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What's the Best Daily Routine for Earning Gold in Guild Wars 2, 2023?

Are you looking to amass a significant amount of gold in Guild Wars 2? Well, you're in luck! By following these simple daily steps and repeating them consistently, you can earn up to 50 gold per day. However, it's important to note that doing all of these tasks every day for an extended period can become overwhelming and lead to burnout. So, you can either choose a few from the list to incorporate into your routine or follow the entire guide. Let's dive into the detailed daily routine for earn gold in Guild Wars 2.




Daily Activities

1. Daily Wizard's World

  • Completing the daily Wizard's World is essential as it provides one gold per day.
  • Additionally, you can use the Astral Acclaim you earn from daily and weekly objectives for valuable rewards.


2. Dragonstorm Event

  • This event occurs every two hours and can be accessed from the Eye of the North.
  • Completing Dragonstorm rewards you with two gold and six Memories of Orin, which can be sold for 1.5 to 2 gold on the marketplace.
  • Loot obtained during the event can also be sold for additional profit.


3. Twisted Marionette Event

  • The Twisted Marionette event happens an hour after Dragonstorm and can be accessed from the same location.
  • Completing this event can yield loot worth around 2 gold and an additional two gold.


4. To'quatl the Sunless

  • To'quatl is a boss that spawns south of Sparkfly Fen.
  • Killing this boss earns you one gold and various other valuable loot.
  • Note the spawn times, which can be found on the wiki or


5. Daily Time-Gated Crafting

  • Craft daily time-gated ascended materials, including Spool of Thick Elonian Cord, Globe of Elder Spirit Residue, Lamp of Methylum, and Spool of Silk Weaving Thread.
  • If you have the necessary resources, craft sellable items like Spiritwood Plank, Elonian Leather, Deldrimor Steel Ingot, and both masks.
  • These crafts can net you around 12 gold per day when sold.


6. Charged Quartz

  • Collect 25 Quartz Crystals daily to create Charged Quartz.
  • While not an immediate source of gold, Charged Quartz can be used to craft items that yield decent returns over time.


7. Daily Fractals of the Mists

  • If you have 150 Agony Resistance and 30-45 minutes to spare, consider doing normal daily fractals.
  • Completing all three recommended daily fractals can potentially earn you between 15 to 20 gold.


8. Daily Gathering

  • Visit various locations across Tyria for gathering materials.
  • Focus on mining Rich Iron Ore and Platinum Veins, chopping Seasoned Wood Logs, and harvesting Flax (skip this if you lack expansions or Living World seasons).
  • Sell the resources directly for profit or save them for future crafting.


9. Home Instance Loot Sharing

  • Join someone else's home instance through the group finder to loot their instance.
  • Make sure to join a full instance to maximize your profit.
  • This can yield 2 to 4 gold in just 10 minutes.


10. Triple Trouble Event (optional)

  • Participate in the Triple Trouble event in Bloodtide Coast.
  • Though optional, it takes only 15 minutes and can reward you with 2 gold.


Weekly Activities

In addition to your daily routine, consider these weekly activities:

  • Weekly Wizard's Vault Objectives: Complete the weekly Wizard's Vault objectives for 500+ Astral Clam per week.
  • Weekly End of Dragon Strikes: Participate in weekly End of Dragon strikes, which can earn you between 12 to 16 gold.
  • Weekly Rift Hunting Achievements: If you own Secrets of the Obscure, complete the weekly Rift Hunting achievements for essence.
  • Craft Motivations: Craft and sell Motivations at the trading post for a decent amount of gold.


Sample Daily Routine

Here's a sample daily routine based on the list:

  • Start with the daily Wizard's World.
  • Craft ascended materials and charge Quartz.
  • Participate in either Dragonstorm or Twisted Marionette (whichever is available first).
  • Complete daily fractals if you have the time.
  • Engage in daily gathering activities.
  • If you have a home instance to share, join someone else's.
  • Consider participating in Triple Trouble if it's available.
  • Don't forget about your weekly objectives and activities.
  • Enjoy the game and explore other activities that you find enjoyable!



Remember that you can adapt this routine to fit your available playtime and preferences. It's crucial to strike a balance between gold farming and having fun in Guild Wars 2. Share your daily routines and experiences in the comments, and don't forget to subscribe and like if you found this guide helpful. Happy gold farming, and see you in the next adventure!

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