapons provide additional range and utility, allowing you to adapt to various combat situations.
  • Signet of Vampirism: Gain passive lifesteal to sustain yourself in battle, ensuring your survivability during intense encounters.
  • Elixir of Anguish: Activate this skill for quickness, significantly increasing your attack speed and effectiveness in combat.
  • Elixir of Strength: Use this elixir to gain might and fury, further boosting your damage potential.
  • Signet of Spite (Passive): Enhance your power passively to deal more damage to your foes.
  • Elixir of Ambition: Trigger this elixir to gain all boons for a brief duration, providing substantial damage and condition increase to your enemies.


Playing the Power Harbinger

This build focuses on dealing significant power damage, making it perfect for open-world events, meta events, and Rift farms. Your impressive damage output allows you to eliminate enemies, ensuring your survival quickly. Additionally, the Deathly Haste trait grants you the ability to spread quickness and fury to yourself and nearby allies, making you a valuable asset in group content.


Harbinger shroud offers both range and mobility, making it an excellent choice for engaging enemies at various distances. The ability to inflict torment on foes further amplifies your damage potential. While Harbinger shroud doesn't provide a second health bar like Reaper shroud, you can rely on traits like Alchemic Vigor for healing based on blight stacks.


Customization Options

Customizing your build is an essential aspect of mastering the Power Harbinger. Relics offer intriguing possibilities for further customization. Consider relics like the Relic of Maban to increase might generation or the Relic of Vast to apply poison with Elixir skills, catering to a conditioned Harbinger playstyle.



The Power Harbinger with a Greatsword is a refreshing and potent alternative for Necromancer players who want to experiment with a different playstyle. With the right gear, specializations, skills, and traits, this build offers both impressive damage and group utility, making it a fantastic choice for various PvE content. So, venture forth into Tyria with your mighty Greatsword, embrace the Harbinger's power, and unleash devastation upon your foes. Enjoy your newfound strength, and may your journey be filled with epic battles and triumphs!

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