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How to effectively obtain Gold and Research Notes in Guild Wars 2, 2023?

Welcome to an exciting journey into the world of Guild Wars 2 wealth-building strategies. In this guide, we will reveal the hidden potential of Spirit Shards and Research Notes, two often overlooked aspects of the game that can be harnessed to elevate your in-game prosperity. We explore the art of turning Spirit Shards into gold and the various methods to acquire Research Notes, offering you a well-rounded understanding of these valuable in-game currencies. With our insights and tips, you'll be well on your way to financial success in the mesmerizing world of Guild Wars 2.



How to effectively obtain Gold and Research Notes in Guild Wars 2, 2023?


What Are Spirit Shards?

First things first, let's explain what Spirit Shards are. Spirit Shards is a gw2 currency you earn every time you level up a character to level 80, provided you are not upgrading a mastery line in the region you're levelling up in if you've accumulated a significant number of these Spirit Shards and don't know what to do with them, fret not. We'll show you how to convert them into gold.


Getting Started for as Little as 30 Silver

If you already have some Spirit Shards lying around, you're in luck because getting started can be as inexpensive as 30 silver. There are several methods to turn these shards into gold, but they all revolve around one key element: the Mystic Forge and your willingness to part with your Spirit Shards.


Crafting Molten Lodestones

Our first method involves crafting Molten Lodestones by converting their Tier 5 counterparts into Tier 6. For a single craft, you'll need one bottle of Elonian Wine, two Molten Cores, one pile of Crystalline Dust, and one Piston. Both the wine and the Crystal can be purchased from Miani. Let's break down the numbers:

  • Quantity of materials needed for 250 attempts.
  • Cost breakdown for materials.
  • Profit from selling the crafted items on the Trading Post (after a 5% listing fee and 10% tax).


In total, you can make a profit of approximately 21 silver per Spirit Shard spent using this method.


Crafting Armored Scales

Armored Scales are our most profitable method, although they come with a bit of randomness. In each craft, you can receive between 5 and 12 scales, making this method potentially more lucrative. To craft Armored Scales, you'll need 50 Large Scales, one pile of Crystalline Dust, five Philosopher's Stones, and one Armored Scale. Here's the breakdown:

  • Cost breakdown for 50 attempts.
  • Profit from selling the average number of scales you obtain.


With all the fees considered, you can make a profit of approximately 63 silver per Spirit Shard spent on Armored Scales.


Crafting Platinum Ingots

This method involves crafting Platinum Ingots, but be warned, it might not always be profitable. For one attempt, you'll need 250 Gold Ore, 40 Piles of Luminous Dust, one Platinum Ore, and four Philosopher's Stones. In your case, luck wasn't on your side, resulting in a loss. However, luck can vary, and some might find success with this method.


Crafting Weapons

Our final method involves crafting weapons, but it's important to exercise caution here. While some weapons might seem profitable on paper, they can be challenging to sell, especially if you need to list them. Crafting the Feathers of Dwayna, for example, resulted in a loss for you, emphasizing the importance of understanding market dynamics and listing items for sale.


Additional Tips

  • Visit Guild Wars 2 Efficiency for different recipes that can help you accumulate wealth.
  • Be cautious when crafting weapons, as they may take time to sell or result in losses.
  • Avoid flooding the market with the same item, as it can lead to devaluation.


3 Methods To Get Research Notes

Research notes have become a highly sought-after Guild Wars 2 currency due to their necessity for crafting legendary obsidian armour and various other items. Obtaining research notes efficiently can be crucial for your gameplay. So, we will explore three methods to acquire research notes: a quick method, an efficient one, and a cautionary approach. 


Method 1: The Quick Way

The quickest way to obtain research notes involves purchasing potent potions from The Trading Post and salvaging them. While this method may not be the most cost-efficient, it's perfect for players looking for a hassle-free approach.

  • Purchase potent potions from The Trading Post.
  • Salvage all of these potions using a research kit.
  • This method may cost you some gold, but it provides you with a quick source of research notes. Be sure to check the current prices for the cheapest potent potions on the market, as prices can fluctuate.


Method 2: The Efficient Way

For players seeking the most notes per copper spent, an efficient method is available. This method involves crafting specific items and salvaging them for research notes.

  • Visit the farming community website (link in the description) to find information on salvaging costs per research note.
  • Craft items that provide a high ratio of research notes per salvage.
  • For example, crafting a Valkyrie Barbaric Helmet can yield 5-6 research notes per salvage, costing you around 87 copper per note.
  • Note that you'll need a crafting station at level 300 or higher for this method.


Alternatively, you can use a tailor station if your crafting rank is higher. This approach offers flexibility in choosing the crafting station that suits you best.


Method 3: Utilizing Ascended Gear

If you possess surplus spirit shards and engage in raids and fractals, you might already have ascended gear pieces. By changing their stats in the Mystic Forge, you can salvage them for a significant number of research notes.

  • Gather the necessary items for the Mystic Forge: the original ascended piece, an exotic inscription (for weapons) or an exotic insignia (for armour), five globes of ectoplasm, and an anthology of heroes available from Miani.
  • Forge these items in the Mystic Forge.
  • Salvage the resulting ascended piece for 425 research notes.



Guild Wars 2 offers a wealth of opportunities for players to enhance their in-game fortunes through Spirit Shards and Research Notes. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can transform these seemingly mundane currencies into a substantial source of wealth. Remember, success in Guild Wars 2's dynamic economy requires patience, adaptability, and a keen understanding of market dynamics. Continuously monitor prices, adapt your strategies, and avoid market saturation to maximize your returns.

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