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How do you achieve 100% map completion in Guild Wars 2?

Are you ready to embark on a journey to achieve 100% map completion in Guild Wars 2? Now, We've got you covered with tips, tricks, and resources to make your map completion journey efficient and enjoyable. From essential add-ons to levelling tactics, heart completion tricks, and mount mastery, we will equip you with the knowledge and tools to conquer every corner of this captivating universe. 



How do you achieve 100% map completion in Guild Wars 2?


Blish Hud and Essential Add-Ons

Blish Hud is a game-changing add-on that will revolutionize your map exploration. By enabling the Bathing Module, you can overlay routes created by other players onto your screen. We recommend using Test Trails, a gold standard for speed and efficiency in map completion. These routes also provide valuable tips and tricks for completing hearts and more. If you prefer a closed-loop approach over teleporting, consider using Tickets or Reactive Throats.


Add-On Benefits
Blish Hud Overlay routes for efficient exploration
Test Trials  Efficient routes and heart completion tips
Tickets/Reactive Throats Alternative routes for non-teleporters


Levelling Strategies


For New Players (Level 1-80)

Starting map completion at level 1 is suitable for newer players. You'll progress just fine by following the natural progression of the game. As you complete maps, you'll level up and unlock abilities. You can check level up to 8 super fast guide for specific details


For Experienced Players

If you've already completed multiple maps and want to streamline the process, we recommend getting your character to level 80 and unlocking two builds: a power build for dealing with enemies quickly and a condition build for stacking conditions rapidly. Condition builds are particularly useful for hearts that require hostile NPCs.

  • Levelling Quickly: Instead of spending gems on a level 80 boost, consider levelling through crafting. Cooking and Jewel Crafting are the cheapest disciplines to level up. Websites like gw2crafts can help you find the most cost-effective recipes.
  • Birthday Boosters: These boosters won't get you to level 80 but can provide a significant level boost, making the crafting method even more cost-effective.
  • Tombs of Knowledge: Stockpile these and use them to skip the starter zone's introduction questline, allowing for quicker access to the wider world.


Notarized Scrolls of Central Tyria Exploration

To save an immense amount of time on map completion, visit a vendor and purchase Notarized Scrolls of Central Tyria Exploration. You'll need to complete 189 hero points for central Tyria map completion, and these scrolls allow you to skip all but one. This is a game-changer, as hero point completions can be time-consuming.


Speed Up Map Completion

If you're following Test Trails for map completion, consider buying the Protype Position Rewinder from the heart vendor in the Sandswept Isles (Living World Season 4). This item lets you save your position and teleport back to it, aiding in map exploration and jumping puzzles.


Completing Hearts Efficiently

Completing hearts is a significant part of map completion. Here are some tricks:

  • Condition Builds: Use condition builds on NPCs that turn hostile when you talk to them. Conditions continue ticking even when the NPC becomes friendly again, speeding up heart completion.
  • Interrupt Progress Bars: When interacting with objects for hearts, progress is rewarded the moment you interact, not when the progress bar completes. Interact and instantly weapon swap to interrupt the bar while still receiving progress.
  • Don't Equip Too Many Backpacks: Some hearts require picking up items, and with a full backpack, you still get heart progress without the item disappearing. This saves time on running around.


Mastering Mounts

Different mounts have various advantages for map completion:

Mount Advantages
Roller Beetle Fast ground mount with a speed boost after a stop.
Raptor Good for covering gaps and distances, can group mobs.
Skyscale Excellent for elevation and aerial speed.
Griffin Masters of aerial speed, with a dive for extra speed.
Skimmer Ideal for traversing water.
Springer Can jump dismount and swap to other mounts. Great endurance regen.
Jackal Excellent for navigating tight spaces and uphill terrain.


Enjoy the Journey

Remember to have fun during your map completion journey. Guild Wars 2 offers a diverse world to explore, and if you find yourself not enjoying a particular map, switch to another. Take breaks when needed and explore other aspects of the game. Map completion should be an enjoyable adventure, not a chore.


Map completion in Guild Wars 2 can be a rewarding and efficient experience with the right tools and strategies. By following these tips and utilizing resources like Blish Hud and Notarized Scrolls, you'll be well on your way to achieving 100% map completion. So, grab your mounts, start exploring, and enjoy the beauty of Tyria! If you have any questions or additional tips, feel free to share them in the comments. 

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