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Guild Wars 2 Heavy Armor Specs Guide: Revenant, Warrior, and Guardian Elite Specializations

In this guide, we'll explore the best open-world builds for heavy armor specs, focusing on Revenant, Warrior, and Guardian elite specializations. The recent introduction of the Relic system has brought significant changes to the game, reshaping the way we approach combat and strategy. We will help you navigate the ever-evolving world of Guild Wars 2, providing insights into the latest changes and optimized builds to conquer the challenges of the open world. 



Guild Wars 2 Heavy Armor Specs Guide: Revenant, Warrior, and Guardian Elite Specializations


Relic System Introduction

Guild Wars 2 recently underwent significant changes, most notably the removal of Rune 6 effects, which have been re-implemented as relics. While the concept of relics was widely embraced by the community, the implementation has left some players wanting more. Out of 99 runes with desirable Rune 6 effects, ArenaNet selected a limited number, leaving players with limited choices. In this guide, we will examine the best relic options for heavy armor specs and discuss strategies to make the most of them.


Revenant Elite Specializations


Herald is a versatile Revenant elite specialization that excels in both melee and ranged combat. The main armor set for Herald remains the same as other Revenant specs, but we have some exciting changes with the new Relic system.

  • Recommended Relic: Relic of Tormenting and Relic of Akeem
  • Relic of Tormenting: This relic remains the go-to choice for Revenants as it complements their main damaging condition - torment. With the Relic of Tormenting, you can maximize your torment output, making it a key component of your build.
  • Relic of Akeem: This relic inflicts three stacks of torment and confusion after using a CC skill when the enemy already has six stacks of torment or confusion. Utilize skill 5 and skill X for this Revenant build to make the most of this relic's potential.
  • Weapon Choices: Herald can use a short bow for additional range, but Vindicator requires a staff for better CC options.



Vindicator relies heavily on the dodge mechanic to generate quickness and other essential boons. By consistently dodging and maintaining unique boons, this build becomes incredibly tanky.


Key Tips for Vindicator:

  • Utilize your dodge rolls to generate spoons and extend boon durations.
  • With Celestial gear, you can maintain boon uptime and generate barriers for added defense.
  • Dodge is your primary source of damage increase and defense, so use it wisely.



Renegade specializes in high DPS and better cleave than its counterparts. It can also disrupt enemy mobs effectively with its utility skills.


Key Tips for Renegade:

  • Maintain skills in Dragon stance for boons and protection.
  • Use the Demon stance Elite skill and Dragon stance utility skills on cooldown to maximize your damage output.
  • Renegade offers the highest DPS potential among Revenant elite specializations.


Warrior Elite Specializations


Berserker may not generate 25 Might stacks as quickly as before, but it can still deal heavy burning damage.


Recommended Relic: Aristocracy Relic

Use the Aristocracy Relic to reach the condition duration cap for both bleeding and burning. It also increases the duration of vulnerability, making it the ideal relic choice for this build.


Key Tips for Berserker:

  • Focus on using your F1 skills while in Berserker mode for heavy burning damage.
  • Utilize the healing skill to remove the cooldown from F1 skills.
  • Short bow can be used for CC and stability.



Spellbreaker can now reach 100% critical chance thanks to the Rune of the Ranger. This build offers good sustain and damage output.


Key Tips for Spellbreaker:

  • Use F1 skills in Berserker mode for damage.
  • Utilize CC skills to increase damage and remove boons from enemies.
  • Celestial gear enhances boon duration and passive healing.


Guardian Elite Specializations


Willbender stands out as the Guardian specialization that can use all F skills to deal damage and sustain itself simultaneously, thanks to its unique mechanics.


Recommended Relic: Defender Relic

The Defender Relic provides additional passive sustain to the build, making it a solid choice.


Key Tips for Willbender:

  • Face-tank enemies and deal heavy burning damage while healing through multiple sources.
  • Utilize healing skills, Truth to drop healing pulses, and F3 skill to generate Aegis and trigger the Defender Relic's healing effect.


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With the introduction of the Relic system and these updated builds for Revenant, Warrior, and Guardian elite specializations, you'll be well-prepared to tackle the open-world content in Guild Wars 2. Experiment with different relics and strategies to find the playstyle that suits you best. Be sure to check the video links in the description for more in-depth guides and rotations, and feel free to join our Discord community if you have any questions. Happy adventuring in Tyria!

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